AdGuard Content Blocker

AdGuard Content Blocker will eliminate all kinds of ads in mobile browsers that support content blocker technology — namely, Samsung Internet and Yandex.Browser. While being more limited than AdGuard for Android, it is free, easy to install and still provides high ad blocking quality.
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Why Content Blocker
No root required
AdGuard Content Blocker does not require root access. It can be installed and run on any Android device — no need to go through the long, tiresome, and sometimes even dangerous process of rooting your phone or tablet.
Tune the app to suit your needs — choose from more than 20 language-specific and general filtering rules lists to ensure the best ad blocking. At your service are filters created by AdGuard developers as well as the best community-developed filters.
The app is free and, as per our company policy, it is open source. On GitHub you can not only see the source code, but also ask any questions and get answers directly from the developers.
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Don't want ads anywhere on your device, not even in apps? Try AdGuard for Android.
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No ads in apps
You will no longer accidentally tap the banners in games and other apps. And you can use ANY browser you want.
Safe web browsing
Full-fledged Android version prohibits downloading of malicious files and warns you about hazardous websites.
Apps management
Our premium app helps you control which apps can access the web and transmit your data and which are not allowed to do so.
Is Content Blocker the primary AdGuard app for Android?
No. Google's policy doesn't allow any system-level ad blockers inside the Google Play Store, only content blockers. They are fine at blocking ads in a specific browser, but they lack flexibility and have significantly fewer tools at their disposal. The primary AdGuard for Android app is much more functional and can block ads in all browsers and even in other apps.
Where does it block ads?
At the moment, only two browsers support the content blocking technology: Samsung Internet and Yandex.Browser. Once more browsers join their ranks, the area of application for AdGuard Content Blocker will increase.
Which filters should I use?
It is totally up to you! We offer a lot of filters to choose from, both our own and third-party filters. We recommend you keep the English filter enabled at all times, and language-specific filters can also be extremely helpful depending on your native language.
Don't want ads anywhere on your device, not even in apps? Try AdGuard for Android.
Recent versions
  • [Added] Information about other AG products/platforms #82
  • [Added] New localizations: Danish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugal (Portugal), Portugal (Brazil), Slovak #97
  • [Added] App icon has been updated #96
  • [Changed] Information about browsers has been updated #98
  • [Fixed] Filters do not update automatically #94

[Fixed] Browsers are not notified when we auto-update filters #69

Previously, there was a bug that filter updates that happens at background were not applied to browsers. This update fixes it.

[Changed] Make "Safari filter" enabled by default in the Content Blocker #65

Due to difference adblocking methods we use in different platforms, we provide different filters for each platforms. Until now, there was no special filter for Adguard Content Blocker. The ad blocking extensions provided by Samsung browser and Yandex browser is close to that of Safari, so we decided to enable Safari filter by default. Filter categorization is on the way of change, so the name of the filter which is a bit unfit for content blocker will be changed.

[Improved] Feedback/Contact Us option #76

For the full version history visit this page.
Don't want ads anywhere on your device, not even in apps? Try AdGuard for Android.
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