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Usually we update both AdGuard and AdGuard Pro for iOS simultaneously, but not this time. Don't worry — the new version of AdGuard for iOS has arrived, and it features new design, web reporting tool integration and more.

[Changed] App redesign #455

This is undoubtedly the first thing you will notice when you run the app after the update. Light theme has been discontinued in favor of a dark one, and the overall style of the menu has changed.

[Added] Detect if Content Blocker is not enabled in Safari settings #437

Enabling AdGuard Content blocker in Safari settings is required to have filtering going on in Safari. If AdGuard is disabled, the red warning will appear at the top of the main screen to remind you to enable the Content Blocker. The video right below it shows how to do so.

[Added] Integration with the web reporting tool #533

You may have heard about the online reporting tool before, especially if you are an AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard extension user. Basically, it is a web form to report missed ads, false positives or any other issues caused by AdGuard filters. Now it is integrated with AdGuard for iOS, so whenever you report a problem, the app will automatically prefill all the required fields about its settings.


  • [Added] "Learn about other AdGuard products" item to the "RATE AND SHARE" block #641
  • [Improved] Tutorial videos have been updated #539
  • [Improved] AdGuard now uses default iOS Sharing functionality #590

Ad Blocking

  • [Changed] “Send Bug Report” menu item has been reworked #649
  • [Fixed] Error while loading filters into Safari #550


  • [Improved] Translations has been updated

Turned out, we overlooked a couple of minor bugs and inconsistencies in the v2.0 update. Here's a quick fix to set things right.

  • [Fixed] Warning "Safari content blocker is disabled" sometimes disappears #691
  • [Fixed] Blocking List Subscription disappears #575
  • [Improved] Update the Safari filters' translations in Traditional Chinese language file #686
  • [Improved] AdGuard filter descriptions not translated to German #683
  • [Improved] Enable autoupdate over Wi-Fi only by default #682
  • [Improved] Show "hide" button after watching video #680
  • [Improved] Translations has been updated #679

In this version, we introduce a wide range of novelties, from app redesign (dark theme looks slick!) to new features like Blocking Lists to block ads devise-wise, new Privacy module (and specifically DNSCrypt support) to boost your online privacy, integration with web reporting tool and much more.

[Changed] App redesign #455

This is undoubtedly the first thing you will notice when you run the app after the update. Light theme has been discontinued in favor of a dark one, and the overall style of the menu has changed.

[Added] DNSCrypt support #465

AdGuard now supports DNSCrypt servers. You can read why DNSCrypt is so important in our Knowledge base article. Long story short: it greatly enhances your online protection. Loads of DNSCrypt servers to choose from are available by default on the “DNS settings screen”, along with option to add a custom server.

[Added] Privacy settings #545

There is a new “Privacy settings” tab in the main menu. Inside you will find familiar Whitelist and Blacklist, but also new “Blocking lists” section. Blocking lists, sometimes also referred to as “subscriptions”, are lists of rules (similar to Safari content blocking rules) that are used to operate the filtering process. There is a link inside to add some of the popular subscriptions as well as a possibility to add any custom ones by URL. Subscriptions are either hosts-file or adblock-file based, the diffirences between them are described further down the release notes.

NOTE: Important to notice that too many subscriptions can lead to tunnel crash, i.e. the app will stop responding and the filtering will cease.

[Changed] Blacklist now supports both "adblock" and "hosts files" syntax #546

Hosts files are basically lists of matches between domain names and ip-addresses that the system should use to navigate to these domains. Unlike hosts files, adblock-based subscriptions are regular filters that support basic syntax. Both types of files can be added to AdGuard to block DNS requests.

[Added] Detect if Content Blocker is not enabled in Safari settings #437

Enabling AdGuard Content blocker in Safari settings is required to have filtering going on in Safari. If AdGuard is disabled, the red warning will appear at the top of the main screen to remind you to enable the Content blocker. The video right below it shows how to do so.

[Added] AdGuard DNS (default, family) has been added to the list of known DNS providers #582

Not much to add here. Both AdGuard Default and AdGuard Family protection are now available from the get go, without having to enter their addresses manually (by the way, AdGuard provides DNSCrypt servers too, and they are in the list).

[Added] Integration with the web reporting tool #533

You may have heard about the online reporting tool before, especially if you are an AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard extension user. Basically, it is a web form to report missed ads, false positives or any other issues caused by AdGuard filters. Now it is integrated with AdGuard for iOS, so whenever you report a problem, the app will automatically prefill all the required fields about its settings.

[Improved] Mobile Assistant version has been updated #581

The “Preview” button disappeared from the “Block element on this page” tool in the last update due to technical difficulties, which caused a righteous uproar from many users. Luckily, we were able to resolve these problems by now and the preview button is back where it belongs.


  • [Added] "Learn about other AdGuard products" item to the "RATE AND SHARE" block #641
  • [Changed] Color in DNS requests log #620
  • [Changed] `Adguard` to `AdGuard` in the list of DNS #618
  • [Improved] First run screen has been redesigned #613
  • [Improved] Tutorial videos have been updated #539
  • [Improved] AdGuard now uses default iOS Sharing functionality #590


  • [Added] Quad9 to the list of known DNS Servers #529
  • [Changed] Mobile ads filter turned on by default #624
  • [Changed] “Report an issue” menu item has been reworked #649
  • [Fixed] Error while loading filters into Safari #550


  • [Improved] Translations has been updated #667, #669
  • [Added] Information about other AG products/platforms #82
  • [Added] New localizations: Danish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugal (Portugal), Portugal (Brazil), Slovak #97
  • [Added] App icon has been updated #96
  • [Changed] Information about browsers has been updated #98
  • [Fixed] Filters do not update automatically #94

Ad blocking has been enhanced in this version by adding support for several modifiers. We've also integrated the extension with our web reporting tool, details below. As usual, all spotted bugs have been fixed too, this mostly concerns Firefox version.


[Added] Integration with #894

A new convenient way to report any issues with websites, be it missed ads, false positives, unblocked social widgets etc. Just head to the problematic website, bring up the context menu and select "Submit a complaint" option. You will be transferred to and a wizard will take you through the required steps to report the issue — and most of the fields will be even filled out automatically. Try it!

  • [Added] $badfilter modifier support #866
  • [Fixed] shows anti adblock notice #860
  • [Fixed] Errors in the browser console #865
  • [Fixed] Blog link in the footer #908
  • [Fixed] Double scroll bar in filtering log #907
  • [Improved] AdGuard now filters "New tab" windows #881
  • [Improved] Styles protection has been enhanced #829
  • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.9 #906


  • [Fixed] Browsing security fails in Chrome incognito mode #905
  • Safari

  • [Added] $important modifier support #877
  • Firefox

    • [Added] $replace and $$ rules partial support #864
    • [Fixed] Huge amount of writes by storage.js.temp #892
    • [Fixed] Search option misbehaves on #872
    • [Fixed] Recaptcha is hidden by AdGuard on #880
    • [Fixed] Content filtering rules aren't visible in the filtering log #910
    • [Fixed] #924
    • [Fixed] "Thank you" page switches don't change the extension settings #929
    • [Fixed] AdGuard for Firefox hides iframe with text area on #922
    • [Fixed] Beta 2.8.2 Doesn't save whitelist settings after reboot (Beta 2.8.1 works) #933


    We are on the verge of the year 2018, and what is a better time to release a new AdGuard for Mac version? :)

    As you will see with this update, a lot of major changes here relate to UI convenience and better user experience — in particular, filter subscription by URL deserves a separate mention. Ad blocking quality has been increased too, several bugs have been eliminated.

    Ad blocking

    [Added] Filter subscription by URL #1

    It’s become much more convenient now to add new filter subscriptions since you have a choice between uploading a local file or entering a URL.

    [Improved] Close active connections when network filtering starts #263

    Translating to a more common language, this means that no connections will slip by AdGuard’s protection when you turn it on. A real life example: many Safari users used to have problems with unblocked ads on YouTube. This change fixes it.

    • [Added] `$~websocket` modifier support #245
    • [Added] "Brave" browser to the filtered apps list #246
    • [Added] Mozilla Developer Edition to the filtered apps list #241
    • [Fixed] Can't log in to #242
    • [Fixed] AdGuard blocks notifications on Yandex mail in a browser tab #256
    • [Fixed] "Reinstall certificate" does not work in FF #257
    • [Fixed] Some websites open slowly with AdGuard #247
    • [Fixed] Some websites are not accessible with the HTTPS filtering enabled #249


    [Added] "Undo/Redo" buttons to the user filter editor #227

    Self-explanatory. Working with filter editor has become so much more convenient — trust us, we do it a lot, and we can tell the difference!

    [Improved] Filter editor now indicates that the filter contains disabled rules #258

    Another quality of life improvement. You won’t now find yourself in situations when something is not working because you’ve disabled a couple of rules, but can’t remember in what filter.

    • [Added] Inform the user about closed connection to a website with EV certificate #228
    • [Fixed] Applied settings are not displayed correctly when the language filters are activated automatically #233
    • [Fixed] No first run wizard when installing on High Sierra #244
    • [Fixed] Title of the window appears on `wizard` style windows on MacOS 10.13 #255


    • [Fixed] "Shadowsocks-R" and AdGuard compatibility problem #240
    • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.9 #262
    • [Fixed] Localization issues #261
    The time has come for another version of Adguard for iOS to be released. Renovated Assistant and the new “Invert whitelist” option are the headliners of this update.

    [Changed] Assistant in the Safari extension #469

    We have unified the Assistant code, so that it’s the same across the board now: AdGuard for Windows, Mac and iOS, browser extensions, you name it. While at it, we have changed the exterior a bit (hopefully, for the better). As a side effect, there’s temporarily no ‘Preview’ option, but it will be added in the next version.

    [Added] Inverted whitelist #431

    This is a quite narrow option, but some users will definitely find it useful. By inverting the whitelist (which you can do in the Advanced settings, by the way) you will switch AdGuard into a special mode that doesn’t block ads anywhere by default, but filters all websites that you add to this list. The inverted whitelist is independent from the regular whitelist, so you can have them both configured as you find appropriate and switch between the modes depending on your current goals.

    [Improved] Added scaling support for iPhone X (18:9) #513

    Upon the release of iPhone X some of AdGuard interface panels looked pretty ugly. We had to do some work to make it look smooth and natural for all those lucky owners of the newest Apple flagship device :)


    • [Fixed] Keyboard covers up text field in custom filters #505
    • [Changed] Localizations have been updated
    The new version makes a strong emphasis on improving the Content blocker part of AdGuard Pro. Renovated Assistant and the new “Invert whitelist” option are the headliners of this update. Few pesky bugs have been eliminated too.

    [Changed] Assistant in the Safari extension #469

    We have unified the Assistant code, so that it’s the same across the board now: AdGuard for Windows, Mac and iOS, browser extensions, you name it. While at it, we have changed the exterior a bit (hopefully, for the better). As a side effect, there’s temporarily no ‘Preview’ option, but it will be added in the next version.

    [Added] Inverted whitelist #431

    This is a quite narrow option, but some users will definitely find it useful. By inverting the whitelist (which you can do in the Advanced settings, by the way) you will switch AdGuard into a special mode that doesn’t block ads anywhere by default, but filters all websites that you add to this list. The inverted whitelist is independent from the regular whitelist, so you can have them both configured as you find appropriate and switch between the modes depending on your current goals.

    [Improved] Added scaling support for iPhone X (18:9) #513

    Upon the release of iPhone X some of AdGuard interface panels looked pretty ugly. We had to do some work to make it look smooth and natural for all those lucky owners of the newest Apple flagship device :)


    • [Fixed] UI glitch #517
    • [Fixed] Keyboard covers up text field in custom filters #505
    • [Changed] 'Enable DNS Request log' toggle should be greyed out when Pro-status is off #521
    • [Changed] Incorrect entry in black- and whitelist (DNS settings) should be highlighted in red #510


    • [Fixed] `NEVirtualInterface` Failure in `NEVirtualInterfaceWriteMultipleIPPackets` #504
    • [Fixed] AdGuard Pro DNS blocks calls on FaceTime #501
    • [Fixed] Exception list should have higher priority #520
    • [Fixed] Checkmark disappears when you select a DNS server #460
    • [Fixed] VPN configuration error #519 #519

    A somewhat "unexpected" AdGuard for Android update — much smaller than a usual one. It contains a couple of hotfixes, which were basically the reason to release this version, alongside several quality of life improvements like separate WiFi/Mobile statistics in "Apps Management".

    [Added] Separate Wi-Fi/Mobile stats #1542

    Here we introduce one 'visual' change: separate Wi-Fi/Mobile stats on the 'Apps Management' screen. There's now a drop-down menu on the statistics screen that allows you to choose between displaying stats for Wi-Fi, Mobile or all traffic.

    [Fixed] Wakelock (caused by GCM_RECONNECT) prevents devices from sleeping #1547

    A self-explanatory one. There was an annoying bug with "Wakelock" that prevented the device from entering sleeping mode.


    • [Added] Danish Adblock list filter #1523
    • [Changed] Translations for 'Advanced settings' screen have been updated #1507
    • [Fixed] Protection is restarted when you open HTTPS filtering menu #1605
    • [Fixed] Crash in Amazon version #1608
    • [Fixed] Compatibility issues

    Over the last weeks, we've received several reports about bugs that slithered in the latest release. They turned out to be both moderately important and relatively easy to fix, so we decided to release a new update off-schedule.

    [Fixed] "Reinstall certificate" feature does not work in Firefox #2013

    While not being the most important feature, the automatic certificate reinstall is more relevant for Firefox-based browsers than for any other ones. This fix eliminates the need to do it manually.


    • [Fixed] Connect to failed: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED #1991
    • [Fixed] Can't send pictures in desktop Viber app #1990


    • [Fixed] Fix the translation for the 'Get Premium' tile #1999
    • [Fixed] Baofeng video software compatibility issue #1993
    • [Fixed] Several userscripts compatibility issues #1986

    A minor-ish update that focuses on various bugfixes, more significant changes will be introduced in v4.1. One thing is worth a separate mentioning though:

    [Improved] Assistant's code-base for mobile devices has been unified #28

    Basically, for end users it means that we were able to integrate the manual element blocking tool into AdGuard for iOS. You can now select and block any elements in Safari on iOS, just like you got used to on Windows and Mac.

    • [Added] New localizations #143
    • [Changed] Assistant translations have been updated #127
    • [Changed] Assistant now waits for a callback before reloading the page #130
    • [Changed] Common frames have been excluded from Assistant and WOT scripts #154
    • [Fixed] Assistant menu items selection is wrong #149
    • [Fixed] Assistant icon is visible while printing the page #96
    • [Fixed] It is possible to right-click inside of the iframe #95
    • [Fixed] Assistant disappears when you click on it on the website #113
    • [Fixed] Assistant is not shown on some websites #112
    • [Fixed] Assistant does not work when cookies are disabled #124
    • [Fixed] Some elements are clicked on instead of becoming selected with the element blocker tool #116
    • [Fixed] Assistant does not allow to select an element on the website #134
    • [Fixed] Assistant icon size setting reset bug #110
    • [Fixed] The Assistant iframe is rendered before styles are applied #137
    • [Fixed] Assistant layout when WOT reputation is loaded #141
    • [Fixed] Cannot select an iframe on the website #142
    • [Fixed] "Block ad on this website" tool does not work on Touch+Mouse devices like Surface #140
    • [Fixed] "Block ads on this website" tool is misbehaving in Firefox #146
    We usually try to avoid having “inbetween” major updates, but this time is different. There were not as many big changes to justify labeling this version 2.11, but some of them are still very important so we couldn’t just keep shelving them.

    A couple of serious bugs have been fixed: misbehaving “Protection” button on Android 7, certificate detection issue and “broken” whitelist. You’ll find a lot of minor fixes too, plus updated translations.

    [Fixed] "Protection" button misbehaves
    The AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation method on Android 7.x could remove whole chunks of AdGuard code on its optimization step. This led to various problems, including the persistence of VPN connection despite the disabled protection.

    [Fixed] Certificate detection issue
    We have changed the algorithm of user certificate detection and it now works more correctly.

    Ad blocking

    [Fixed] Whitelist is not working


    [Fixed] Unexpected exception in the onUdpConnectRequest handler
    [Fixed] Automatic proxy (with root) is starting very slowly
    [Fixed] Disabling net access for Android OS does not work
    [Fixed] Moscow subway Wi-Fi cannot work with DNS filtering enabled
    [Fixed] Disabling internet access for Android OS does not work
    [Fixed] Internet is not working after switching from Local HTTP proxy(root) to VPN


    [Fixed] Minor UI issue in traffic stats screen
    [Fixed] The application is not fully translated after changing the language
    [Fixed] Proxy port more than 32767 is converted to 0
    [Fixed] Incorrect calculation result of "App Details "screen
    [Fixed] Protection restarts when exporting settings
    [Fixed] Import of previously exported settings is buggy
    [Fixed] The visual glitch with 2 active DNS servers is back


    [Changed] Japanese translation
    [Changed] Traditional Chinese translation
    [Changed] Several compatibility fixes
    [Fixed] The header is not written after the HAR file rollover
    [Fixed] AG should request write_external_storage permission in runtime when it's required
    [Fixed] Proxy mode with Magisk 14.2 takes 2+ minutes to enable
    [Fixed], are not accessible with the HTTPS filtering enabled
    [Fixed] Alisa is broken in Yandex.Browser alpha

    Hello! The changelog this time is truly gigantic. Every time we thought we were going to release the current version, there was always something we felt was essential to fix, add or improve. How did it turn out?

    Let's start with UI changes. Both Filtering log and Filter editor have been seriously redesigned. We need to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who has expressed his or her opinion because few changes depend as heavily on users' feedback as these.

    [Changed] Filtering log rework #96

    We know for certain that quite a few of our users are actively using Filtering log — both for creating new custom rules and generally knowing what's going on. So why not help them a bit? It has undergone a major renovation. New Filtering log overlaps with Filter editor a great bit, for example, you can create new rules and unblock blocked requests right therefrom.

    There are more details to see about each request, too. The request details dialog window is very reminiscent of the Developer tools in Chrome browser. All in all, the new Filtering log is much more than a simple list of which requests are blocked and which are not.

    [Changed] Filter editor rework #1293

    Filter editor has also changed for the best. The addition of an 'Edit mode' allows replacing the data grid with a text area. This lets you copy/paste/delete many rules at once without having to bother with export/import.

    Basic hotkeys are now available, which will speed up the process of working with the filter editor. There are many other quality of life changes, especially to the UI, which will draw your attention as soon as you launch the new version.

    [Added] Integration with Windows 10 notifications center #1554

    Many Windows 10 users find the Notification center to be helpful when it comes to tracking the activity of their apps. We have finally decided to take advantage of it and integrated AdGuard with the center. AdGuard has a surprisingly decent amount of various notifications. Just to name a few: notifications related to the license/trial period, automatic filter activations, new rules in User filter, Safebrowsing triggers, update checks results, etc. If you use Windows 10, you'll be able to find them all in one place now, thus making it much easier to keep up with what's going on with AdGuard.

    [Changed] Network settings moved to a separate settings tab #1404

    This one is rather straightforward. Previously, all network settings were crowding inside the 'General settings' tab making it harder to scroll up in down, searching for the one setting you need. Adding a separate first-level tab makes it easier to navigate through the app.

    Assistant and other extensions

    While not being an integral part of AdGuard for Windows, some extensions (or *userscripts*) have grown over time to become strongly associated with it. And we showed them some love!

    AdGuard Assistant

    A lot has been done in terms of improving AdGuard Assistant, and a lot more is planned for the future, so we decided to allocate it a separate, own GitHub repository:

    By the way, you may notice that the 'Report website' button now leads to a whole new page. Basically, what you see is a web reporting tool that allows you to easily send us a report on anything from a missed ad to a false positive. More about this later.

    What else is done already? The biggest change is the ability to drag the Assistant icon across the page and place it wherever you see fit. Moreover, AdGuard will memorize the position of the Assistant icon for each website separately, so you can really customize it according to your taste and preferences.

    The Assistant interface overall has become smaller but retained full functionality compared to earlier versions. There is even one new feature: a switch for toggling the filtering on the website on and off. Previously, the Assistant wasn't shown on websites with disabled filtering, and you had to go to User filter to enable it back.

    Oh, and we could use your help with translating the new Assistant. Did you know that anyone can volunteer as a translator? If you feel confident, head right here and find your native language. Don't forget to read through the translator's memo.

    AdGuard PopupBlocker

    [Added] AdGuard PopupBlocker extension v2.1 #1883

    For quite a while now, AdGuard works as a userscript manager — you can install any script via AdGuard to use it in any browser. PopupBlocker has always been one of the 'native' userscripts that are installed by default, alongside AdGuard Assistant. Its purpose is clear — to block any unwanted pop-ups.

    Previous version (v1.0) was functional but very little beyond that. We have completely redesigned the PopupBlocker. It now has advanced pop-up detection, compared to its predecessor and its alternatives, restores the initial click behavior and is invisible to other scripts. All in all, new PopupBlocker is a solid addition to your online protection suite.

    By the way, it is available as a standalone script that can be used on its own with any other userscript manager. To find more information about PopupBlocker, visit its GitHub repository.

    Reports web app

    [Added] Integration with Reports Web App #1964

    When it comes to keeping our filter lists updated, we owe our users a big one. Thanks to their timely reports of missed ads, false positives etc., AdGuard filters are always up-to-date. We want to make the process of reporting a website easy for users and informative for filter developers, that’s why we decided to integrate AdGuard for Windows with a special web reporting tool.

    When you see any problem like missed ad or annoyance, click on the Assistant icon and choose “Report this website”. You will be taken to a new page and asked to fill in some information about your AdGuard settings and the nature of the problem. Good thing is that AdGuard pre-fills most of the fields automatically, so most of the job is already done for you :)

    We hope this change will strengthen the feedback from our users and allow AdGuard filters to stay at the cutting edge of ad blocking technology.

    Userscripts handling

    [Changed] The way AdGuard handles userscripts #1714

    A lot of effort has been put into improving (better to say, rethinking) the way AdGuard works with userscripts. This actually has two different aspects:

    First, from now on, the communication between AdGuard and Assistant is based on WebSocket, which results in better performance. This is also perfectly applicable to AdGuard Browser extension, when it is working in the integration mode with AdGuard for Windows.

    Second, we have taken a whole complex of measures that allow for any external userscripts that you install via AdGuard to show higher speed and execution stability.

    Other important changes

    [Added] Settings export/import #1405

    A lot of users were asking for this, and finally we deliver. Now you can save your settings configuration into a file and then use it to set up AdGuard on another machine exactly how you prefer. Another implication of this is to quickly switch between different settings profiles without having to feverishly click through a dozen of tabs and checkboxes.

    [Improved] A complete "Exit AdGuard" functionality was added #1509

    Now users have a choice between closing AdGuard as they usually do, and closing it completely. That means closing the Windows service as well as UI, and when UI is getting started again, the service will start as well (you may be asked for the admin privileges, though).

    [Added] An option to create custom filters not backed with a file #1669

    In addition to the usual option of adding any list by URL or loading it from a local file, you can now create independent new filters from scratch. It is possible to create several such filters, give each of them their own name and fill with any rules. As a result, you can create a set of specified filters which can be separately enabled, disabled and edited.

    Full changelog:

    Ad Blocking

    • [Added] "Block third-party authorization header" Stealth Mode option #698
    • [Added] "Pure URL" functionality has been added to the Stealth Mode #356
    • [Added] `$app` modifier support #1396
    • [Added] $extension modifier #1542
    • [Added] An option to hide Java and Flash support #1064
    • [Changed] $webrtc rules are being ignored now #1776
    • [Changed] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest got rid of #1503
    • [Changed] The $important modifier is now applied to rules created by enabling/disabling filtering via Assistant #1924
    • [Changed] The behavior of the `~third-party` modifier #1564
    • [Changed] The range of $$ rules was increased #1464
    • [Changed] The script is not getting removed anymore if there is an $empty modifier in a rule #1789
    • [Changed] X-Requested-With is being used now to detect object-subrequest content type #1435
    • [Fixed] $replace rules are applied to HTTPS sites even when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1752
    • [Fixed] Adguard can not recognize :empty+div selector #1687
    • [Fixed] Automatic update for disabled filters #1445
    • [Fixed] Chromium is not filtered by default #1956
    • [Fixed] Content filtering exception rules behavior #1560
    • [Fixed] content-length duplicate header issue #1982
    • [Fixed] Cosmetic filters are not applied to the pages whitelisted by a `$document` exception anymore #1574
    • [Fixed] Duplicate filtering rules #1686
    • [Fixed] Error while parsing filtering rules of a particular type #1558
    • [Fixed] No filtering with TCP Fast Open enabled in Firefox Nightly #1867
    • [Fixed] Notification API isn't blocked properly #1706
    • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.8 #1823
    • [Improved] GM_openInTab to handle data URLs in chrome #1971
    • [Improved] Multiple filters can be automatically enabled as language-specific at once now #1758
    • [Improved] The way `$network` modifier works #1645


    • [Added] Brotli support #1545
    • [Changed] HasConflictWithWpf flag values have been updated #1976
    • [Changed] SHA1 deprecation process is finished #1325
    • [Changed] WoSign and StartCom Certificates have been completely deprecated #1359
    • [Changed] XMLHttpRequest in the API is now protected #1434
    • [Fixed] A page is broken in IE #1591
    • [Fixed] AdGuard 6.2.390 on Windows 10 stops browsing until user kill the process #1901
    • [Fixed] AdGuard breaks local HTTPS connections #1896
    • [Fixed] Adguard cannot filter Edge HTTPS traffic when TCP Fast Open is turned ON #1093
    • [Fixed] Adguard cannot handle huge chunks properly #1772
    • [Fixed] Disabling HTTPS filtering breaks #1792
    • [Fixed] DNS is unreachable when using AdGuard #1918
    • [Fixed] Dropbox CSP messes with Adguard scripts #1678
    • [Fixed] HTTPS filtering on does not work sometimes #1902
    • [Fixed] Impossible to set custom IP in Stealth Mode #1828
    • [Fixed] Incorrect encoding was being used for the preview purposes #1741
    • [Fixed] Invalid gzip causes connection to hang #1817
    • [Fixed] Requests blocked when HTTPS filtering is disabled aren't present in the filtering log #1639
    • [Fixed] Several userscripts do not work when installed via Adguard #1562
    • [Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1702
    • [Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1702
    • [Fixed] Stealth mode settings may break filtering completely #1693
    • [Fixed] Warnings about synchronous requests #1688
    • [Fixed] Wrong ciphers order #1884
    • [Improved] Adguard doesn't recognize userscript updates when the version string is too long #1541
    • [Improved] Custom filter updates are being validated now #1765
    • [Improved] The strong key exchange within secure connections has been enforced #1728
    • [Improved] WebRTC detection #1831


    • [Added] "Adguard service" description #422
    • [Added] "Start time" and "Time" fields in the log records #1677
    • [Added] "Storage" and "Reinstall" buttons on “Extensions” screen #1893
    • [Added] A "Preview" feature for the blocked requests in Filtering Log #1695
    • [Added] A "Reset to defaults" button to the Extensions settings #1473
    • [Added] A loader is shown while Filter Editor is being prepared to be opened #1638
    • [Added] A switch to change the filter list display mode #574
    • [Added] A tooltip has been added to the "Support" window #1432
    • [Added] A warning in the "Filtered apps" section when Adguard is in the proxy mode #942
    • [Added] An option to disable all Adguard popup notifications #1630
    • [Added] An option to disable pop-up text in the Filter editor #1082
    • [Added] Filtering log export feature #1662
    • [Added] Filtering log records context menu #1668
    • [Added] Search function was added to the preview textarea #1694
    • [Changed] "Applied rules" appearance #1676
    • [Changed] All elements in Filter Editor UI are now shown as disabled until rules are fully loaded #1638
    • [Changed] Dutch localization was updated #1663
    • [Changed] Expiration date in the 'License' section has been made more distinguishable #674
    • [Changed] Filtering log scrolling behavior #1791
    • [Changed] Graying out the disabled modules has been uniformed across the app #1827
    • [Changed] Hebrew localization was updated #1548
    • [Changed] Interface has been optimized for screen readers #352
    • [Changed] License key symbols in the 'License' section are hidden now #627
    • [Changed] More details have been added to the "Adguard service" description #422
    • [Changed] Prevent closing the editor after editing a userscript #1632
    • [Changed] Program logo and "About" screen have been updated #1812
    • [Changed] Resizing the details pane was made more convenient #1675
    • [Changed] The EULA has been updated #1824
    • [Changed] The Filter Editor does not allow switching to other filters now when you're in the edit mode #1656
    • [Changed] The link to custom rules creation manual is added to the Filter editor #1410
    • [Changed] The maximum number of records in the Filtering Log was limited #1723
    • [Changed] UDP/TCP and HTTPS tunnel connections moved to the "Other" section of the filtering log #1670
    • [Changed] Update channel is now set to "Beta" if you install or update AdGuard to beta version #196
    • [Changed] Values in the details panel are now selectable #1667
    • [Fixed] "Connection" type records issues #1674
    • [Fixed] "Support" contact form is missing #1753
    • [Fixed] A “new line” symbol is added after copying a rule in Filter editor #1878
    • [Fixed] An incorrect message is shown upon checking for the updates w/o an Internet connection #1552
    • [Fixed] Can't use 0 as a value for self-destructing cookies setting #1642
    • [Fixed] Cancel button is missing #1899
    • [Fixed] Cannot close "validation error" dialog when editing a userscript #1894
    • [Fixed] Changing Advanced settings does not lead to network filtering restart #1800
    • [Fixed] Closing the right pane for a blocked request in Filtering Log does not highlight the entry #1729
    • [Fixed] Complete exit functionality bugs #1826
    • [Fixed] Crash after exiting Adguard via the tray menu #1697
    • [Fixed] Ctrl + Z does not work in any input field #1960
    • [Fixed] Default filters could have been deleted in filter editor #1786
    • [Fixed] Disabling HTTPS filtering leads to duplicate entries in the filtering log #1793
    • [Fixed] Facebook response preview is broken as preview tool does not support Brotli #1657
    • [Fixed] Filter editor bug #1969
    • [Fixed] Filtering log and Filter editor windows have different styles #1920
    • [Fixed] Filtering log search does not show UDP requests #1658
    • [Fixed] Filters content is being written to the application log #1703
    • [Fixed] GUI can't start after changing language #1664
    • [Fixed] Log export does not work #1900
    • [Fixed] New filtering log does not display removed elements #1660
    • [Fixed] Remote address bug in Filtering log #1852
    • [Fixed] Search does not work in userscript editor #1814
    • [Fixed] Search tooltip bug #1830
    • [Fixed] Stealth Mode tooltip bugs #1520
    • [Fixed] There was a sequence of actions that could lead to the removal of User filter #1787
    • [Fixed] UI crash when disabling the service with opened Filtering Log #1751
    • [Fixed] User filter is always empty when "Filter editor" is opened for the first time #1970
    • [Fixed] User Filters search doesn't work in 'advanced editor' mode #1821
    • [Fixed] User installed disabled filters are enabled after checking for updates #1692
    • [Improved] More filter editor tweaks and fixes #1750, #1778
    • [Improved] Search criteria in the filtering log were extended #1513
    • [Improved] Speed of searching in Filter Editor and Filtering Log was increased #1725
    • [Improved] Support for the PT-PT localization has been added #1640


    • [Added] Adguard French filter #1596
    • [Changed] 'Adblock Protector' added to the list of filters available by default #1584
    • [Changed] Bandizip app has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1680
    • [Changed] Localizations have been updated
    • [Changed] Several browsers and apps were added to the list of apps filtered by default #1182, #1563
    • [Changed] Spotify app has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1904
    • [Changed] Swing browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1769
    • [Changed] The list of HTTPS exclusions has been updated
    • [Changed] Whale browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1770
    • [Fixed] "Add application" tool in “Filtered Apps” can't detect installed Viber #1559
    • [Fixed] A generic hiding rule in third-party filter is not being applied #1696
    • [Fixed] Adguard crashes when you block a request in the filtering log #1868
    • [Fixed] Assistant settings are reset with the 3.0 -> 4.0 update #1738
    • [Fixed] Problematic userscript prevents others from working #1962
    • [Fixed] Several third-party userscripts compatibility issues
    • [Fixed] Stealth mode blocks Bitrix24 calls #1685
    • [Fixed] Typos #1825
    • [Fixed] Userscript is not injected #1958
    • [Improved] Data is now being preprocessed before the import/export #1691
    • [Improved] Log columns were reordered #1779
    • [Improved] The log file is now being validated before importing #1722
    • [Improved] Version check algorithm for filters added by URL #1431

    This is a small update which has fixed minor issues slipped through unnoticed. Hint how to add DNS server manually were clarified and widget is now greydout when PRO status turned off.

    • [Improved] Incorrect description for custom dns #484
    • [Improved] Improve widget's appearance #483
    • [Improved] Change keyboard type in blacklist domain input field #482
    • [Fixed] Blacklist changes applies only after DNS reconnection #485
    Hi everyone! AdGuard for Android has always been one of the most rapidly evolving AdGuard products, and it stays that way. Today, we introduce to you the new version, featuring some of the biggest and potentially the most important changes in a while: significant increase of the filtering speed, outgoing proxy and TOR support, DNS filtering, DNS encryption and everything cool that goes alongside it. More details ahead!

    [Added] Improved outbound proxy support

    There is now a separate section for outbound proxy configuring in the main section of "Settings" menu, just above the "Advanced". You can now add, configure and use multiple proxies through AdGuard. Please note that only filtered apps' traffic is routed through AdGuard (which means it will only work for browsers in the free version). Also, DNS requests are not routed through proxies.

    One related thing worthy of a separate mention: now it is very easy to set up Tor proxy via Orbot. Once you install Orbot, there will be a configured Tor proxy at the ready in the AdGuard proxy settings. Just enable Orbot in the notification bar, and you are good to go!

    [Added] Improved DNS settings

    We have also allocated a separate screen for DNS settings, you can find it in the side menu. You can add a custom DNS server, or select any public DNS provider from our list, including AdGuard DNS servers. No matter what server you choose, you can enable DNS filtering there.

    Another great feature is DNSCrypt support. It is a special protocol that makes your DNS traffic secure, and we recommend to choose a DNS provider that supports DNSCrypt (by the way, AdGuard DNS does!).

    [Added] Integration with the new network stack
    [Added] Integrate common URL filtering library

    These words may appear a tad too techy, so let us explain. Behind the ad blocking process of every AdGuard app on every platform lies the same algorithm. This algorithm - network stack - has been significantly improved recently, its performance has been increased up to 3 times compared to old numbers. In this version we integrate the Android app with it and also with our new filtering library.

    [Added] Logs and system info export

    This is a new addition to the 'Advanced settings'. Basically, after you tap it, the app grabs all current logs, packs it into an archive and asks you where to export it. It will be useful mostly for the forum and GitHub frequenters - for example when you report a bug and the support team member asks you to collect some logs. But it also can be helpful in certain tech support cases.

    [Added] Battery usage stats screen

    Historically, questions about AdGuard battery usage are among the most frequently asked ones. Sadly, Android distorts the battery consumption breakdown, attributing other apps' traffic and battery consumption to AdGuard. We've even written a detailed knowledgebase article that explains this issue. To mitigate the misconception, we added a new screen called 'Battery usage'. You can access it by tapping on the battery icon in the top right corner of the main screen. Inside you will find a chart that shows the AdGuard battery resource consumption within the last 24 hours, with an option to get more detailed hour-to-hour data by tapping on the dots on the chart. Besides that, there's also a numeric breakdown of the relevant data and a short technical explanation.



    [Added] Add support for browsers cloned by the "App Cloner
    [Added] Add EasyList Lithuanian filter
    [Added] `/deep/` and `::shadow` selectors support
    [Changed] Upgrade "ExtendedCss" module to v1.0.8
    [Changed] Optimize DNS filtering statistics write
    [Changed] Allow multiple filters to be enabled as language-specific at once
    [Fixed] Unknown rule options
    [Fixed] Native stack is not properly closed sometimes when AdGuard is auto-restarted
    [Fixed] AdGuard does not resume protection occasionally


    [Changed] The iptables rules have been reworked
    [Changed] Add new filtered ports
    [Changed] AdGuard now can handle compressed responses when downloading filters
    [Fixed] Iptables redirect doesn't work for IPv6
    [Fixed] Reinitialize VpnService when newly installed app should not be filtered
    [Fixed] Captured HAR is invalid
    [Fixed] Adguard cannot handle huge chunks properly
    [Fixed] Cryptography-code error
    [Fixed] No internet connection when DNScrypt and "record everything" logging level are enabled
    [Fixed] NPE in DnsUpstreamServer
    [Fixed] Alpha build segfaults when accessing some websites
    [Fixed] Old certificates are not purged properly
    [Fixed] The Onion ( does not work with AdGuard enabled
    [Fixed] Error while generating a domain certificate
    [Fixed] If IP address is blocked by ISP, it is impossible to connect to the site even via proxy
    [Fixed] No internet connection after disabling DNS settings
    [Fixed] Auto Proxy mode causes Wi-Fi Calling to fail for Verizon Wireless
    [Fixed] When switching from VPN to Auto Proxy, Protection "restarts" but mode doesn't change
    [Fixed] Iptables redirect doesn't work for ipv6 P2
    [Fixed] Opera browser now targets SDK level 25 and does not trust user certificates


    [Added] "Add new rule" button is missing in user filter
    [Added] Open links in a webview
    [Added] Open AdGuard by long-pressing on the tile icon
    [Added] Add an option to search in the filtering log
    [Added] Round icons support for Android 7.1
    [Added] Add a checkbox "Overwrite existing rules" to the import user filter dialogue
    [Added] Show filters which blocked an element in the Filtering log
    [Added] Export logs and system info
    [Added] Trim string when user enters new domain or rule into Whitelist/User filter
    [Added] Export/import of all profile's settings
    [Added] An annotation to "Google Play services" app details
    [Added] Custom DNS ports support
    [Changed] Rework the HTTPS filtering settings section
    [Changed] Dialog windows should have min width
    [Changed] Change "Filtering log" status label text
    [Changed] Change AdGuard notification text 6.0+
    [Changed] Contents of state.txt file (the one attached to support messages)
    [Changed] French translation has been updated
    [Changed] 'Adguard' to 'AdGuard' in all translations
    [Changed] AdGuard notification text on Andoird 6.0+
    [Changed] Some wording has been updated across the app
    [Changed] Minor UI changes
    [Fixed] Firewall UI inconsistency
    [Fixed] Deleting a single rule from a search result removes all rules from the User Filter
    [Fixed] First string is imported as a rule even if it is a comment.
    [Fixed] Subscription status description is misleading
    [Fixed] Few issues with the new DNS sub-menu section
    [Fixed] Wrong padding in the DNS section
    [Fixed] Spelling issue in DNSCrypt
    [Fixed] Displaced titles in the 'Statistics' tab of the 'DNS' screen
    [Fixed] The search request is reset after keyboard is closed
    [Fixed] Make the log stop scrolling when reading it
    [Fixed] Incorrect DNS is displayed when you set up a custom DNS
    [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't memorize the selected DNS server
    [Fixed] Proxy warning in apps management can be seen when changing tabs
    [Fixed] Scrolling on the DNS screen works incorrectly
    [Fixed] FAQ is displayed in the wrong language on Android N
    [Fixed] Side menu "Settings" button doesn't work as intended
    [Fixed] DNS requests blocking is not enabled by default when you toggle on the main DNS switch
    [Fixed] Main switch in HTTPS settings is not being toggled by tapping on the label
    [Fixed] Toast messages are shown in system language, not in app language
    [Fixed] Scrollbar is missing at both DNS server lists (regular and DNScrypt)
    [Fixed] Headers are not translated after switching the language
    [Fixed] Apps are missed from apps management statistics in proxy-mode
    [Fixed] "Block ads in all apps" is not checked after you activate the license key


    [Added] "Request trial" should require an email
    [Added] Add an annotation to "Google Play services" app details
    [Added] AdGuard has been added to Google's apps backup
    [Changed] Increase the trimming limit we use for request URLs
    [Changed] Beta build should have "beta" update channel by default
    [Changed] .apk file has been removed from the app cache after the update
    [Changed] Add AdGuard version to both settings and logs export files
    [Fixed] Don't ask for root access when crashed
    [Fixed] Missed separator in filtering log between `ads=` and domain name
    [Fixed] Apps management section is not loaded in the background
    [Fixed] Сrashes on Android 6.0.1
    [Fixed] Unnecessary exception in the log file
    [Fixed] App freezes and can't be restarted
    [Fixed] AdGuard crashes if you open `ws://` or `wss://` request in the Filtering log
    [Fixed] EV certificate filtering checkbox rarely works
    [Fixed] Advanced settings aren't applied on protection restart
    [FIxed] Crash on Android v4.x
    [Fixed] Update crash on KitKat and Lollipop
    [Fixed] Individual apps settings aren't exported
    [Fixed] Crash while trying to clear Firewall stats with AG disabled
    [Fixed] AdGuard is not listed in Google's apps backup
    [Fixed] Apps Management's "All time" tab is very slow after clearing stats
    [Fixed] Wi-Fi calling Verizon issue
    [Fixed] Custom DNS might not work in some circumstances

    It has been a very long time since the last AdGuard for Mac release. We definitely don't want such hiatus to become a routine – expect the next one much sooner.

    And in this one we've made some positive changes to the UI and improved the filtering quality by a lot. Read the full changelog below.

    Ad blocking

      [Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter apps from the WebCatalog app #165

      Previously, AdGuard wasn’t able to filter apps installed with WebCatalog, and they couldn’t even be added to the list of filtered apps manually. This issue gets fixed in this version.

    • [Added] $network basic rules modifier #171
    • [Changed] The ~third-party modifier behavior #177
    • [Fixed] Content filtering exception rules #176
    • [Fixed] Error while parsing a wide filtering rule #175
    • [Fixed] Replace rules aren't applied to .m3u8 files content #178
    • [Fixed] Regular expressions with $ aren't processed properly #167
    • [Fixed] Content rules are applied even when there is a $document exception #234
    • [Fixed[ The script is being removed/cut if there is an $empty modifier in the rule #209
    • [Fixed] Cosmetic filters are being applied to pages whitelisted by a $document exception #189
    • [Improved] The range of $$ rules has been increased #196
    • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.8 #216
    • [Improved] The trimming limit for request URLs has been increased #214
    • [Improved] The $network modifier has been extended, it can now be an exception as well #190


      [Added] An option to exclude websites with EV certificates from filtering #170

      An option already familiar to Windows users. Some websites feature Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, which require a very strict verification process and offer a stronger guarantee that the website is plausible and trusted. Usually, they are bank websites, payment systems etc., and they normally do not have many ads anyway, if any.

      We have also improved the security aspect of AdGuard by addressing some security-related issues (#186, #194).

    • [Fixed] Wrong cyphers order #224
    • [Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #194
    • [Fixed] AdGuard cannot handle huge chunks properly #218
    • [Fixed] Connection is allowed when DH1024 is in use #186
    • [Fixed] "strict-dynamic" CSP is not handled properly #203
    • [Fixed] AdGuard Crashes when receives new metadata from backend #220
    • [Fixed] There is an empty response from in some cases when HTTPS is used #206
    • [Fixed] Several network errors and compatibility issues


      [Improved] Filter editor has been reworked #56

      Now it has become possible to enter the 'advanced editing mode'. Basically, it means that the User filter turns into a single text area which you can work with as in any text editor: copy/paste several lines at once and apply all changes at once and not line by line. The search tool will help you to find or replace anything you need. All in all, it should be a welcome change for all the aspiring filter developers.

    • [Added] Add "Reset settings..." option #180
    • [Changed] "System Extension Blocked" issue on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) #217
    • [Changed] Filters' names have been adjusted #187
    • [Changed] AdGuard to AdGuard #231
    • [Fixed] Wrong date of establishment in "About AdGuard" section #205
    • [Fixed] Several localization fixes and updates
    • [Fixed] The 'expiring trial' warning translation #169
    • [Fixed] The number of remaining subscription days is not displayed in AdGuard toolbar #191
    • [Fixed] UF is always turned on after restarting the app #237
    • [Fixed] Interface bug with filters list #236
    • [Fixed] Misplaced title in Support window #235


      [Improved] AdGuard can now be launched from an external drive #210

      A niche but useful improvement. In case you prefer to store your data on an external drive and switch between different desktops a lot. No need to update your user filter and other settings separately on every Mac separately anymore, just have AdGuard installed on an external drive.

    • [Changed] The SSL exceptions list has been updated
    • [Fixed] Yandex mail compatibility issue #160

    This is a very small update aimed at fixing a couple of minor issues.

    • [Other] iOS Assistant is incorrectlty placed on the site #463
    • [Other] - Adguard toolbar is missing #416

    [Fixed] Sometimes tunnel does not restart correctly when the network changes #470

    An important issue was found in the previous version. If network type was changed, it requires the tunnel mode to be restarted. Sometimes it didn't happen. We have completely reworked the tunnel's “behavior” when changing the connection - now, if a connection type is changed, the tunnel does not restart, and the connection to the network is not lost.

    [Added] Adguard for iOS (Pro) widget #312

    Now it is possible to quickly enable or disable DNS filtering directly from the Today view screen.

    [Added] Support custom ports in the custom DNS settings #412

    And the last important change - it is possible to manually add ports in the DNS settings. This can be useful in cases where an ISP intercepts DNS traffic and redirects it to its servers. It turns out that technically AdGuard works, but there is no filtering. In this case, one should specify the address in the DNS settings, for example - or [ff:fa::1]:5353.


    • [Fixed] Adguard is not working with System default DNS server in Tunnel mode #457
    • [Fixed] Unable to check "System Default" in the app #461
    • [Added] Need to show the disabled dns status on the main settings screen #452
    • [Added] Automatically enable PRO mode when user selects any custom DNS server #464
    • [Improved] DNS Naming Bug — Adguard Pro 1.3.0 (100) #453
    • [Other] iOS Assistant is incorrectlty placed on the site #463
    • [Other] - Adguard toolbar is missing #416

    [Fixed] Browsers are not notified when we auto-update filters #69

    Previously, there was a bug that filter updates that happens at background were not applied to browsers. This update fixes it.

    [Changed] Make "Safari filter" enabled by default in the Content Blocker #65

    Due to difference adblocking methods we use in different platforms, we provide different filters for each platforms. Until now, there was no special filter for Adguard Content Blocker. The ad blocking extensions provided by Samsung browser and Yandex browser is close to that of Safari, so we decided to enable Safari filter by default. Filter categorization is on the way of change, so the name of the filter which is a bit unfit for content blocker will be changed.

    [Improved] Feedback/Contact Us option #76

    This is the first Assistant release in its own separate repository. Previously we used to include all the Assistant changes in the respective Adguard for Windows releases.

    A bunch of Assistant-related bugs have been fixed, and also worth mentioning the adding of a `dev` build that you are able to install now if you so desire.

    [Added] A `dev` build #61

    This is essentially the most recent version of Assistant you can get. It is being updated with every single commit that is made. To install the `dev` build, download the Assistant userscript from here:

    You can find more information on the main page of the repository:

    • [Added] A travis-CI build to build & run unit-tests #60
    • [Changed] Assistant menu items now depend on the filtering state #13
    • [Changed] The 'cursor responsive area' of the slider on the element selection step has been increased #23
    • [Changed] Browser cache is new enforced to reload after switching the filtering status for a website #33
    • [Changed] Debug logging has been removed from the release build #35
    • [Changed] Assistant icon position has been made relative to the bottom-right corner of a page #47
    • [Changed] Custom button position is being validated now #59
    • [Fixed] ON/OFF switch animation on the first Assistant load #12
    • [Fixed] Slow Assistant icon drag #14
    • [Fixed] "Refused to apply inline style" error #16
    • [Fixed] Assistant doesn't work with touch on Edge #20
    • [Fixed] The labels on the 'Block ad' slider have been swapped #22
    • [Fixed] Assistant icon sticks to the cursor #30
    • [Fixed] Premature Assistant load + incorrect DOM readyState Property in IE10 #44
    • [Fixed] `window.resize` event listener handler has been throttled #67
    • [Fixed] Assistant icon jumps to the top left position #69
    • [Improved] Simplified Chinese Translation has been updated #36
    • [Improved] Translations updates have been automated #46

    A long time has passed since the last release. But we weren't sitting on our hands. We fixed a whole lot of various bugs, so most users will find something positive in this update. This version also contains some sweet additions that will be interesting mostly for rule creators.

    [Improved] $important modifier was added to the rule constructor: #626

    This one is a rather obvious: when you use the manual blocking tool to create a rule, you can now give this rule a higher priority by ticking the checkbox. The `$important` modifier was available before, but you had to manually add it via the user filter.

    [Added] $csp modifier support: #685

    This is strictly for the rule creators, as it requires the basic understanding of the Content Security Policy security layer.

    This modifier completely changes the rule behaviour. If it is applied to a rule, it will not block the matching request. The response headers are going to be modified instead.

    You can find the syntax and examples for `csp` inside the issue.


    We had been waiting for this for a long time, it took a lot of time but now the code is much more simple and convenient to work with.

  • [Improved] Global variables were got rid of: #451
  • [Improved] Tabs API: #374
  • Build process

    The builds themselves are now available directly on GitHub, all the updates will be stored here. The build names are now more clear and understandable.

  • [Changed] The build process for v2.6: #600
  • [Changed] The build process was changed so that all Adguard's code is encapsulated into a reusable API: #454
  • All additions, improvements and issues fixed in this release:


    • [Added] `$empty` modifier: #280
    • [Added] Adguard French filter: #612
    • [Added] “Select all/none” buttons to rules constructor: #703
    • [Changed] '2016' to '2017': #519
    • [Changed] were added to possible filters sources: #544
    • [Changed] Filtering log performance: #403
    • [Fixed] Rule constructor can't create a rule with
    • [onclick] attribute which contains a big script: #469
    • [Fixed] Rule constructor works incorrectly with TD tag: #483
    • [Fixed] Regular expressions with `$` aren't processed properly: #517
    • [Fixed] Error while parsing rules with `$replace` modifier: #559
    • [Fixed] Error while parsing wide filtering rules: #556
    • [Fixed] Basic URL rule, which contains domain name, blocks WS: #528
    • [Fixed] Blocked `blob:` URLs #525
    • [Fixed] Errors while parsing CSS rules: #617
    • [Fixed] Sustainability to the LastPass vulnerability: #625
    • [Fixed] Huge user filter slows down the 'options' page loading: #641
    • [Fixed] Browsing security doesn't work: #580
    • [Fixed] Error parsing pseudo class: #576
    • [Improved] WebRTC circumvention: #588
    • [Improved] Separate loading of the cosmetic filters and JS filters: #512
    • [Changed] German translation was updated: #680
    • [Changed] A link for "Protected by Adguard for Windows" menu item was added to the description page: #672
    • [Fixed] Adguard settings window is not shown in private mode: #658
    • [Fixed] WebRTC circumvention: #588
    • [Fixed] Adguard 2.6.1 Beta does not block WebSocket connection: #652
    • [Fixed] Auto-activation of filters still work in integration mode: #666
    • [Fixed] `$webrtc` does not work on #669
    • [Fixed] Filtering log errors: #687
    • [Fixed] A bug with element hiding rule with domains containing www: #665
    • [Fixed] A rule with a single `$content` modifier now will be ignored. A rule with multiple modifiers which includes `$content` continue to work: #719
    • [Fixed] CSP and WebRTC rules are now processing the proper way: #725
    • [Fixed] - blocked iframe is not collapsed: #733
    • [Fixed] $content modifier works as URL exclusion: #719
    • [Fixed] Difference of blocked ads before AG turn off and after turn on: #748


    There are few notable changes in this release that take place in Firefox version. First of all, FF have finally released the WebExtensions technology which allowed us to completely revamp the extension code. It now greatly resembles the code for Chrome extension, which makes it much easier for further development among other advantages. A lot of other improvements have been done, too.

    • [Improved] FF extension migrated to WebExtensions: #523
    • [Improved] "Require" calls were got rid of: #367
    • [Improved] SDK is not being used anymore: #151
    • [Improved] `-moz-binding` approach was got rid of: #463
    • [Fixed] Errors in FF browser console: #673
    • [Fixed] Cleaning Firefox data breaks Adguard extension: #681
    • [Fixed] Filtering log: new tab stays in the background when opened: #697
    • [Fixed] Scrollbar is missing in the filtering log: #732

    Firefox - other

    • [Fixed] Integration mode: #607
    • [Fixed] Possible error with generichide implementation: #574


    • [Fixed] `chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest` now intercepts WebSocket: #572
    • [Improved] Text in the rules constructor is too dark with built-in dark theme for dev tools: #739
    • [Fixed] Separators in rules constructor are collapsed in some cases: #741


    • [Fixed] Edge Storage size limit issue: #566
    • [Fixed] Russian localization: #538
    • [Fixed] Error on start/adding/removing filter subscription: #627
    • [Fixed] Browsing security - "Proceed anyway" issue: #628
    • [Improved] CSP fix is now applied for newer Edge versions (Insider Preview): #602
    • [Improved] Edge extension now downloads own platform filters: #721
    • [Fixed] Edge `` issue in the Insider Fast ring build: #569
    • [Fixed] Adguard dropdown menu glitch - Edge browser: #675
    • [Fixed] Advanced settings menu does not expand: #708
    • [Fixed] "Block ads on this website" tool misbehaves: #691
    • [Fixed] Google Docs document glitch: #720


    • [Changed] "Activate the most appropriate filters automatically" setting is now disabled by default: #715
    • [Fixed] `$websocket` modifier works incorrectly in Safari: #597
    • [Fixed] Possible websockets blocking issue: #586
    • [Fixed] `$elemhide` exceptions also affect basic rules: #642
    • [Fixed] User filter rules are being imported from .txt together with comments: #584
    • [Fixed] Browsing security error: #583
    • [Fixed] Safari tab / Ergonomics issue: #505
    • [Fixed] "Block ads on this website" tool does not work in Safari 9.1.3: #704

    Recently, Apple has announced that according to their policy, they "have never allowed apps on the App Store that are designed to interfere with the performance or capabilities of other apps". This means that the only ad blocking solution permitted in iOS are content blocking extensions for Safari browser, and Adguard Pro has to rethink its features. Sadly, the system-wide ad blocking has to go, but we keep the custom DNS functionality and look forward to developing it even more in the future.

    We have also removed 'Adguard DNS' and 'Adguard Family protection' from the default DNS setups, you will need to manually add our DNS addresses to use them (although, if you have already had one of these modes selected, it will remain). Another option to keep the filtering in apps is to add our Simplified domain names filter to the blacklist as a whole.

    But, aside from this sad news, we have something to tell about the new version. It features a new setting that lets you choose between the more stable work and compatibility with other VPN apps. Plus, as usual, more fixes, UI changes and what not.

    [Added] New 'Tunnel mode' setting #404

    We decided to introduce this setting as a response to some cases of iOS bypassing the Adguard (due to bad connectivity). What does this mean in practice? The new setting lets you choose between two modes: split-tunnel and full-tunnel. While in split-tunnel mode (the default one), Adguard will be compatible with some other VPN apps (full list here) but can be bypassed by the system. On the contrary, in full-tunnel mode, you can't run other VPN apps alongside Adguard, but iOS won't be able to bypass it, regardless of the connection quality.


    • [Added] Build number on the "About" screen #406
    • [Added] "Filter rules syntax" link to the User filter #375
    • [Changed] Gray out "DNS settings" when PRO status is disabled #374
    • [Fixed] Typos #408
    • [Fixed] Filter search doesn't work #388
    • [Fixed] When app is started, "Pro" button state is "disabled" for a second #371
    • [Fixed] Incorrect warning message on the main screen about the filters conversion error #414
    • [Improved] New Persian localization, other localizations have been updated #427


    • [Fixed] Adguard pro crashes #429
    • [Fixed] Compatibility with iOS9 #384
    • [Fixed] Can't connect to iTunes when VPN is active #385
    • [Fixed] Sometimes Adguard сrashes when you open advanced settings #451
    • [Improved] Logging process has been improved #430
    • , #373

    This is a rather small update. A couple of important fixes like broken filter search, several minor UI changes + updated translations.

    • [Added] A build number to About screen #406
    • [Added] "Filter rules syntax" link to the User filter #375
    • [Fixed] Filter search doesn't work #388
    • [Fixed] Not able to report a missed ad in Safari #394
    • [Fixed] Sometimes Adguard сrashes when you open advanced settings #451
    • [Fixed] Incorrect warning message on the main screen about the filters conversion error #414
    • [Improved] The translations have been updated #427

    Some users started to encounter a network error while using applications (YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook Messenger and some others). This update is a hotfix for that issue: #1334

    The new version is not excessively rich with new additions and other changes - more will come in v2.10 and, eventually, in Adguard v3.0. However, there is still one big highlight - we have vastly reworked and improved the User filter. Read below to find out the details.

    [Improved] The user filter has been reworked #1279

    Any experience of interacting with the previous incarnation of User filter could not be described with any other word but 'miserable'. It used to be clunky, unresponsive and slow. A lot has changed in this version.

    First, the new design. It has become much cleaner.

    As you will see, we have combined all of the control elements - add a new rule, clear the filter, edit the filter, import and export - under one toolbar menu.

    Second, you now have an option to enter the so-called "edit mode" that brings up the multiline text edit area. It is very handy if you need to copy/paste/delete multiple lines of text at once, or just edit several rules in a row without clicking on each and every one of them.

    Finally, the general way it looks. Rules are color-differentiated depending on their type, comments are distinctively visible and every rule can be disabled and enabled back without having to delete and re-create it.

    If you have any interest in creating and maintaining a list of your own rules, you are going to, without any doubt, welcome these changes. We, personally, are very excited! :)

    Ad blocking

    • [Added] Juvander's Adblock List #1225
    • [Changed] Minor memory optimizations #1181
    • [Changed] The range of the $$ rules was increased #1185
    • [Changed] The way we handle rules with $empty modifier #1274
    • [Fixed] Rules constructor ignores referer #1221
    • [Fixed] $network modifier doesn't work #1268
    • [Fixed] Firefox nightly 64-bit is not recognized as a browser #1257
    • [Fixed] CPU overuse issue caused by repeating requests to a tracking server #1179


    • [Changed] The HTTPS exclusions list has been updated
    • [Changed] HTTPS is not filtered any more for Nougat targeted apps without network_security_config #1286
    • [Fixed] Nougat auto-pause issue #1202
    • [Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1178
    • [Fixed] App preview does not work #973
    • [Fixed] Android O compatibility issues #1227
    • [Fixed] VPN + IPv6 issue on Android 4.4.2 #1267
    • [Fixed] IPv4 mapped addresses bypass VPN #1026
    • [Fixed] The first packet of a connection processing delay #1192
    • [Fixed] Adguard does not filter HTTPS connection with TLS 1.0 servers #1195
    • [Fixed] Reconfiguring iptables on package add/replace leads to no internet #1245
    • [Improved] Session resumption was implemented using session IDs #1238


    • [Added] Portuguese (PT) and Persian language support #1139, #1189
    • [Changed] Subscription status description wording #1191
    • [Fixed] Filtering Log toolbar layout #1180
    • [Fixed] Crash on network type changes #1272
    • [Fixed] Typos and punctuation mistakes #1159, #1186
    • [Fixed] User filter import doesn't work on Nexus 9 #1300
    • [Improved] Localizations has been updated #1290


    • [Changed] Yuzu browser has been added to the list of browsers filtered by default #1285
    • [Fixed] Multiple compatibility issues
    • [Improved] Logging in case of a critical error #1216

    This is arguably the biggest we've changed our app since v2.5 or even since the introduction of the new design back in Adguard v2.0. Some of these changes were meant to be introduced only in the 3.0 version, but we couldn't wait any longer :) Significant changes to UI, the long hoped-for filtering log feature, other new options - all this and much more awaits you in this update.

    [Improved] New app navigation system #969

    Alright, we realize that when it comes to changing the design, there's going to be a controversy. There will always be those who find it better than the old one, and there will always be those who don't. Our hope the majority of users will find the new navigation system more convenient.

    What exactly has changed? There is now a side menu, which will help to navigate through the app more easily. Besides that, we can finally utilize the context menu in the top-right corner, you can find an example of this in 'Apps Management' section. By the way, 'Apps management' will now include all Firewall settings as well. Having these two sections together at the same time felt excessive and confusing.

    [Added] Filtering Log #11

    Oh, boy. Anyone who has ever tried to check what's being filtered/blocked knows the struggle of inspecting Adguard's log file. It was the only way, and I doubt there is a single user who found it convenient. No surprise, as it was initially meant to be used by filters developers only. We were thinking: 'Why would anyone want to see on such deep level what do their apps do?'. We had been completely ignoring tech savvy people who do care about it and do want to have a complete control of what is going on on their device.

    We'd like to apologize for this. We should have implemented filtering log functionality a long time ago. Well, better late than never. The filtering log has arrived, come and see for yourself. We don't expect to hit the nail on the head on the first try, so your feedback on what's lacking and what you can live without is invaluable.

    Ad Blocking

    • [Added] $network basic rules modifier #1032
    • [Added] Support for exception rules #815
    • [Changed] The behavior of the third-party modifier #891
    • [Changed] Websites cache is now suppressed after filters change #946
    • [Fixed] $replace rules aren't applied to .m3u8 files content #1060
    • [Fixed] Regular expressions with $ symbol aren't processed properly #1027


    [Added] An option to not filter HTTPS on websites with 'Extended Validation' certificate #934

    Adguard for Windows users are familiar with this option already. Extended Validation SSL certificates grant that the owner of the certificate has gone through a very strict process of verification. The trust for such certificate owners is much higher - those are usually banks, other financial organizations etc. Often times there are zero or close to zero ads on their websites, and filtering them is excessive anyway - it only increases the chance to break something useful.

    [Changed] VPN autopause is now disabled by default for new Android devices (Pixel, Nexus with Nougat) #1000

    From the beginning, the VPN autopause functionality was not 'a feature'. It is a workaround for some known Android issues and bugs. For example, tethering could not work along with a VPN, or Adguard's network access could be denied in power saving mode.

    It seems that all these issues are sorted out in the newest Android devices, so we have disabled autopause functionality for them. You can turn it back ON in Adguard's low-level settings if needed.

    • [Fixed] HTTPS filtering in Nougat-targeted apps #979
    • [Fixed] Amazon license check hangs while doing the background check #1121
    • [Improved] Active proxy connections closing time was reduced #990
    • [Imporved] AG styles are protected from disabling now #947


    [Added] Bulk change functionality for the Apps Management section #1063

    Available from the context menu that we have already mentioned above, it grants a fast and easy access to the most common settings that can be applied to all apps at once.

    [Added] A new advanced preference: a list of networks which LAN should be filtered for #1154

    Initially, there was just a bug that prevented Adguard from filtering ads in Moscow subway Wi-Fi network. Turned out that is located inside of a LAN, which we exclude by default. Rather than making an exception for this particular network, we decided to choose a more broad approach and create a new preference.

    • [Changed] Aggregate all removed apps stats in one item #806
    • [Changed] 'Blocked' pages markup was updated #1029
    • [Changed] Translations were updated #1138
    • [Changed] 'Notification without icon' mode is made default for 'Notification icon' setting #988
    • [Changed] Locale-specific number format is used now on the main screen #1117
    • [Changed] 'Removed apps' package icons now appear inactive in the apps list #1105
    • [Fixed] Data stats are shown for Adguard app in Apps Management #889
    • [Fixed] 'Learn more' button link resolves to an undefined page #1113
    • [Fixed] FAQ UI is broken on Android 5.1.1 when you highlight the text #1097
    • [Fixed] The quick settings tile doesn't highlight/shade when you toggle the protection #1100
    • [Improved] 'App details' activity is sped up considerably #1099
    • [Improved] pref.filtered.ports setting now can understand port ranges #830


    [Added] 'Watchdog period' advanced setting #1067

    Depending on the firmware, Android might be very aggressive to background services, killing them really frequently. In Adguard case this aggressive behavior may be truly destructive. This feature starts a special 'watchdog' service, which keeps Adguard's main process alive. However, it is disabled by default as most of the Android devices do not suffer from the 'random process killing' issue.

    • [Added] ABVPN filter #1015
    • [Added] Hungarian filter #1011
    • [Added] Adguard French filter #1127
    • [Changed] Default HTTPS exclusions list was updated #1116
    • [Changed] 'Update only over WiFi' option is grayed out when automatic filters update is disabled #953
    • [Fixed] Crash while updating Adguard #1086
    • [Fixed] 'Filters autoupdate period' graying out bug #956
    • [Fixed] Premium license expiration notification is shown after the first installation #1062
    • [Fixed] Cannot send MMS when Adguard is in Proxy+Auto filtering mode #1058
    • [Fixed] VpnService.prepare crashes due to XPosed module #1084
    • [Fixed] An attempt to get a license from within the app makes Adguard crash when there's no browser installed #1112
    • [Fixed] Compatibility issues
    • [Improved] UDP connections handling was reworked #906

    This update might not be the biggest one, in a sense it doesn't feature any revolutionary additions or the immense number of changes. But it's surely a unique one, and it's because it is by far the most influenced by the user feedback. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped us!

    It is super important for two big reasons, both concern networking/compatibility: we have *finally* fixed the compatibility issue with KIS/ESET and, also, we've fixed a certificate issue in modern Chrome versions (59+). Details below.

    [Fixed] Compatibility with KIS/ESET #1565

    Adguard used to have compatibility issues with such antivirus software like Kaspersky and ESET. Users had to seek for compromises: disabling SSL scanning in antivirus, disabling WFP driver or even HTTPS filtering in Adguard. The core of the problem was the WFP network driver incompatibility, and we had had plans to develop a new driver for what now seems like an eternity.

    We'd already claimed to have this fixed in the previous releases, but things turned out to be more complicated. We've come through countless iterations, test builds, and driver updates, and now we are confident enough to say that this time the problem is fixed for real. No more BSODs and other funny stuff when you run Adguard alongside with KIS or ESET.

    And again, we can't thank enough everyone who was willing to cope with raw test builds and provided invaluable feedback in order to help us make things right. Just look at the task - it is blowing up with comments. We are happy to have such users, you are awesome.

    [Fixed] Compatibility with Chrome 59+ #1597

    With big news which WFP driver compatibility fix is it could be easy to neglect other changes. And that would be so wrong! This fix, in particular, is of utmost importance. It ensures Adguard will run without problems on modern (v59+) Chrome versions. Otherwise, there would be troubles with Adguard certificate validation.


    • [Changed] The search criteria in the filtering log were extended #1513
    • [Changed] Connections are not allowed if DH1024 is in use #1616
    • [Changed] The default HTTPS exclusions list has been updated #1618
    • [Fixed] Adguard Service keeps downloading data after closing the browser #1599
    • [Fixed] An error encountered when adding a filter by URL #1583

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: compatibility with Chrome 59 and newer. The changes are few, but crucial.

    [Fixed] certificate is considered invalid by Chrome v59 #183

    It may not seem like much, but without this change, Adguard would be partially incompatible with the newest Chrome versions. Needless to say, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers among Mac users, so it is hard to overstate the importance of this fix.

    • [Changed] Bundle ID for Waterfox app #164

    UPD: hotfix update 6.1.314 brings a fix for the bug #1569, messing with filtering when HTTPS filtering is disabled.

    It was quite a while since the last Adguard for Windows release. And there are other reasons for that apart from the Christmas/New Year holidays: we'd been extensively testing the new network driver before, finally, we felt ready to include it in the new release version. But what is there for me in this network driver, you might ask? Well, it fixes an old compatibility issue with several antivirus programs. For sure, there are other fixes and changes as well, and you will find the whole list below.

    You can also find all relevant information about this release (and discuss it) in our blog.


    [Improved] WFP driver was updated to fix compatibility issues with KIS and ESET #1497

    Previously, it was not unusual at all that Adguard would have compatibility issues with some antiviruses, and KIS and ESET being the most common ones. The workarounds existed but were far from ideal - you had had to sacrifice some parts of functionality on either Adguard or antivirus side. With updated WFP driver these conflicts will be no more, allowing users to run Adguard alongside with KIS and ESET.

    [Improved] The way we respond to HTTP protocol violation #1452

    It would take too long to explain technical nuances, but effectively this fixes the problem some users might have come across before: when you try to open a page and it is downloaded as a file instead.

    • [Fixed] $popup rule bug #1504
    • [Fixed] QUIC protocol issue when KIS is installed #1482
    • [Fixed] HideUserSearch option breaks the 'maximize' button graphics #1536
    • [Fixed] 'Disable Fast Open' setting doesn't work in latest Insider Preview builds #1487
    • [Fixed] Several issues in Firefox with the default value of 'Hide you user-agent' setting #1493

    Ad Blocking

    • [Added] $network basic rules modifier to solve the issue with loading ads through WebRTC #1297
    • [Changed] Extra Steam executables removed from the list of filtered apps #1468
    • [Fixed] Invalid executable for CentBrower #1453
    • [Fixed] $replace rules aren't applied to .m3u8 files content #1428
    • [Fixed] Regular expressions with $ aren't processed properly #1475
    • [Improved] Cosmetic exception rules compilation speed #1533


    • [Added] A new advanced settings property to change the injection method #1492
    • [Changed] Version history link in about section #1471
    • [Changed] Parental Control password protection is made separate for different Windows user accounts #1480


    • [Changed] HTTPS exceptions list is updated #1532
    • [Changed] Opera Neon browser added to the list of filtered apps #1495
    • [Changed] Orbitum browser added to the list of filtered apps #1467

    A small hotfix containing a couple of changes.

    • [Fixed] Adguard maintains network connections even if the computer is in idle mode #163
    • [Improved] Cosmetic exception rules compilation speed #173

    The Christmas came early this year for Adguard for Mac users - a new version comes out today :) It significantly improves ad blocking, namely introducing Extended CSS support and several new modifiers. Networking and UI have undergone some fixing and tweaking too, so Adguard will become more stable and easy in use.

    Ad blocking

    • [Added] Extended CSS support #109, #120
      This is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a module for applying CSS styles with extended selection properties. Basically, it means that we will be able to select and, therefore, block some elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. Notably, this concerns such things as 'Sponsored posts' on Facebook.

    • [Added] $important modifier #132
      This new addition is an significant one, but mostly relevant for creators of custom filter rules. With it's help you can give certain rules higher priority.

    • [Added] $websocket modifier #131
    • [Changed] Updated default HTTPS exclusions list #124
    • [Fixed] $empty modifier behaviour #108, #143
    • [Fixed] Latin extended symbol in a filter rule interferes with filtering #134
    • [Fixed] $replace rule can't be applied along with the other rules #133


    • [Changed] HTTPS is now used for safebrowsing requests #148
    • [Changed] WoSign and StartCom certificates are now distrusted #141
    • [Changed] New separate server is used now for filter updates #139
    • [Fixed] $replace rules break content charset #147
    • [Fixed] Adguard compatibility with Opera built-in VPN #123, #130
    • [Fixed] Kernel panic issue #106
    • [Fixed] Adguard blocks the page from loading if /etc/hosts has incorrect records #111
    • [Fixed] Inability to apply inline style #142
    • [Fixed] Excessive CPU load #135
    • [Fixed] Safebrowsing check algorithm #148
    • [Fixed] Unknown pseudo class error #154
    • [Improved] Content injection algorithm #119
    • [Improved] Adguard styles are now protected from removal #149


    • [Added] Hotkeys for filters management #9, #128
    • [Changed] CMD+Backspace key combination can now be used to delete filters from the filter list #9
    • [Changed] "Check filter updates" action moved to settings menu #116
    • [Fixed] Incorrect filter is displayed in "Filtering Log" #129
    • [Fixed] $replace rules are displayed correctly in the filtering log #150
    • [Improved] Allowed pasting mulitple rules at once in filter area #126

    It hasn't been long since we have released an urgent hotfix for Adguard v2.8, and today there is going to be another one. It is not normal when such things happen, we realize it, and want to apologize to all of you. We'll do our best to avoid such situations in future.

    The most major fixed problem concerns one of the low-level settings - pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass, which, as the name suggests, allows to disable filtering for all ipv4 traffic. It was simply missing in the latest release version.

    Along with the problem mentioned above, a couple of other issues were addressed.

    An important hotfix for the recent release of Adguard v2.8. It contains only one, but crucial fix:

    [Fixed] Routes exclusion string bug #939

    This bug affected Adguard's work in WiFi networks and could lead to several problems, such as: no filtering fore some websites, local network FTP-server disability, incorrect functioning of WiFi calling feature.

    This version should be considered as a revision of the Adguard for Windows 6.1 release. This is why you will not spot many 'major' changes - mostly bugfixes, small changes, improvements etc. More drastic changes will come eventually with 6.2 version.

    Ad Blocking

    [Added] $important modifier #1312

    This new addition is an important one (no pun intended), but mostly relevant for creators of custom filter rules. With it's help you can give certain rules higher priority.

    • [Changed] Several apps and browsers added to the list of apps filtered by default #1230, #1236, #1274, #1280, #1344, #1347
    • [Fixed] Inconsistent $replace result #1358
    • [Fixed] Adguard now filters pages with Content-Type:application/xhtml #571
    • [Fixed] HTTPS exceptions do not cover subdomains #1317
    • [Fixed] $replace rule can now be applied along with the other rules #640
    • [Improved] Filters update check period is now customizable #941
    • [Improved] Adguard now can partially block encrypted ads without decrypting SSL protocol (if HTTPs filtering is disabled) #1233


    • [Changed] Switched to the DigiCert certificate #1268
    • [Changed] WoSign and StartCom certificates became unstrusted #1359
    • [Changed] Proxy mode will use IPv4 address when it is available from now on #1323
    • [Fixed] CSP is now handled in meta tags #797
    • [Fixed] Issue with invalid HTML #1222
    • [Fixed] "iframe" elements are not removed from the page code #1245
    • [Fixed] Adguard.Tools.exe heavy CPU load issue #1229
    • [Fixed] Opera dev ad blocker compatibility issue with Adguard Assistant #1173
    • [Fixed] Opera built-in VPN compatibility issue #1116
    • [Fixed] Certificate validity check order #1277
    • [Fixed] SSL exceptions aren't deleted on network API reinit #1304
    • [Fixed] Adguard code is injected into a non-HTML document #1316
    • [Fixed] WFP driver impacting DPC latency #1156
    • [Fixed] $empty modifier behaviour #1360
    • [Fixed] Stealth mode ignores $stealth exception #1362
    • [Fixed] Inability to apply inline style #1331
    • [Fixed] An empty 'style' tag is added even if there's no element hiding #1336
    • [Fixed] $replace modifier breaks content charset #1378
    • [Fixed] Adsbypasser and some other userscripts do not work properly #1363
    • [Fixed] "Enable safe search" function in Parental Control breaks Google #1383
    • [Fixed] Adguard doesn't filter HTTPs when Fiddler is switched on and in "decode https" mode #1372
    • [Fixed] Adding a URL to temporary HTTPs exceptions is suppressed now when connection is closed from the server side #1341
    • [Fixed] 'access-control-allow-origin' header console error #1381
    • [Improved] HTTPS is now used for safebrowsing service requests #1386
    • [Improved] Encrypted connection is used now with #1369
    • [Improved] Adguard styles are now protected from removing #1272
    • [Improved] Content type detection #1264
    • [Improved] Content injection algorithm was reworked #1099, #1305


    [Changed] WOT extension is now disabled by default #1364

    Recently, an article was posted in one of the popular technology blogs, claiming that Web of Trust is selling its users' browser history to third-parties. WoT extension is preinstalled in Adguard for Windows, and although it was developed by us and is not sending any of your data to WoT, we can not leave this without a reponse. For this reason we make WoT extension disabled by default in Adguard for Windows. You can read our official stance regarding these news in our blog.

    • [Changed] You can now completely remove WoT extension #1364
    • [Changed] Unnecessary text in 'Import rules' dialog window is removed #1349
    • [Fixed] Filter's name isn't copied with the rest of request details #1318
    • [Fixed] Button size issue on the last step of Adguard wizard #1352
    • [Fixed] Adguard crashes if you try to close UI while editing a filter rule #1258
    • [Fixed] $replace rule is shown as applied to images #1392


    • [Fixed] Deleted records from HTTPs exclusions are not restored on app update anymore #904

    Many other minor fixes and changes. The full list can be found in descriptions to prior beta versions in our repository on GitHub.

    Finally, it's time for Adguard for Android 2.8 to come to light! It brings the ad blocking quality to the next level with several big novelties such as Simplified domain names filter or extended CSS support. Many new low-level settings will allow advanced users to customize app to their liking, and for all the rest we bring quite a few quality of life improvements and bugfixes. We hope everyone finds something useful in the new Adguard for Android version.

    Ad Blocking

    [Added] Support for Extended CSS and Extended Selectors #810

    Extended CSS support is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a module for applying CSS styles with extended selection properties. Basically, it means that we will be able to select and, therefore, block some elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. Currently we support following pseudo-classes: -ext-has ( :has ), -ext-contains ( :contains ), -ext-matches-css ( :matches-css ).

    'Extended selector' is a technical term, but what hides behind it? With extended selectors support, we can much more easily create some rules that were very, very hard to create earlier. Notably, this concerns rules required to block such things as 'Sponsored posts' on Facebook.

    [Added] Simplified domain names filter #876

    Fresh addition to the Adguard filters family. Simplified domain names filter is composed of several filters (English filter, Social media filter, Spyware filter, Mobile ads filter, EasyList and EasyPrivacy), modified for better DNS filtering. It blocks ads and trackers wherever it is possible to indicate own DNS addresses. Note that it will block the whole domains and not the specific URLs. You can learn more about DNS blocking by visiting our website

    [Changed] "Filter DNS requests" feature is now available for non-premium users #875

    With Adguard DNS introduced and being free, there is no point in keeping this Adguard for Android feature paid. Now it will be equally accessible for all users alike. There is still plenty of good stuff in the Premium version of the app :)

    [Added] low-level flag #907

    This option will allow rooted users to automate removing Youtube app data, which appears to be crucial for blocking ads in it. By the way, in one of the recent articles in our blog you can find a detailed guide to blocking ads in YouTube app.

    • [Added] 'pref.filtered.ports' added to low level settings - advanced users can now add new ports to filter #796
    • [Added] $websocket content type modifier - it will enable to use rules written exclusively for WebSocket connections #801
    • [Added] $important rule modifier #833
    • [Added] Latvian filter list #730
    • [Added] List-KR filter list #756
    • [Added] A new low-level setting: "pref.boot.startup.delay" #776
    • [Changed] Multiple browsers added to the list of browsers filtered by default #757, #808, #862, #922
    • [Fixed] $replace rules can now be applied along with other filtering rules #844
    • [Fixed] $app modifier is ignored when HTML content is being filtered #921
    • [Fixed] HTML filtering rules with wildcard attribute can not be parsed #917
    • [Improved] Users are now allowed to select filters update check period #746
    • [Improved] Increased content filtering rules maximum length limit #590
    • [Improved] HAR file writer, which is used for debugging purposes #784
    • [Improved] QUIC-connections blocking for the Chrome browser #766


    [Added] pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass low-level setting #909

    If this option is enabled, Adguard will ignore all IPv4 connections. This might appear wierd and unnecessary, but in reality it allows to use Adguard as a 'DNS-level' ad blocker. You only need to enable the following options: pref.vpn.ipv4.bypass, pref.vpn.ipv6.bypass, DNS requests filtering and Adguard DNS filter (the latter is not crucial, but will help immensely with blocking ads in browsers). Adguard will cease filtering other apps' traffic, and will only block ad domains on the DNS requests level. As a result, ad blocking quality will drop and Firewall functionality will not be available, but also there will be close to zero performance penalty.

    • [Added] VPN restart feature #733
    • [Changed] Updated default SSL whitelist #843, #848
    • [Changed] Protection is now paused automatically when Bluetooth tethering is detected #791
    • [Changed] IPv4 connections now have priority over IPv6 connections #802
    • [Changed] New server is now used for filters #863
    • [Changed] The way Adguard blocks IPv6 #853
    • [Fixed] Wi-Fi calling for AT&T #817
    • [Fixed] Crash due to "Too many open files" error #834
    • [Fixed] ENOBUFS error while writing to the TUN #724
    • [Fixed] SOCKS 5 proxy blocks internet traffic #660
    • [Fixed] Error processing HTTP/2 requests #850
    • [Fixed] HTTPS connections with some upstream HTTP proxy #839
    • [Fixed] "Operation not permitted" error while processing UDP connection #840
    • [Fixed] Issue with traffic slipping through firewall #765
    • [Improved] HTTPS is now used for safebrowsing service requests #912
    • [Improved] Adguard styles are now protected from removal #913
    • [Improved] Adguard automatically detects when Adguard's certificate is moved to system certificate storage (Helps with https filtering in Android N+) #755


    • [Added] 'Installation date' to the app details screen #794
    • [Added] A Quick Settings tile for Android N and up #767
    • [Added] A low level switch to enforce "protection paused" notification to be visible even when notification icon mode is set to 'None' #838
    • [Changed] Some localizations were updated #919
    • [Changed] Filtering methods explanations were updated #136
    • [Changed] IME (typing) mode for adding/importing custom rules dialogs #835
    • [Changed] System packages list is added to the "Tech info" section of "Android OS" details screen #857
    • [Changed] Apps Management screen is automatically updated when new app is installed - no need to restart Adguard anymore #747
    • [Changed] 'Apps and Statistics' section renamed to 'Apps Management' and brought to the main menu #823
    • [Fixed] Time format on main screen now follows system settings #819
    • [Fixed] Unnecessary exception is logged #854
    • [Improved] Filter editor now recognizes lines starting with "!" as commentaries in user-imported filters #759

    Minor and compatibility issues

    Lots of other minor issues and compatibility fixes. The full list can be found in our GitHub repository inside the descriptions of previous beta versions.

    Briefly about new Adguard for Windows version: Stealth Mode got new useful options, userscripts work better now, ad blocking became more advanced and our network drivers - more stable. All the details are below.

    Stealth Mode

    [Added] "Self destructing cookies" option in Stealth Mode #678

    Previously Stealth Mode module provided only the option to completely block third-party cookies. Now you will not only have an ability to differ first- and third-party cookies, but also the ability to set the exact time which cookies will be kept alive for. Important note: you can still block cookies alltogether, just set the keep-alive time to '0'.

    [Added] Added an option to block "Browser location API" #139

    [Added] Added an option to block "Browser notifications API" #1121

    Normally browsers may detect your location and use this information to prioritize specific search results or make other various suggestions based on it. With browser location API blocked this will be impossible.

    Blocking browser notifications API feature works somewhat similar, but rather prevents browser from showing things like news or social media frames that pop-up in the corner of your browser.


    [Improved] Content injection algorithm #1099

    We completely redesigned content injection algorithm. First and foremost, this should solve issues with scripts that start when the page opens, resolve some of the known conflicts (AdsBypasser, YouTube+), and also optimize usage of scripts and ad blocker styles. Overall, a technical, but very important change.

    [Added] Userscripts handling #1172

    We adopted a new way of handling user.js (userscript) files. Now Adguard will automatically detect when user.js file was processed. If it is a valid userscript, Adguard will open a dialog window, offering user to install it. Of course, this setting will be optional and possible to turn off through settings.


    [Added] Hebrew localization, Dutch localization #1076, #1063

    We continue to make Adguard more easily accessible for users all over the world. This time we add two more new localizations and fix some mistakes in already existing ones.


    [Improved] Network SDK was updated #1179

    In reality, this implies many various fixes that concern our network drivers. It would be hard to list them all here, and most of them are rather technical anyway. For example, the WFP driver - Windows Defender compatibility issue was addressed.

    Ad Blocking

    [Added] Support for extended selectors #1225

    This is a technical term, but what hides behind it? With extended selectors support, we can much more easily create some rules that were very, very hard to create earlier. Notably, this concerns rules required to block such things as 'Sponsored posts' on Facebook.

    [Added] Extended CSS support

    This is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a module for applying CSS styles with extended selection properties. Basically, it means that we will be able to select and, therefore, block some elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. Currently we support following pseudo-classes: -ext-has (:has), -ext-contains (:contains), [-ext-matches-css (:matches-css).


    Dozens of minor fixes and improvements.

    Hi! We can't wait to tell you about new Adguard for Android version!

    It has a little bit for everyone. If you like to have everything under control and customize filtering for every app, check out new settings section - 'Apps & Statistics'. It is much easier now to make your apps behave exactly as you want them to.

    For custom filter rules enthusiasts we have a new modifier: $app. Create rules that affect only one specific app, or all other apps except for it.

    Those who use Android N devices will save a lot of nerves now - new version of Adguard automatically detects if an app is created specifically for Android N, which allows to avoid many problems (this affects some other potentially problematic apps too).

    And everybody will notice a general increase in quality. Many bugs were fixed, many useful changes were made. All details are in the changelog below.


    [Added] ‘Apps & Statistics’ settings section #633

    We decided to seriously redesign our Firewall section. There will be no more ‘Apps & Settings’ sub-section inside ‘Firewall’. Instead, we introduce a whole new first-level section named ‘Apps & Statistics’. It very much resembles the now gone ‘Apps & Settings’ but has some differences. For example, we got rid of ‘global’ switches - these buttons were too misleading.

    Also, you can now disable network access when the screen is off, and you can configure it for each app separately. Not only new connections are not allowed when this option is enabled, but also all existing connections are terminated when the screen goes off.

    Another big change is disposal of exclusions lists. Now you can simply add an app to exceptions through the ‘Apps and Statistics’ screen. There are other changes too, and we will not list them all here. We believe the new layout is more intuitive and you will have no troubles navigating through it.

    Important note: this is not yet a big redesign we plan to do in Adguard 3.0. Only the tip of the iceberg :)

    • [Added] An option to browse for a file to import user filter #120
    • [Added] A notification to inform user of expiring license #606
    • [Added] New localizations: Slovak & Norwegian Bokmål #688, #717
    • [Changed] Disabled vibration and sound for Adguard notifications #205
    • [Changed] Instead of stopping protection on settings change, a toast message is showed #667
    • [Changed] When user changes default firewall settings, ask him if he wants to reset per-app settings #675
    • [Changed] Show notification when VPN is revoked #672
    • [Changed] Adguard now counts DNS traffic towards a special “virtual” package named “DNS” #668
    • [Changed] Made some minor UI enhancements #684, #685, #687, #692, #697, #698, #700, #721, #726
    • [Fixed] Adguard closes if you swipe it with ‘No icon’ notification setting #662
    • [Fixed] An issue with Samsung’s buggy firmware (messed notification sounds) #716
    • [Improved] Premium features description #669
    • [Improved] UI accessibility for a visually impaired users #519

    Ad Blocking

    [Added] $app modifier #544

    This modifier will be useful for advanced users who create their own custom rules. It allows both blocking ads in a specific app and blocking ads everywhere except for that app. For example, Facebook uses same domains for both ads and useful stuff. This modifier allows to block facebook ads in other apps without breaking the Facebook app itself.

    [Fixed] Detect if app targets Android N #653

    Due to Android N security policy, HTTPs filtering is impossible for apps developed specifically for Android N, or other apps where user-installed certificates are not trusted. Previously that could lead to errors and app crashes. Now Adguard detects if app targets Android N and does not filter HTTPS for such apps.

    • [Added] RoList filter to the list of supported filters #523
    • [Changed] Several browsers were added to the list of filtered by default #708, #731
    • [Fixed] Disabling filtering for “Android OS” now fully excludes OS packages from the VPN #732
    • [Improved] Added support for the :style pseudo class syntax #701
    • [Improved] Modified $empty modificator behavior to improve filtering #677
    • [Improved] Increased content filtering rules maximum length limit #590


    • [Changed] Allowed DNS requests for root user #535
    • [Fixed] An issue when allowed apps couldn’t connect when DNS was blocked #714, #720
    • [Fixed] SSL whitelist no more can be applied to random domains #738
    • [Fixed] Resolved shadowing of our Apache commons classes by old versions shipped in Android #709
    • [Improved] All our requests are now more secure with SSL/TLS #611


    • [Added] Automatic protection restart after Adguard update #725
    • [Fixed] Self killing on update #696


    From now on it will be much easier for users to add any app to exclusions. No need to go to low-level settings anymore, just open the apps screen in ‘Apps and Statistics’ and add it to exclusions from there.

    Following compatibility issues were fixed:

    • Ad blocking interferes with videos in news app #711
    • Upload doesn’t work for Yandex Disk #736
    • Samsung Battery Saving mode #378, #656
    • HTC battery optimization #536
    • Sync for Reddit app #645
    • Cortana voice app #661
    • Lazada app #680
    • Smart appointments in Google Calendar #658

    Following apps were added to exclusions due to problems caused by filtering:

    Idealo, Mountainview, Itau, Yik Yak, Box, Jet, MeetMe, MoovIt, Waze, Prisma, Grindr, Romeo Uncut, SwiftKey, S Voice, Goes,,, Coursera, Astana Bank, Google Now, Yandex Navigator, Heetch, TomTom Go Mobile, Amazon apps, some banking apps

    (Issues: #673, #729, #641, #516, #642, #676, #612, #528, #492, #733, #715, #710, #702, #712, #686, #679, #674, #659, #655, #650, #637, #584, #447, #624, #647)

    Hello! Last Adguard for Mac version was released in February, so we felt a bit guilty and decided to release a new one :) There is quite a bit of various fixes and changes here, as you can see in the changelog below, but the most important, or rather the most impactful ones, are those that affect performance - specifically, we mean #88 and #91 (you can find more detailed description for these changes below). Overall, Adguard will become faster now, and thanks to the better performance, Adguard will now consume significantly less battery resourse. But not only that, for example, we drastically improved browsing of some of the most problematic websites when IPv6 is enabled (#93).

    Ad blocking

    [Improved] Basic filtering rules processing speed was optimized #91

    Optimizing basic filtering rules processing is very important since basic rules are the most resourse-consuming among all. This change will result in Adguard working faster and spending less resourses.

    • [Changed] $replace rules now have higher priority than other basic rules #49
    • [Changed] Origin is used as Referer for requests Referer isn't defined for #84
    • [Fixed] Adguard crash because of huge data: URLs #81
    • [Fixed] Adguard does not ignore "base" tag "href " attribute while constructing absolute URL any more #80
    • [Fixed] Websites can't be broken any more because of invalid HTML inside a "noscript" tag #79
    • [Fixed] Error previously occuring when parsing a style tag with embedded svg #76
    • [Fixed] Adguard can now detect HTML if there is an xml declaration at the document start #83
    • [Fixed] Wrong HTML content detection #71
    • [Fixed] filtering issue #105
    • [Improved] Increase content filtering rules maximum length limit #101


    [Changed] Connections are not kept alive for too long now if 'HTTP keep alive' timeout is specified #88

    Previously the 'keep-alive' time for connections was higher, and Adguard consumed more battery resourse than it should. Now, when we lowered the connections 'keep-alive' time, the resourse consumption during the 'idle time' will be significantly lower as well.

    • [Changed] Webdav methods are supported now (specifically REPORT) #85
    • [Changed] Rewritten mechanism of checking the websites availability #93
    • [Fixed] After blocking a POST request, next request is read only when data was read to end #68
    • [Fixed] Adguard prevents UDP traffic on 443 port #90
    • [Fixed] Adguard fails to detect HTML on some websites #100

    UI changes

    [Added] A notification that is shown if user unchecks the "Filter https protocol" box #65

    Languages and Translations

    [Added] Finnish language #63

    Minor issues

    • [Added] Support for complex language codes #78
    • [Changed] Increase idle connection timeout to 10 minutes #102
    • [Fixed] Problem with Adguard start after motherboard replacement #77
    • [Fixed] Wrong information in Adguard's filtering log #75
    • [Fixed] Added description of the status code in filtered HTTP response #74
    • [Fixed] Spelling issue #73
    • [Fixed] Occasional app crash when user attempts to view Adguard Program Log #66
    • [Fixed] Apps crash #67
    • [Fixed] Adguards code is no more injected into noscript tag #64
    • [Fixed] Major battery resourse consumption on Mac #52

    Hello everyone!

    It feels like we were releasing version 2.5 just yesterday, and yet we are ready to present to you a new one: Adguard for Android v.2.6!

    You will find quite a lot of improvements and new features there. Last version introduced HTTPs filtering, and in this one we made it faster by A LOT :) Now it is so much faster and more stable.

    Also, our users get the ability to configure which DNS servers to use with DNS filtering, compatibility with other apps is improved, UI unergoes some tweaks, new filters are added to make filtering more comfortable... and much more!

    Ad Blocking

    [Added] Annoyances filter: #594

    We have decided to create a new separate filter for irritating elements that disturb users or interfere with web surfing. As you may know, we already have a Social media filter that removes numerous social media widgets and different buttons – “Like”, “Share”, “Tweet” etc. (we are sure you have noticed how many of them are on certain websites). Our new filter will go further in making your surfing even more comfortable. You can learn more about it in our blog:

    [Added] Custom DNS servers: #139

    With Adguard you can now override system DNS settings and use any DNS servers you like. Just as with proxy settings, Android does not allow you to do it when you are on mobile data, so Adguard is your only option. To do it: go to Settings - Advanced - Low-level settings - tap pref.vpn.dns and enter preferred DNS servers addresses (one per line).

    Other changes

    • [Added] Korean Adblock list: #556
    • [Added] Fanboy’s Swedish filter: #627
    • [Added] Fanboy’s Vietnamese filter: #589
    • [Added] LastPass app added to the browsers list: #476
    • [Fixed] Improved ad blocking in Youtube app: #573
    • [Fixed] Adguard fails to detect HTML on some websites: #554


    [Added] Upstream proxy settings: #51

    One of the most asked questions about Adguard is “can I use it with another VPN?”. The usual answer was “no, you can’t have two VPN running together (unless you have root and use AG in proxy mode)”. We are very excited to announce that we have brought a new solution suitable for non-rooted devices. Does this allow you to use two VPNs at the same time? No, unfortunately this is still impossible. However, most popular VPN providers allow you to use proxy instead and that’s what you can do now with Adguard. For instance, if you are a PIA VPN user, you now can setup Adguard to use their SOCKS5 proxy. Learn more about it here (scroll down until you see “SOCKS5 proxy” link). You may want to use TOR along with Adguard and it is also possible now! Here is a short instruction on how to setup Adguard to work with Orbot: Proxy with Tor.

    1. Run Orbot.
    2. Open Adguard.
    3. Go to Settings - Advanced, open Proxy settings.
    4. Select SOCKS4 proxy type, set host to and port to 9050.
    5. That’s it, run Adguard protection and all your traffic is now going through TOR.

    One more thing worth noticing is that Adguard is currently the only way to use proxy when you are on mobile data. Otherwise Android just does not provide such possibility.

    [Added] New low-level setting allowing to block IPv6 traffic in Proxy+Auto filtering mode: #601

    It appears that in Proxy+Auto mode Adguard cannot filter IPv6 traffic. As a temporary solution we’ve introduced new low-level setting “pref.proxy.block.ipv6” allowing to block IPv6 traffic to public networks. It is disabled by default, so if you have IPv6 offered by your ISP, you may want to enable it.

    [Added] Low level switch for AG to dump HTTP/HTTPs content to a file: #502

    This switch will be very useful to filters developers and enthusiasts. Adguard saves HTTP(s) requests in a HAR (http archive) v1.2 format which can be easily analyzed with a Fiddler app: #502

    [Improved] HTTPs filtering performance: #501

    Another popular question was about download speed drop over HTTPs. HTTPs filtering is a heavy operation, so that was expected. What was unexpected to us is that some services like Google Play may download apps over HTTPs. So, we have greatly optimized the filtering speed. On our test device it has showed an increase in 5-10 times!

    Other changes

    • [Changed] Updated default https exclusions list (almost 1k domains there now): #579
    • [Fixed] Do not start VPN when another VPN is in use: #527
    • [Fixed] Wi-Fi calling in UK EE network does not function if Adguard is active: #582
    • [Fixed] No HTTPs filtering of Google domains in Chrome browser: #365
    • [Fixed] Empty ad placeholders are visible in some apps with HTTPS filtering enabled: #402
    • [Fixed] Adguard does not block connections when an app switches to SSL 3.0: #562
    • [Fixed] Some apps repeat ad requests every second (Play music issue): #511
    • [Fixed] HTTPs filtering does not work for Google domains (Android N): #486
    • [Fixed] Error generating certificate for certificates w/o alternative name: #548
    • [Fixed] Added workaround for update procedure on Android N #634
    • [Fixed] Not starting VPN service on quick network change #636


    • [Added] Default language is now “System” (just uses the system language even if you change it): #131
    • [Added] Added Adguard shortcut for fast enabling or disabling Adguard: #481
    • [Added] Show warning when user tries to set notification icon to “None”: #497
    • [Changed] 1-place widget appearance: #481
    • [Fixed] An issue with Adguard shortcut opening app UI: #610
    • [Fixed] Tethering “conflict” notification is shown every time: #503
    • [Fixed] Statistics detalization for low-res devices: #525
    • [Fixed] Dialog windows width: #557
    • [Fixed] Accessibility problem for visually impaired users: #519


    • [Fixed] Aliexpress: #615
    • [Fixed] Yandex Navi and Maps: #447
    • [Fixed] Wire: #517
    • [Fixed] Sberbank and manual proxy mode: #545
    • [Fixed] Adwords app: #327
    • [Fixed] Outlook mobile app: #560
    • [Fixed] Openbank: #504
    • [Fixed] Samsung Theme Store: #571
    • [Fixed] SimpleNote sync: #540
    • [Fixed] Wawa: #543
    • [Fixed] Yelp (cannot complete a transaction): #603
    • [Fixed] PrivatBank: #567
    • [Fixed] Angry Birds Friends: #546
    • [Fixed] HERE Maps: #530
    • [Fixed] FarPost Кино: #529


    • [Fixed] Samsung Battery saving feature interferes with Adguard: #378
    • [Fixed] HTC battery optimization mode interferes with Adguard: #536
    • [Fixed] License key can be found in the log file: #595
    • [Fixed] Limit the number of license check requests: #574
    • [Fixed] HTC devices power saving mode: #536

    Not so long ago we announced a soon-to-come release of new Adguard for Android version, and we keep our promise by pushing out Adguard 2.5 today. Lots of new features and bugfixes are awaiting you, and some of them are HUGE. If you keep track of our blog, or forum, you already know that the killer news of this release is adding the HTTPS filtering. And yes, that means no more ads in YouTube, Facebook or Twitter - you name it. But there are other reasons to get excited besides it. Read on to find out what are they.

    HTTPS filtering

    Previously, ads which are loaded using HTTPS were ignored. Now Adguard can filter HTTPS protocol, which means that all such ads will be blocked. And these ads appear at many websites and apps - we already mentioned some of them above. To enable HTTPS filtering, simply go to Adguard settings -> HTTPS filtering. Put checkmark besides 'Install certificate' checbox to install certificate, then enable 'Filter HTTPS connections' - all is ready now.

    The upside of this is obviously huge, but there are a couple of drawbacks as well:

    1. You will need to set a password or a lockscreen pattern. This is a system requirement with no workarounds.

    2. You will get a 'Network may be monitored' notification after enabling HTTPS filtering and after each device reboot. This notification, however, can be swiped away.

    HTTPS filtering works in two modes. By default, Adguard will filter all HTTPS connections to all domains, except for domains from the whitelist. The other mode allows you to filter HTTPS connections to the domains from the blacklist only. We recommend blacklist mode for those with older smartphones and tablets, as filtering all HTTPS connections can possibly cause performance drop.

    Privacy and security

    From the beginning, the main goal of HTTPS was to secure your data that you transfer via network. We take privacy and security issues very seriously, and that's why we spent a lot of time to make sure you will not lose HTTPS advantages while filtering HTTPS protocol.

    1. Your network traffic remains encrypted (because all the filtering happens inside your device).

    2. Adguard checks server certificates by itself, and with any hint of danger filtering of this connection will be ceased.

    3. Adguard is not affected by any SSL vulnerabilities which year 2015 was so rich of (it can be verified on SSL labs).

    4. By default Adguard doesn't filter connections with known bank domains and other websites with personal info. Since this beta we fixed a lot of bugs concerning HTTPS filtering.

    For those who want full control and maximum security, blacklist filtering mode will probably suit more than default whitelist mode.

    UI changes

    • [Added] New material icon #203
    • [Improved] Statistics detalization #48
    • [Changed] "Rate App" button was returned to "About" view in Amazon build #232
    • [Fixed] Changed selected text background in the Low level settings to differ from text color #260

    Ad Blocking

    [Changed] In Android 6.0 Adguard now automatically pauses protection in the battery saver mode (unless battery optimization is disabled for Adguard app) #247

    We feel this is an important change. When Android is switched to power saving mode, all apps are cut off from internet. But Adguard VPN was still alive and receiving all the packets from these apps. Now we simply disable protection for the duration of power saving mode. When battery saver mode is off, we automatically enable protection back.

    • [Added] $replace modifier for basic rules #239
    • [Changed] $popup rules are applied to "redirect" responses now #281
    • [Changed] Optimized filtering speed #470
    • [Fixed] Adguard filters "application/xhtml" pages now #477
    • [Fixed] Issue with parser building wrong absolute URL #442

    Added various language-specific and other filters:

    • [Added] "Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek" filter #420
    • [Added] Polish cookies filter #354
    • [Added] Persian/Farsi list #296
    • [Added] Finnish filter #293
    • [Added] Greek AdBlock filter #282
    • [Added] Bulgarian filter #259
    • [Added] Estonian filter #468


    • [Fixed] Telegram app #294
    • [Fixed] Yandex.Navigator #278
    • [Fixed] Sleipnir Mobile added to the browsers list #316
    • [Fixed] VIA browser added to the browsers list #381
    • [Fixed] Fixed Nimbus Note app sync issue #364
    • [Fixed] Zoiper and CSipSimple apps #422
    • [Fixed] Several banking apps were added to exceptions list #414, #397
    • [Fixed] IP Cam Viewer Pro #321
    • [Fixed] LiveJournal app #144
    • [Fixed] SK Telecom's SMS and MMS apps #412
    • [Fixed] Nekto Me app #374
    • [Fixed] GoPro app compatibility with VPN #495
    • [Fixed] Disa app #499

    Languages and translations

    Added localizations to various languages:

    • [Added] Finnish language #293
    • [Added] Hungarian language #309
    • [Added] Chinese Traditional language #277
    • [Added] Bulgarian language #444
    • [Added] Croatian language #494
    • [Added] Vietnamese language #493
    • [Added] Dutch language #500


    • [Added] An option to disable splash screen on Adguard launch #490
    • [Added] Warning for smartphone users about battery stats #366
    • [Added] Apus Browser support #449
    • [Added] Support for HTTP method REPORT #431
    • [Changed] Use Origin as Referer for websocket connections #429
    • [Changed] Make HTTPS whitelist, blacklist and apps exceptions available in "Low level settings" so you can easily reset it to default #457
    • [Changed] Added RelayForReddit Pro to the list of browsers (you don't need premium to block ads in this app) #301
    • [Changed] Improved HTML content detection #348
    • [Fixed] Website can be broken because of invalid HTML inside a "noscript" tag #400
    • [Fixed] Adguard ignores tag href attribute while constructing an absolute URL #401
    • [Fixed] Adguard cannot detect HTML if there is an xml declaration at the document start #428
    • [Fixed] Glitch with swiping Adguard from the recent apps #292
    • [Fixed] Error while opening #441
    • [Fixed] HTML parser should not filter "data:" URLs #417
    • [Fixed] AG code is injected into "noscript" tag #330
    • [Fixed] Error while parsing a style tag with embedded svg ( issue) #373
    • [Fixed] Issue with wrong stats calculated for apps listed in "" #252
    • [Fixed] Wrong Firewall traffic stats #338
    • [Fixed] Fixed a bug with filtering of the apps from exceptions list #252
    • [Fixed] An issue with blocking POST requests and "keep-alive" HTTP connections #332

    A hotfix after last weeks release. Previously there turned out to be several problems, including router page loading problem and other. These bugs are fixed with this version.

    • [Fixed] Indefinite loading of router page #1042
    • [Fixed] Rare problem when Adguard crashes after clicking on tray menu icon #1045
    • [Fixed] Adguard will not crash any more if you switch tabs while have active search on 'Settings' screen #1043
    • [Fixed] Adguard now detects HTML correctly for all websites if there is an xml declaration at the document start #1011

    Good news, everyone! We haven't seen any new bugs since the latest beta version, and it means nothing else but the new stable release is arriving. During the last couple of months that had passed since the 6.0 release we were able to track quite a lot of bugs and defects, which were crucial to fix. So we concentrated on them for a while. Finally, everything seems to be fixed and we are ready to turn on the autoupdate for all our users who still use Adgguard 5.10. We were looking forward to this moment! Even if you were already using Adguard 6 and you are not as excited by these news, you should be. This release means we can finally put all our efforts into implementing cool new features you might have or have not seen in our [roadmap]. In case you missed last beta releases and respective release notes, you can catch up and read about all the fixes and additions below. Most important of them, as usual, are described in detail.

    UI changes

    • [Changed] Adguard uses native-style tray menu now #1006
    • [Changed] Adguard window is now opened with a single click on tray menu #1030
    • [Fixed] 'About' window content is not flickering anymore #954
    • [Fixed] Empty strings are now removed when importing user filter #973
    • [Fixed] Error previously encountered while installing a userstyle #934
    • [Improved] Proxy name validator now recognizes domain names and not only IP addresses #931

    Ad Blocker

    • [Improved] Added $stealth modifier that disables Stealth Mode for the specified website #339 As we already mentioned in our blog, separate whitelist for Stealth Mode is on our roadmap. It is a much needed feature for anyone who actively uses Stealth Mode. We are not quite there yet, but we made a big step in the right direction by implementing $stealth modifier. It works similar to all other modifiers, just add it to any exception rule and it will disable Stealth Mode for that website specifically, even if the module itself is enabled. For example: @@||^$stealth You can find more information about rules formatting on our website: [](
    • [Changed] Facebook windows app added to default filtered apps list #974
    • [Changed] $replace rules should now have higher priority than other basic rules #1023
    • [Fixed] Adguard does not try to filter data: URLs any more #1007
    • [Fixed] $domain modifier now does work for blocking WebSocket connections #998
    • [Fixed] Adguard now doesn't ignore tag href attribute while constructing absolute URL #978
    • [Fixed] Error previously encountered while parsing a style tag with embedded svg #977
    • [Fixed] Language-specific filters are now detected properly from users keyboard layouts #401
    • [Improved] Adguard now can process websites names in punycode when adding them to HTTPS exclusions #962

    Languages and Translations

    • [Added] Support for complex language codes #808 We have completely reworked applications localization system. This allowed us to significantly increase number of languages we can potentially support (this mostly concerns various dialects, alternative alphabets etc.).
    • [Added] Croatian language


    • [Improved] HTML content detection #855 Content type detection was significantly improved. This effectively means that Adguard will not interfere with those types of traffic which do not require filtering, decreasing the number of potential conflicts.
    • [Fixed] Web interface of TP-Link router is broken #844 Some of our users encountered problems with accessing TP-Link routers' interface with enabled Adguard. Upon investigating this issue we discovered a serious issue with WFP driver which resulted in problems with displaying some websites. As a result, we have improved communication with some specific web-servers.
    • [Added] Support for HTTP method REPORT #1020
    • [Fixed] Adguard can now detect HTML if there is an xml declaration at the document start #1011
    • [Fixed] ESET compatibility issue when Chrome browser would randomly hang #899
    • [Fixed] Data is now read to end after blocking a POST request #916
    • [Fixed] Issue with unexpected connection reset with TDI driver #1025


    • [Fixed] Blank dialog while updating from 5.10 to 6.0 #924
    • [Fixed] CMD window is no more shown on Adguard update #935
    • [Fixed] An issue when update errors were shown as valid updates in tray notification #993
    • [Fixed] Adguard now detects Chrome in 'Filtered apps' on Windows 10 insider build #972


  • #914, #927, #948, #946, #945, #944, #1014, #1029
  • [Fixed] Issues in Windows 10 Insider Preview build caused by SHA-1 certificate used for network drivers.

    Let us elaborate a little on this one, since this change stands out as the most important one in this update. Recently we have noticed, with the help of our beta testers, that SHA-1 certificate previously used to sign our network drivers, was in a process of being deprecated. Effectively this means that users of Windows 10 Insider Preview were not able to enable Adguard protection. We have signed our network drivers with new certificates, and now all users will be able to run Adguard without any problems.

    UI Changes

    Ad Blocker


    Languages and translations



    This new version brings a lot of very important changes to Adguard for Mac. Most viable changes are: $replace modifier and security improvements.

    UI changes

    • [Added] New localizations: Serbian (Latin), German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Armenian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Hungarian. #50
    • [Added] User warnings in case HTTP proxy mode fails to start. #22
    • [Changed] Assistant requests are now excluded from 'Filtering log'. #4
    • [Changed] Now clicking on Adguard icon in status bar brings opened Adguard windows to front and makes them active. #33
    • [Fixed] Error previously led to inability to change HTTP proxy port with HTTP proxy mode enabled. #42
    • [Fixed] Lack of explanation text in the 'Enter email address' text field. #44

    Ad blocking

    • [Added] $genericblock rule modifier. #16
    • [Added] $generichide rule modifier. #15
    • [Added] $replace modifier for basic rules #38
    • [Changed] Now $popup rules modifier is also applied to server redirect responses. #49
    • [Changed] Now status 500 is always returned for blocked requests. #35
    • [Changed] User filter is now loaded last, after all other filters are loaded. #41
    • [Fixed] Error in css-inject rules. #7
    • [Fixed] Error in finding the elements path on a page for HTML filtering rules. #17
    • [Fixed] Error in HTML filtering rules – previously empty elements were never removed. #29
    • [Fixed] Improved processing of rules with $popup modifier. #25
    • [Fixed] Modifiers for the whitelist rules now work while filtering content. #57
    • [Fixed] Now $elemhide rule modifier is applied only to HTML pages. #14
    • [Fixed] Problem with basic rules being treated as rules with $popup modifier. #34
    • [Fixed] Template modifier * in rules now takes into account line break symbols. #40
    • [Fixed] Third-party requests filtering error. #6


    • [Changed] Adguard automatically stops filtering of the websites with client certificate authorization. #2
    • [Changed] Browser cache is now suppressed for a short period of time after filtering startup. #53
    • [Changed] For all modern browsers SHA1 certificates were deprecated. #46
    • [Changed] Port Adguard accepts connections on. #5
    • [Changed] Updated default list of SSL exceptions. #3
    • [Fixed] Problem when Adguard caused browser to freeze. #37

    Browsing Security

    • [Changed] A method of domain check with Browsing Security module. Requests privacy was improved. #8

    Compatibility issues

    • [Improved] Compatibility with sites that use the Content-Security-Policy mechanism. #58
    • [Fixed] Blocking of Google Chrome Rapportive extension for Gmail. #30
    • [Fixed] Problem when Adguard extension for Google Chrome couldn't see triggered $genericblock rules. Integration mode works correctly now. #39
    • [Fixed] Safari inability to connect to some websites with IPv6 network configuration. #10

    A new update to the recently released Adguard 6 is available. It mostly contains fixes to some minor bugs we missed during the beta test. You are able to update to the latest version from your client.

    • [Fixed] WFP driver now can be used on Windows 7 x86
    • [Changed] 'Thank you' page removed from Adguard
    • [Fixed] Validation of Parental Control whitelist/blacklist domains is now working correctly
    • [Fixed] Reset settings windows title now has a name separate from its description
    • [Fixed] "User filter" translations are fixed and completed
    • [Fixed] Bug encountered when setting TDI driver as default on Windows 7
    • [Improved] Tools for problem monitoring during installation process

    It is finally time to release Adguard 6! We have put a lot of time and effort into its development, and you will see this reflected in the release notes. A lot was added, even more was improved compared to Adguard 5. New version became much more intuitive in use, functional and diverse.

    • Adguard user interface was completely redesigned. It will now have modern tile design. Compared to Adguard 5, it is much better structurized and more visually attractive.
    • Adguard was translated into many new languages. That includes UI, Adguard Assistant and filter descriptions etc.
    • Window positions are now memorized and restored after program restart.
    • Tray menu is reworked, improved accessibility of different options through tray.
    • New versions interface is much more friendly to people with visual impairment. For example, now Windows screen reader sees almost all the elements of the program – tips, tuning, and more.
    • UI performance and boot speed were significantly optimized, memory consumption was greatly reduced. You can find respective graphs in blog (see the link below).
    • Now with the first launch of Adguard a tutorial will be shown, familiarizing user with Adguard and quickly introducing its capabilities.
    • Updating to new version from Adguard 5 is now possible and will not lose any settings.
    • New possibility to change update channel to 'Beta' and receive all beta updates, including Assistant and other extensions. Useful for those, who wants to always be the first to know about all the new features.
    • A new module was added - Stealth Mode. Back in previous versions we only had a filter against spyware, counters and trackers to protect your online privacy. Stealth Mode serves to protect your online privacy in various ways, including blocking of third-party cookies, hiding IP address and many, many more.
    • Improved support for filtered apps. Adguard now automatically finds software installed on your computer and offers to filter its traffic, this includes modern UI applications. Of course, you still can add any browser (or any app) manually. The mechanism for adding new applications to Adguard itself is completely redesigned too, and now it is easy for any user to cope with it.
    • Filter editor and Filtering log were drastically changed. You will find both fresh design and improved functionality. In the Filter editor, you can see the rules created by the Adguard Assistant, that is, all the rules that you added manually. Filtering Log displays all the requests sent.
    • You can now use new search feature to search the whole program for any keyword by entering it in the text field in the top right corner. We believe this is one of the most useful innovations. Now you do not have to go through the entire section of the program in search for the information you need.
    • Now it is possible to subscribe to any filter by URL or by choosing path to a local file, and Adguard will automatically watch for changes.
    • Extensions were allocated to a separate module which can be enabled/disabled as a whole.
    • Userscripts security was significantly improved.
    • Plentiful additions and improvements to filtering process were made, notably introducing support for new rules modifiers and improving filtering speed.
    • Many more improvements, all of which are impossible to include in these release notes.

    You can read about new version in detail in our blog:

    Ad blocking

    [Added] Added popular filter subscriptions: #0

    List of added filter subscriptions:
    * ABPindo
    * EasyList China
    * EasyList Czech and Slovak
    * EasyList Hebrew
    * EasyList Italy
    * Liste AR
    * Liste FR
    * ABP Japanese Filters
    * Adblock polskie reguły

    [Added] $generichide modifier support: #4
    [Added] $genericblock modifier support: #3
    [Changed] Use keyboard settings to detect default language-specific filters: #0
    [Changed] Improved $popup rules: #7
    [Fixed] A bug with HTML filtering rules - void elements never removed: #4
    [Fixed] An issue with "base url": #2
    [Fixed] Rules with $elemhide modifier now applied to "Documents" only: #1

    UI changes

    [Added] New "Notification Icon" setting option: "Notification without icon": #2

    So now we now have 4 options:
    1. Default icon. Icon and notification are always visible.
    2. Colored icon (only in Android 4.X). Icon and notification are always visible.
    3. Notification without icon. Icon is not visible. Permanent notification is visible, but it has low priority, so it is semi-transparent and placed below all other notifications.
    4 None. No icon, no notification.

    [Changed] Make "Protection paused" a permanent notification: #1

    This change should help with #3. When Adguard pauses protection, sometimes Android may kill it's process and then do not bring it back.

    [Changed] Add a description text for each filter: #9
    [Changed] Change Mb to MB in firewall data statistics: #0
    [Changed] "Protection paused" notification should not have high priority in Android 4.X: #5

    Browsing Security

    [Changed] Changed the way Adguard checks domain: #2


    [Changed] Adguard now checks if IP address is reachable before redirecting connection to a proxy: #7
    [Fixed] Crash when system call is interrupted: #0
    [Fixed] "Filter DNS requests" feature does not work with mobile connection: #1

    We have improved "Filter DNS requests" feature, now it is much more reliable and works for both Wi-Fi and Mobile connection. This feature may drastically improve the battery usage, so I recommend trying it.

    Languages and translations

    [Added] Swedish language: #8
    [Added] Estonian language: #7

    Compatibility issues

    [Changed] Add Link Bubble Browser to the browsers list: #7
    [Fixed] Tethering/hotspot is falsely detected (MIUI, Zenfone2): #8
    [Fixed] Fixed an issue with filtering Boat Browser and Dolphin Browser with add-ons installed: #7
    [Fixed] Viber app compatiblity issues: #0
    [Fixed] Added Firefox Nightly to the browsers list: #6
    [Fixed] Added RT Software Studio's Download Manager to the browsers list: #9
    [Fixed] Added Yandex Browser Alpha to the browsers list: #8
    [Fixed] Periscope app incompatibility: #5
    [Fixed] Add sberbank app to net exclusions: #9

    Minor issues

    [Changed] Compress request body when sending request to support: #6
    [Changed] Improve release notes layout: #0
    [Fixed] Add sberbank app to net exclusions: #9
    [Fixed] Adguard breaks WebSocket protocol: #8
    [Fixed] Adguard requests to a backend server has wrong User-Agent field: #1
    [Fixed] Always return status=500 for blocked requests: #6
    [Fixed] BOOT_COMPLETED Intent is not received at “Restart” or “Reboot”: #3
    [Fixed] Critical Error: Deadlock caused by slow write operations #8
    [Fixed] Download or upload of large files may be broken: #4
    [Fixed] Foreground check does not work in Android 5.1.1+: #4
    [Fixed] Random timeout error while downloading large files: #5
    [Fixed] T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling issue: #3
    [Fixed] UDP connection may be closed before it is actually established: #5
    [Fixed] Wi-Fi direct does not work with Adguard on Samsung devices: #7
    [Fixed] Wildcard's "*" character does not match a new line: #3

    Patch for Adguard 2.1. This patch fixes a few major bugs discovered in the previous release.

    • [Added] New low-level setting "". Allows to change the list of apps for which network filtering is disabled.
    • [Fixed] Problem with filtering stuck at detecting filtered app.
    • [Fixed] Cannot download file larger than 2Gb.
    • [Fixed] [Critical] Wakelock when there are semi-closed connections.
    • [Fixed] Compatibility issue with My JDownloader.
    • [Fixed] App crash while checking if app is in foreground.
    • [Fixed] Disabled update check for Amazon build.

    Multiple TCP stack improvements:

    Previously there were problems with downloading large files, especially from Google Play. It is not the case anymore, you don't have to disable Adguard just to update your favorite app or download a new game.

    Overall performance improvement:

    With recent changes Adguard has become faster, more stable and less resourse consuming. It was possible due to optimization of several 'bottleneck' situations.

    Other changes:

    • Moved firewall icons-cache to Cache folder to be able to clear it from app settings
    • Fixed unnecessary restart of protection in Proxy mode
    • Proxy mode: DNS cache is now flushed on network reconnect
    • Multiple GUI improvement in Low-Level Settings
    • A new preference "pref.vpn.capture" added to low-level settings. If this setting is enabled, Adguard will create the special file named «tun.pcap». It contains all network packets transferred through the VPN. This file is located in the app cache directory, and can be analyzed with the Wireshark program.
    • Optimized Pcap functionality in Low-Level Settings
    • Update channel options are hidden for Amazon builds
    • Fixed handling of HTTP CONNECT requests without Host header
    • Small UI fix on Send Feedback screen
    • Added new localizations: Czech, French, Turkish, Serbian, Spanish
    To find more information and discuss new version, visit our blog.
    • 'Firewall' section added to settings, with an ability to disable it comletely.

      Firewall Adguard

    • Firewall: Added an ability to temporary pause blocking for foreground application

      Pause blocking

    • Added low-level settings that can help with the work in non-standard networks and custom firmware
    • An option has been added to low-level configuration, which prohibits VPN pause when changing the network or disconnecting from it
    • Reworked the DNS-filtering - now it should work even where external DNS are blocked
    • Reworked the application life cycle: now the protection can be turned off/on without any issues
    • Fixed application restart after deep sleep
    • Fixed critical error that led to Adguard restart
    • Fixed a mechanism for identifying modem and access point mode and showing a warning
    • Fixed authorization problem in the Moscow Subway
    • Fixed problem sending SMS/MMS in the AT&T network
    • Fixed an issue with collecting traffic statistics
    • Fixed rare problem with automatic filter updates
    • Fixed an issue with firewall interface on small screens
    • Added support for new browsers: Dolphin Zero, Ghostery, CM Private Browsing, Jbak Browser and more
    • Exceptions added: Handcent Next SMS, Chomp SMS, FarmVille 2
    • Updated German and Polish localizations
    • Fixed several issues in the interface
    To find more information and discuss new version, visit our blog.
    • Added function to send a report in case of an unexpected Adguard shutdown.
    • Added tutorial screen at Adguard first launch.
    • Added OCSP Stapling support.
    • Added localizations: Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Korean.
    • Changed SSL connections encrypting mode to a more modern one.
    • Improved root certificate and private key generation for SSL connections.
    • Fixed Logjam vulnerability (now Adguard doesn't filter connections with weak keys).
    • Improved mechanism of SSL connections processing.
    • Significantly extended list of browsers filtered by default.
    • Now, in case of its absence, Adguard automatically suggests to install root certificate into Firefox to filter HTTPS-websites.
    • Improved way of root certificate installation into Mozilla-based browsers.
    • Improved security of installing Adguard Assistant to web pages.
    • Improved Adguard API extensions security.
    • Confined access to userscripts API functions.
    • Reworked installation process, now Adguard will work correctly after restoring Mac from Time Machine.
    • Improved filtering rules correctness verification.
    • Now Adguard system components are stored in the folder shared for all users.
    • Now upon switching Mac to sleep mode, Adguard closes current network connections.
    • Fixed situation when Adguard won't respond to users actions while watching a video on YouTube.
    • Fixed error previously led to Adguard crash while surfing a website with incorrect HTML.
    • Fixed an error previously led to rules with specific symbols being excluded from filtering process.
    • Fixed an error previously led to shutdown when exiting Adguard.
    • Added the long-awaited firewall feature. Now it is possible to fully control the internet access of apps in different networks. The apps won’t be able to go online and send any data without you knowing. In addition, by using our firewall, you can allow some apps to go to the network only via mobile Internet, while others (for example, ones that require a lot of traffic) – only through Wi-Fi.

      Firewall Adguard

    • Added app traffic monitoring system. You can monitor the consumption of app traffic in real time.

      Monitor the traffic

      Adguard will show you which apps consume resources at the moment, and demonstrate the used traffic for day, month or all-time.
    • Added module for blocking advertising domains by DNS (can be found in advanced settings). DNS filtering consists in Adguard intercepting requests to the DNS server, which let the program know where the particular domain is, at what IP address. If requests to the domain should be blocked, then Adguard returns the special blocking response with a lifetime of 1 hour. During this hour, the program will no longer send requests to the DNS server, so the load will be reduced accordingly.
    • Added Material Design. We have switched to the Material design. Now Adguard is consistent and even more handsome :)

      Version 2.0

    • Added IPv6 filtering support. This protocol may not even be supported by your provider yet, and we have already added its support in VPN mode. Just keep using Adguard as if nothing has changed.
    • Implemented blocking of QUIC protocol in Google Chrome. Google servers are working based on it, and also with its help Google Chrome loads banners and text ads. At the moment, the use of this protocol gives no significant advantage to the user, therefore we decided to block this protocol.
    • Added simplified filtering mode without cosmetic rules. It is useful for low-end devices limited by memory and CPU resources. Banners are also wonderfully blocked, but once they are blocked, there will be “holes” that are usually hidden by some cosmetic rules that are present in other modes of filtering.
    • Added the import function for user rules lists from a file.
    • Added widget for your desktop, allowing one-click control for the ad-protection.
    • Added options for update channel - Beta/Release. If you plan on using latest beta updates, don't forget to check the checkbox in advanced settings.
    • Fixed problem with TCP-stack when downloading large files (in Google Play, etc.).
    • Remarkably redesigned UDP and TCP connections handling, which led to the load reduction and increase of concurrent connections number.
    • Use of system Intents to manage the service from other programs (Tasker, etc.) is now allowed.
    • Improved restarting protection after reconnecting to the network.
    • Fixed problem with sending MMS through the Verizon operator.
    • Fixed sending SMS for T-Mobile users.
    • Added support for NoChromo, Chrome Dev, Amazon Silk.
    • Added an exception for new Opera Max, you can now use it with Adguard in proxy mode.
    • Added new icons for different application states. Our notifications became more vivid and informative with new icons of pause, available update, or when a conflicting app is found on the device.
    • No more status bar colored icon option in Lollipop. In new Android version Google has released a new design requirements, and when we assembled Adguard for the new system while using new technologies, a color icon was “damaged” by assembly tools. Therefore, we had to abandon the colored icon in the Android Lollipop notification (5.0+).
    • Redesigned interface of user lists.
    • Added new languages and updated existing localization.
    • Many small but important fixes.
    To find more information and discuss new version, visit our blog.
    • Added Microsoft Edge browser support
    • Improved userscripts API speed
    • Fixed a bug with saving Adguard Assistant settings
    • Userscripts API usage is now restricted by @grant metatag
    • Fixed Adguard Assistant work in Opera 12
    • Fixed certificate automatic import in Opera 12
    • Fixed some issues with CSS/JS injection in the pages with invalid HTML code
    • Fixed issues with SSL interceptor (connections reset for servers working with TLS 1.0 only)
    • Fixed Logjam (Adguard now does not filter connections with weak DH primes)
    • Fixed a bug with update cleaning Adguard's start menu folder
    • Fixed SSL-filtering in old browsers (IE6, IE7)

    Important notice about Logjam. We do not protect you from it, just ignore such connections. Browser decides what to do with it further. So make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.

    You can discuss the latest version in our blog: here.

    • Important: Adguard extensions API is now protected from misuse
    • Added notification about added and removed user rules
    • Web of Trust extension is updated - fixed an issue when website could hide reputation warning
    • + Added server SSL certificates revocation check (OCSP)
    • Fixed compatibility issue with BitDefender and Adguard's WFP driver
    • Fixed safe search for Yandex
    • Minor UI fixes

    You can discuss the latest version in our blog: here.

    • SSL private key is no more pinned to your computer hardware. Every clean installation you get fresh private key
    • We now better handle TLS 1.2 connections
    • All certs and private keys are now encrypted and stored in a single file

    You can discuss the latest version in our blog.

    * Fixed some bugs with HTTPS traffic filtering (known issue: conflict with Heroes Charge game)
    * Fixed an issue with Android killing app process in case of swiping it from recent apps
    • Added TLSv1.2 support.
    • Added certificate verification in HTTPS connections.
    • Added Ukrainian localization.
    • Chromium added to default application filtering list.
    • Now automatic check for updates is enabled by default.
    • Improved speed optimization.
    • Removed splashscreen upon starting Adguard.
    • Fixed Adguard's work with several users on the same computer.
    • Fixed errors leading to incorrect filtering.
    • Fixed the error when Adguard operated incorrectly upon exiting sleep mode.
    • Improved security upon filtering encrypted traffic.
    • Fixed FREAK vulnerability.
    • Fixed memory leaks.
    • Improved program stability on old versions of OS X.
    • Fixed several errors that could previously lead to app crash.
    • Improved HTTPS filtering, now we can block ads in Skype
    • Optimized programs performance
    • If the protection is disabled, Adguard service now turns off correctly after processing the network events
    • Improved filtering speed of heavy HTML pages
    • Fixed an issue with Android 4 killing Adguard after swiping task from recent
    • Fixed a bug with service autostart in case of wrong events order (if we receive network event first, then boot event)
    • We now use better way to exclude some apps from VPN on Lollipop
    • Fixed an issue with Adguards performance on Android 4.3 SGS3
    • Optimized memory consumption upon loading heavy files
    • Fixed some minor compatibility issues

    You can discuss the latest version in our blog: here.

    • Added Spartan browser support
    • Significantly improved filtering speed of some heavy HTML pages
    • Fixed possible app crash (in case of logging error)
    • Fixed a bug with checking existence of AG certificate in Firefox-based browsers. Now if AG does not detect our cert it disables SSL filtering for Firefox
    • Changed AG certificate generation algorithm (you may need to reinstall it to Firefox after update or to simply reboot the computer)
    • Improved SSL filter, fixed FREAK vulnerability
    • Fixed some minor SSL filtering bugs
    • Several sites added to default SSL exclusions
    • Fixed compatibility issue with latest Bitdefender version and Adguard WFP driver
    • Filtering speed has been slightly improved
    • Fixed Lunascape browser support
    • Minor UI fixes

    You can discuss the latest version in our blog: here.

    World’s first standalone ad blocker for Mac OS X. New Adguard has all the features to ensure more efficient and comfortable use of the Internet:

    • Ad filtering in any browser. Our ad blocker is the first to solve the problem of removing notorious video ads in Safari that other adblock solutions fail to block.
    • Built-in Browsing security module provides protection from malicious and suspicious websites.
    • Privacy protection function is responsible for the safety of personal data.

    Other advantages

    • Filtering Log demonstrates all the processes occurring in the program.
    • Adguard Assistant is an extension that allows you to manage the program directly from the browser.

    Technical information

    Adguard is supported in all versions of OS X from 10.7 and later.

    • Parental Control is now available for any license type including Standard and Bonus
    • Fixed QUIC protocol filtering (that's a critical bug, sometimes we failed to filter Youtube because of it)
    • Added filter rules validation. Now Adguard ignores rules with syntax mistakes
    • Added Vivaldi browser support
    • Added support of userscripts custom menu items (GM_registerMenuCommand function). Press Shift+Alt+M to bring up list of registered menu items (if any). Examples of userscripts with their custom menu items: Youtube Center, AdsBypasser, Anti-Adblock Killer
    • Added TLS v1.2 support
    • Improved userscripts API
    • Fixed work of several userscripts: AdsBypasser, Mouseover Popup Image Viewer, Context Menu Example (Firefox only), File Hosting Download Manager Disabler
    • Fixed compatibility issue with Home Media Server, Geforce Experience, Asus Control Center
    • Fixed incompatibility with ZenMate
    • Fixed a bug with short-living keep-alive connections in proxy mode
    • Fixed dependence on domain availability
    • Fixed Adguard's network driver vulnerability

    You can discuss this version in our blog.

    + Added support of Habit browser and Yandex browser beta.
    * Google Messenger app added to exclusions list.
    * Fixed a bug with local network exclusion. Now local network is properly excluded on all devices. This should fix some compatibility issues: working with local FTP servers, Sonos, Amazon Fire TV, etc.
    * Fixed filtering issue with websites which use Content-Security-Policy.
    * Fixed an issue with proxy+automatic filtering mode on devices with kernel version 3.10.
    * Fixed Adguard filtering in case of using proxy server with port 80.
    * Fixed UI issue when bandwidth saved value is more than 1GB.
    * Fixed Google Play Music compatibility issue.
    * Fixed an issue with waiting for ROOT access on device boot.
    Fixed major bug with filtering of some HTTP connections
    • Fixed a bug with random SSL exclusions
    • Fixed a bug with some URL filtering rules
    • Fixed a bug with Adguard browser extension integration (in case if filtering is temporary disabled by Adguard Assistant)
    • Added 2 domains to default SSL exclusions: and
    • Fixed a bug with SSL filtering in case if website use DES-CBC3-SHA cipher
    • Minor bugfixes
    Added in version 1.1.805:

    + Added limited support of HTTPS requests filtering
    + Added Ukrainian and German languages
    + Tested and optimized for Android 5.0 Lollipop
    + Added support for Naked Browser
    + Added notification icon setting
    + Added new types of filtering rules (regexp-rules)

    Fixed in this version:
    * Resolved compatibility issues with some apps including Telegram, Handcent SMS, Dropsync, Dropbox, Bleep, PAC Console
    * Fixed bug with processing UDP traffic in VPN mode (Bleep messenger)
    * Fixed some app crashes
    * Fixed slow protection startup in proxy mode
    * Improved CPU and battery usage
    * Fixed processing of certain HTTPS requests
    * Fixed problem with landscape mode on devices with low resolution screen
    * Fixed possible conflicts when using the same port number with another proxy server
    * Fixed an issue with processing requests to some domains with multiple A DNS-records
    • New version of Adguard network drivers
    • Added Maxthon Nitro support
    • Added support for Regexp-rules
    • Added new API GreaseMonkey functions for better userscripts support
    • Fixed an issue with a long delay when adding rules by Assistant
    • Now, even when the Parental Control sensitivity level is disabled, black and white lists continue to work
    • Fixed program crashes when working with tray
    • When using TDI driver Teredo is no longer disabled
    • Fixed bug reports in IE8
    • Fixed several localization bugs
    • Parental control now blocks access to unsafe sites even when the sensitivity level is disabled
    After a month of open beta testing, we finally announce the first official release of Adguard for Android. Many thanks to all who helped us in testing the app. Thanks to you, we have fixed more than 100 bugs for the last month!

    We are not going to stop on that and will continue the further development of Adguard. Please write us about shortcomings or send your suggestions. We are always here to help you.
    + Splash screen
    * Fixed an issue with HTTP/1.0 connections
    * Fixed Google Chrome filtering if "Reduce data usage" is enabled and proxy mode is on
    * Fixed bug with update available notification error
    * Minor UI fixes
    + Added tutorial on app first run
    + Added unsupported browsers detection
    * Fixed slow page load on some devices
    * Fixed service restart issues
    * Fixed lots of minor bugs
    + Adguard in proxy mode now can be used along with Opera Max and DrWeb
    + Added new questions to FAQ
    * Fixed handling of the situation when VPN is not supported
    * Fixed app crash in proxy mode
    * Fixed an issue with app autostart
    * Minor UI fixes: added new dialog on first VPN startup
    * Memory usage has been significantly reduced
    * Improved filtering speed and protection initialization speed
    * Fixed bug with unexpected protection shutdown (in proxy mode mostly)
    * Fixed compatibility issues with Viber, Okko and Mobilism apps
    * Fixed compatibility issues with Youtube and Play apps and manual proxy mode
    * Improved update process in standalone app version (apk)
    * Fixed lots of minor bugs
    * Fixed crash caused by downloading huge files in VPN mode
    * Fixed filtering of Opera Classic
    * Minor UI fixes
    * Fixed vpn autorestart issue
    * Fixed app update
    * Fixed HTTP keep-alive issue with POST requests
    + Added trial period
    + Added "Errors only" logging level
    * Fixed bug with Adguard start even if protection was not enabled
    * Fixed major bug with HTTP keep-alive connections
    * Fixed lots of minor bugs
    Open beta-version of Adguard for Android
    • Improved ad filtering
    • New Adguard webpages style (pages you see when request is blocked by Browsing Security or Parental Control)
    • Fixed tray menu position on PC with two displays
    • Fixed extensions work on websites using custom ports

    Short list of important changes: greatly reduced memory usage, we introduced convenient addition of new ad filters, integration with WoT is now a separate extension, added support for new browsers, fixed conflicts with popular programs and defects in the processing of requests and more.

    Memory usage reduction

    We have significantly optimized memory usage in 5.10. Now, even if you use an old computer or a weak netbook, Adguard will work silently in a background without slowing down your device. We compared memory footprint with the one of the preceding version. And we must say 5.10 showed a result several times lower.

    More ad filters

    In addition, Adguard has became an even more comprehensive program. Now users can install any ad filters. What does it mean? In addition to the filters that are already installed in Adguard by default, you can add third-party ones, such as a list of filters that allow Adguard to block ads in different segments of the Internet - websites in different languages, in particular. All of this can be done directly in the program, simply by selecting a filter you want and clicking on the "Add selected" button.

    Displaying the possible danger

    Integration with Web of Trust is now brought out in the separate extension, which can be disabled. Also a warning when visiting a suspicious website has changed. With the help of WoT, our Adguard is able to notify you instantly about the reputation of websites and show the reasons for which the site is considered to be suspicious. "Categories of suspicion" can be, in particular: scam, potentially illegal, misleading claims or unethical, poor customer experience, privacy risks and others.

    Other changes in version 5.10:
    • Added support for CSS injection rules. It gives us more flexible options for high-quality elements blocking.
    • Ability to edit the source code of userscripts. Now you can customize any script you like, you can find more about what it is and how to install it here.
    • Updates are checked only for the enabled userscripts.Thus we update only those scripts that you actually use. Why spend the extra traffic?
    • Extensions that do not use external resources are returned to the "default." Now you have the opportunity to reset the extensions and return websites to their original state.
    • Added a configuration of exceptions for secure (HTTPS) sites filtering. Adding https websites to exceptions in order for Adguard to not filter it, used to be impossible.
    • Increased time of filter updates up to 12 hours. Yeah, longer but of better quality.
    • Speeded up the work of extensions (including Youtube Center). Userscripts do not slow down websites now.
    Fixed in new version:
    • Fixed conflicts with Visual Studio, Tor Browser, Keepass.
    • Fixed slow loading of large js files.
    • Assistant no longer interferes in work of RequireJs websites.
    • Updated network drivers, fixed some small remarks.
    • Fixed a defect with the processing of HTTP DELETE requests.
    • Fixed work of Twitch Chat Filter userscript.
    • Fixed a bug when using proxy authorization.
    • Fixed compatibility error of and Parental Control.
    • Fixed a defect with disabling Adguard assistant via the context menu.
    • Fixed some minor defects of Adguard assistant.
    • Speeded up filtering of some pages (fixed problem with
    • Fixed API for usercripts (thanks to YoutubeCenter developer, Jeppe Rune Mortensen).
    • Fixed rules with the "~third-party" modifier.
    • New versions of TDI and WFP drivers. Fixed some compatibility issues.
    • Minor changes to the texts in the user interface.

    Version 5.9 brings a large number of changes to Adguard.

    New features

    Adguard Extensions

    Adguard extensions

    In version 5.9, there is an opportunity to install extensions (userscripts). They are designed to extend the functionality of websites. How exactly will the functionality be extended depends on the particular userscript. This can be a pop-up blocking, blocking of flash requests, possibility to download music and video from social networks and much more.

    You can learn more from this post in our blog.

    Improved video ads blocking

    In this version, Adguard learned to recognize most of the video ads on its own without relying on filter databases.

    Parental Control

    Adguard Parental Control

    During the existence of the program, we have received many requests from our users about implementing the "Parental Control" in it. Many parents found Adguard helpful, because when using it the child didn’t see inappropriate advertising.

    Finally, in the version 5.9 we are ready to introduce “Parental Control” - a separate module of the program.
    You can learn more from this article.

    Fixed and improved in this version

    • Fixed a problem with high load on the CPU and memory consumption when downloading large files
    • Fixed a problem with the occasional lack of HTTPS-connections filtering in Firefox and Opera
    • Fixed a problem with high load on the CPU and disk on system startup
    • Optimized and speeded up the work of Adguard Assistant
    • Added support for rocket-script filtering
    • Fixed Adguard compatibility issue with Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 for Windows 8.1 x64
    Adguard 5.8 provides the following new features:

    + Improved initial setup wizard
    + Added "useful ads" filter
    + Tor browser support

    What has been improved or fixed in version 5.8:

    * Protection level setting is removed
    * Fixed some minor compatibility issues
    * Improved filtered pages source code readability
    Adguard 5.7 provides the following new features:

    + A more perfect way for filtration with a new network driver

    Adguard now uses a network driver instead of an old filtering module.
    This helped us greatly with fixing all existing compatibility issues with other software products.
    In addition, it accelerates filtration and allows Adguard to filter secure connections.

    + The following compatibility issues have been fixed in Adguard 5.7:
    Internet Download Manager (video downloading issues)
    DrWeb (proper filtration was dependent on the installation order)
    Panda Antivirus (filtration was not possible)

    + Added support for secure connections filtration (https connections)
    Now Adguard can filter secured connections if you enable it in the network settings.

    + Added first run wizard

    What has been improved or fixed in version 5.7:

    * Fixed "Connection error" that occurred if the Adguard windows service started too slow
    * Fixed Google Chrome filtration issues
    * Fixed some Adguard Assistant issues
    * GUI performance and responsiveness to user actions have been improved
    * Fixed icon for Pale Moon in the browsers settings
    + Completely new Adguard Assistant module
    + Automatic program updates
    + Adguard is divided into windows-service and GUI-client
    + Web Of Trust integration – know which websites to trust
    + Improved browsing security module
    + New filtration module for Windows 8 Modern UI applications
    - Some websites rendering problems
    - Slow browsing security module updates
    Attention, Adguard 4 is going out of support.


    + QT Web browser support
    + Sleipnir browser support
    + Extended logging
    + Filtration is enabled on big range of ports (not only 80)
    + In proxy mode Adguard automatically set system settings


    * Problem with no filtration of some ports
    * Conflict with ESET ssl filtration
    * Errors with HTTPS websites in Opera browser
    * Problem with Opera's periodical slowdown
    * Opera Link problem
    * Some problems with flash games
    * Maxthon favourites synchronization problem
    * Errors that occurred while loading some pages
    * Some minor fixes

    + Completely resolved the filtration speed issues
    + Simple SSL-traffic filtering
    + New network filtering algorythm
    + Extended filter rules
    + Waterfox browser support

    - Fixed the problem with the synchronization of bookmarks in Maxthon with an active protection
    - Fixed displaying issues with some of the web-sites:,, & etc
    - Small bugfixes and optimizations

    + Automatic detection of the suitable filters
    + Japanese language and filter
    + German language and filter
    + Spanish language and filter
    + Portuguese language and filter
    + Dutch filter


    * Problem with very slow first request (just after Adguard has been started)
    * Increased filtration speed
    * Minor bug fixes

    + A completely reworked user interface with multilingual support
    + Added an experimental filter based on Collective Intelligence, a system that continuously collects and analyzes submissions from the community of Adguard users around the world
    + Now supports even more browsers: Palemoon, Nichrome, Yandex.Internet
    + Added ability to save user settings on uninstall
    + Added German filter
    + Added Windows 8 support
    + Ad Blocker and Browsing Security modules now keep their states between restarts
    + Users are now able to report false positive alarms in support section
    + The official site has moved to


    * Improved the filtration speed
    * Fixed critical flaws of the previous version
    * Fixed compatibility problems with third parties software
    * Fixed behavior of the “Skip” button in the messages about the new versions
    * Fixed encoding errors on some websites
    * Fixed positioning problems for the cases when system’s font is increased
    * Minor bug fixes
    Fixed some bugs
    Fixed some bugs
    * Web pages loading speed
    * Filters updating speed

    New features of Adguard assistant:
    * Can block almost any element selected on the webpage (in all modern browsers)
    * Fixed some minor bugs
    * Add new function: "Undo last added rule"
    Fixes for bugs of version 4.2

    * Handling redirects and cached responses
    * Storing phishing and malware data, db is much smaller now

    * Problem with determining web page encoding when HTML is invalid
    * Problem with parsing some scripts
    * Minor UI fixes
    Large update. New functional added.

    New functional:
    + Phishing and malware protection. Includes multiple filters:
    + Adguard phishing and malware filters
    + Google Safe Browsing phishing and malware filters

    + 64-bit browsers support
    + Improved traffic filtering
    + Improved edit subscriptions dialog

    * Problem with CSS-rules in Internet Explorer 9
    * Some problems with adguard assistant in Opera and Internet Explorer
    * Problem with adding empty rule to "My Filter"
    * Some minor UI fixes
    + Multi-user environment support
    + Checkbox for enabling/disabling My Filter rules
    + "Ignore this version" button in update dialog
    + Possibility to send system diagnostics report to our support service
    * Problems with several flash games and applications
    * Improved support section of the program
    * Problems with encoding of in Firefox
    * Minor fixes in html parser
    + Filters subscription mechanism
    + Added "Advanced settings" section
    + "Reset key" button
    * Speeded up application startup
    * Some "Adguard assistant" bugs
    * Some popup blocker bugs
    * Fixed problem with using local proxy servers
    + Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta support
    + New filter rule wizard
    + MyIE browser support
    + Possibility to reset statistics (from the context menu)
    + Possibility to reset license key
    + Optimized "Support" section of Adguard window
    * Minor UI fixes
    * Minor parser fixes
    + Orca browser support
    * Working through SSL in case of using external proxy server
    * Some minor fixes
    + Export and import of the user filter
    * Problem with Opera with enabled Expect100Continue configuration setting
    * Uploading of big files
    * Optimized "Log" section work
    * Some minor fixes
    * Problems with POST http requests
    + "Adguard assistant" allowing user to add complex filter rules
    + Optimized filtration speed
    + Added support of five browsers: Flock, SRWare Iron, Lunascape, K-Meleon, GreenBrowser
    + Optimized HTML filtration rules
    + New options for exception rules
    + Added "Connection: keep-alive" http header support
    + Added bandwith saved counter
    + Added tooltips for Adguard window elements
    * Problems in Adguard work in case of serveral users
    * Problems with chats (continious iframe)
    * Optimized filter rules for blocking social networks widgets and spyware
    * Problems with NTLM authorization
    + Blocking social networks widgets and spyware
    + New options for filtering HTML content
    * Problem with Windows Media Player browser plugin
    * Problem with loading images in Internet Explorer
    + "Filters" section. Enabling/disabling of the standard filter.
    + Possibility to create your own filter rules
    + "Log" section
    + Optimized filtration speed
    + Blocking banners of standard sizes
    + Program files are signed with code certificate
    * Problem with using online radio
    * Problem with applications on the
    * Problem with Adguard application in case of sereral Windows users
    * Problem with opening several sites in Opera browser
    + Adguard filtration speed up
    + Now it can filter javascript files loading to the page
    * Problem with uploading big files
    * Problem with filtering javascripts using regular expressions
    * Problem with
    * Error with in Mozilla Firefox
    + Adguard is now automatically activated after purchasing the license key (you just need to restart it)
    * problem with Internet Explorer
    * problem with UAC in Vista/7
    * problem with working through proxy server
    * error rendering sitez compressed with x-gzip in Opera
    + program rendering speed up
    + feedback form on the "Protection" section of Adguard
    The program is completely redesigned from scratch.
    New attractive design. Better filters database.
    Added two new blocking methods:
    * Element hiding
    * Filtering HTML content on the fly
    Computer does not need to be restarted after
    Adguard installation.