AdGuard extension for Yandex.Browser

Unsurpassed protection from ads, trackers and other online threats. Make your browsing with Yandex ad-free and safe!
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How to install
Click on "Extensions", then scroll down to "Content Blocking" section. Activate AdGuard by switching to “On”.
Blocks ads
Say goodbye to all manner of ads including video ads, pop-ups, banners, and text ads. You can even block any undesired element on the page manually.
Protects privacy
Protect yourself from data tracking, spyware, and adware. AdGuard won't let anyone track your online activities and will as well warn you about malicious and phishing websites.
Handles adblock circumvention scripts
There are websites that use such scripts to force you to disable an ad blocker. AdGuard can handle most of the adblock circumvention scripts.
Can be integrated
Our extension can be used with a desktop program (AdGuard for Windows or macOS). In this case, it turns into an additional helping tool.
What people are saying
Average apps rating 4.9/5 based on all user reviews

Peace with Yandex browser 🕉️

Works perfect with yandex browser

A great pairing with Yandex browser.

perfect work with yandex browser. but not working in Samsung browser.

Works as intended with Yandex browser. Can block all filthy ads, ad related tracking and annoyances.

ADGUARD work well with Yandex Browser.. I never get any advertising since
use this app.. TQ

People are stupid. it only works for Samsung and Yandex browser. Read the description before downloading. morons

Use adguard with yandex browser . Blocks every ads and use adguard dns to
block ads in games and YouTube app

A must content blocker , atleast for Samsung Mobiles, bcoz it supports Samsung's Internet browser. And as for not Samsung users they can enjoy the same features using Yandex browser.

Make your Internet experience ad-free, fast and safe - install AdGuard browser extension!