AdGuard extension for Edge

It will not only completely remove all ads in Microsoft Edge, but will also make web surfing a pleasant and safe one.
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How to install
Go to AdGuard store page, click on the ’Install’ button in the opened window and wait for the download to finish. Edge browser will start automatically and ask you to enable AdGuard. If you want to help us test AdGuard, you can download the beta version.
No more ads
Block ads in Edge browser with our ad filters. And if you want to block a specific element on the page - then do it, we also have a special manual blocking feature.
Safe and sound
Protect yourself from various trackers that are all around waiting to catch you. AdGuard will also save you from malicious and phishing websites.
Fighting adblock circumvention scripts
You know how some websites don't let in the users with ad blockers? AdGuard can handle most of the adblock circumvention scripts.
What people are saying
Average apps rating 9.5/10 based on all user reviews

works. edge was unviewable until I installed adguard

adguard works great weel worth the cost as I use Edge

I had a problem with adguard and microsoft edge that forums and blogs could not solve. However a request to adguard support was answered right away and enabled me to make adguard work with edge;

Love this software - Exactly what I was looking for after switching to Win10 and using Edge.

This is an amazing app but they need to add support for Microsoft Edge for iOS.

Using for FF but it is one of the only adblockers that blocks video ads in ms edge too

I can use my computer again after Microsoft forced an update that wiped out my previous security protection.

Microsoft Edge should renamed Microsoft Disaster !

Works with Safari superbly well much better than Adblock which I've now deleted. Adguard is now in my tablets and my Windows 10 Edge.

Microsoft Edge and its interminable adds are now a thing of the past!! It's great to use the different web pages without the annoying adds!

Enhance your web surfing experience — install the AdGuard ad blocking browser extension!
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