Contribute to AdGuard

By downloading the program you accept the terms of the License agreement
You are now one step closer to us and we can already feel your engagement and support. Here you can find different ways of contributing to AdGuard. Choose the more preferable one and begin your AdGuard story!
Reveal AdGuard to the world
By translating AdGuard to the world’s languages you will share the joy of using it with people from different countries and cultures.
If you speak other languages and can correctly translate from English, join our volunteering translators in OneSky. Being one of them, you can request a free AdGuard license key for your active participation (more than 500 words translated) by sending an email to The more detailed information you will find in our Knowledge Base under the link.
Add knowledge to the Knowledge base
The improvement of Knowledge base is a great way of contribution that allows lots of users to get comprehensive and useful information about AdGuard.
You can participate in updating our Knowledge base content. There are many ways you can assist us with, such as:
editing the existing articles;
writing your own new ones;
translating the articles represented in our KB into other languages
All the information about how to make your amendments in the Knowledge base read under the link:
We do not have any strict criteria for how much you need to contribute to get a license, but if you feel that you’ve done enough, just send us a message to
Fight ads side by side with AdGuard
To block ads, AdGuard uses filtering rules that are combined into standard filters, which are constantly being updated by our team. You can also participate in improvement of AdGuard filters. However, working with filters requires specific skills. If you have them and know how to create rules, then head straight to our AdGuard Filters repository on GitHub. There you will find a lot of open issues — choose any one and suggest your own rules in comments.
In case you would like to take part in updating filters, but you don’t have sufficient knowledge yet, learn the basics about the syntax in our Knowledge base.
Again, there’s no strict criteria. Just send an email to if you have a few of your suggestions approved.
The more you test, the better AdGuard is
Become our beta tester and be the first one who will inform us about a bug!
All you have to do as a tester is to use AdGuard, regularly update to the new beta versions and report all spotted bugs (and suggestions!) either on forum or on GitHub.
To become a beta tester you will need either GitHub or Forum account (or both). Once you have it, follow the instructions for your platform, which you will find in our Knowledge base. In case your candidature is approved, you will receive an email reply and a one-year beta license key.
Share your perfect AdGuard experience!
With AdGuard everyone can act as a publicist. If you want to share your impressions on our product with other people and you already have some creative ideas, then write a post about AdGuard. Any platform will do — social media, your personal blog or webpage etc. Express your personal opinion about what do you like in AdGuard and send us the link to your post to
Please note: an article should contain roughly 300 to 500 characters.
If you find yourself in a need of some visuals, feel free to use any pictures and promo images you can find on our website.
For those who want to go beyond the suggested format, there are always other possibilities, such as making a video review or anything else that strikes your fancy. We would be glad to encourage your initiatives!