Contribute to AdGuard

We are blessed to have a community that does not only love AdGuard, but also gives back. A lot of people volunteer in various ways to make other users' experience with AdGuard better, and you can join them!
We, on our part, can only be happy to reward the most active members of the community. So, what can you do?
Reveal AdGuard to the world
Our goal is to make AdGuard equally accessible to everyone in the world. And this will not be possible without dozens and even hundreds of volunteering translators. Head to the Knowledge Base to learn more about how to become one, and how to even get a small bonus for your help!
Let's go worldwide
Add knowledge to the Knowledge base
AdGuard Knowledge base is a place to go if you have any questions about AdGuard products and relevant topics. The greatest part about it is that anyone can contribute! Feel like you have something to add to an existing article, translate it to your language, or even can create a new one? Head to the Knowledge Base immediately! Needless to say, your hard work won't be left unnoticed!
I have an idea!
Fight ads side by side with AdGuard
Blocking filters are the backbone of any AdGuard product, and keeping them updated is hard to overvalue. Our filter developers got the knack of creating new rules, but any help is always welcome. Whether you are a proficient filter rules creator, or just making your first steps, get over to this KB article.
To arms!
The more you test, the better AdGuard is
You can have the best developers in the world (like we do), but without proper testing you still will end up in trouble. We are thankful to all our beta testers who dedicate their time to struggle through nightly and beta versions we continuously pump out. Join beta testers today by following these instructions.
Let's break it!
Share your perfect AdGuard experience!
With AdGuard everyone can act as a publicist. If you want to share your impressions on our product with other people and you already have some creative ideas, then write a post about AdGuard and become eligible for a free license as a token of our gratitude
Writing about AdGuard
Licenses for developers
We at AdGuard always try to support like-minded people, especially software developers who are making lives of millions of users a little bit easier. We highly appreciate your volunteer work in strive to make users’ internet experience better.
I want a license!
Downloading AdGuard To install AdGuard, click the file indicated by the arrow Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, drag the AdGuard icon to the "Applications" folder. Thank you for choosing AdGuard! Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, click "Install". Thank you for choosing AdGuard!
Install AdGuard on your mobile device