AdGuard for iOS Pro

AdGuard Pro has much to offer on top of the excellent iOS ad blocking in Safari already known to the users of the regular version. By providing access to custom DNS settings, the app allows you to block ads, protect your kids from adult content online, and safeguard your personal data from theft.
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Starting from Android 9 and iOS 11, QR code scanning is supported by default Camera apps. Open your Camera app and line up the QR code with the phone’s camera frame.
Why AdGuard Pro?
Blocks ads everywhere
Not many people know that you can use custom DNS settings to block advertisements. Use AdGuard Pro iOS ad blocker to set up DNS and not only enjoy ad-free browsing but also get rid of some ads inside other apps on your iPhone (Chrome, other browsers, and even games).
Flexible configuration
Do you have a particular website you can't stand? Or vice versa, you think some website is blocked unjustly by your ISP? The built-in DNS request log allows you to easily track all DNS requests and blacklist or whitelist anything you want with just one tap.
Family protection
Not everything on the Internet is suitable for kids. You can use AdGuard to switch to any DNS providers that offer protection for your children from adult content and other inappropriate materials online.
What people say
Average apps rating 9.5/10 based on all user reviews

Best adblock tool for iOS

Best adblock app for ios

Filters list is working great in iOS 12

Used to work with iOS 9.2.1 beta 1.

Best adblocker for ios ! Its a mist have 👍👍👍👍👍

Simply the best adblocker out there currently for iOS.

Use it on Mac and iOS and it just works!

Worked flawlessly on Android and also works great on iOS

Really good app. Thx. Use it on my Mac and iOS.

Make your surfing safer and faster with AdGuard Pro!
DNS & Parental Control
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Default setups
Select from multiple pre-set DNS configurations like Google, OpenDNS and other popular choices.
Family protection
Many DNS providers have special profiles that will shield your kids from inappropriate content online.
Custom DNS settings
Not satisfied with the default options? Add any number of your own DNS setups and switch between them.
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