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How to Block Ads on Facebook

There are three things without which it is almost impossible to start your day: coffee, dreaming about Friday and reading some news on Facebook.  Well, here we must note that we don’t spend a day without Facebook. Where else we can see friends´ photos, funny videos, read the latest news and recommendations? Facebook is too big to ignore: according to the latest statistics, this social network has 1.96 billion daily active mobile users. In total, there are over 2.93 billion monthly active users, and their number increases every year.
But Facebook is not only the biggest and the most popular social network, it is also a huge platform for the promotion. For this purpose, Facebook has a special tool Facebook Business which promises to get in touch with every possible customer of an alleged product. Also, Facebook is integrated with Instagram, so the advertisement published there can also appear in your Instagram feed. 
It's evident that Facebook earns revenue from publicity, but ads and banners that appear on its sidebar do tend to be annoying.  And here comes the question — how to block ads on Facebook, is it even possible to get rid of them? Well, there is no way to block Facebook ads through Facebook itself, because its administration is not interested in it, so there is no official guide to disable them or opt out. 
Even if Facebook ads don’t disturb you, always remember that Facebook always seeks to steal your data. And it doesn’t matter whether you have an account there or not. A few months ago we have conducted a research on the subject. But for those who aspire to use Facebook without ads, there is an alternative way of removing ads and banners on this source, and the name of this tool is AdGuard
AdGuard is a unique ad blocker aimed at removing banners, sponsored ads and other types of ads, also it can protect your privacy and make your navigation experience much better. We have a few products to offer you depending upon which device you use.

How to get rid of ads on Facebook for Windows/Mac users

AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard for Mac knows perfectly well how to stop ads on Facebook so that your opened page will be clear and free of ads.  Also, AdGuard for Windows will protect you from phishing websites as well. What’s more, Adguard’s main function is filtering ads on websites you are visiting and stopping you from entering potentially dangerous websites. It doesn’t matter which browser you use – AdGuard works fine with any website-viewing applications, saving your traffic and accelerating your navigation. AdGuard for Mac is also perfectly aware of how to remove ads from Facebook and can filter other annoying website elements, such as contact forms, online consultation modules, etc. Furthermore, you can try our addons for browsers that turn off Facebook ads as well. As for now we have plugins for Safari, for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Yandex.Browser.

How to remove ads from Facebook for Android/iOS users

Of course, we have AdGuard for Android and AdGuard for iOS as well. Unfortunately, these versions of AdGuard can hide advertisements only on browser pages and not in the applications of your smartphones. But we assure you that AdGuard is doing its best in order to solve this issue, so watch for updates and enjoy fast and secure navigation with us :)

Why am I getting Facebook ads?

Facebook earns on its huge advertising platform. If you are getting ads on mobile app - well, there is nothing you can do about it. It's technically impossible to block ads there. On desktop or mobile browser you can easily get rid of them with an ad blocker.

Are Facebook ads dangerous?

They can be. Facebook not always controls its advertisers, so sometimes you can encounter really harmful ads."

Can Facebook ads cause viruses?

Facebook is overloaded with all kinds of ads. Chances are that you can click on a malicious one and download viruses. So make sure you are using an anti-virus and an ad blocker.

How do I block all ads?

Use a system-wide ad blocker like AdGuard. Warning: You can do it on desktop or mobile browser. Currently it's technically impossible to block all ads on Facebook mobile app.

How do I get rid of ads without an ad blocker?

You can't. The only thing you can do - is to try playing with Facebook advertising settings to make ads more relevant. But it doesn't have any guarantee.

Are ad blockers legal?

Yes. Google the legal battles over ad blocking, and you will see that the right to use an ad blocker was acknowledged by a court order.

Are ad blockers safe? Do ad blockers track you?

Trustworthy ad blockers don’t track users. Download it from the developer's official website to make sure you are using the reputable one. And don't forget to check its reviews and privacy policy.
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