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Internet is full of advertising. And it’s not surprising at all. The World Wide Web is the great place for promotion of goods and services, covering audience of many millions. Almost every web page offers you to buy something, install, travel somewhere, sign up for a language course, lose weight, find your love on a dating service. But we believe that we will express the general opinion on behalf of all users: we're sick of seeing ads on the Internet! Tired of wasting time downloading unnecessary promotional elements. You've probably noticed that websites with huge number of banners are being loaded much longer. In addition, their load leads to the additional consumption of Internet traffic. There is a solution – you can get rid of advertising with an adblocker.
Adblocker (ad blocker) is a program or browser extension for blocking of internet ads. By installing the ad blocker you will get rid of all these banners, motion ads, and pop-ups. Some adblockers are able to block video ads on YouTube and other video hosting sites.
There are plenty of adblockers a user can choose from. They differ in filtering quality and functionality: types of advertising in which they "specialize" or by the presence of the "advanced" features such as filtering of dangerous sites, parental control or security of personal data.
We have prepared our top 20 of adblockers – you can have a closer look on each of them. And at the end we will tell you in what way does our Adguard differ from all of them.
How to remove the ads Adblock Plus 1. Adblock Plus
Type: adblock extension
Supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (starting with version 6), Opera, Android (as separate application).
Initial release: 2006
Developer: Eyeo GmbH
Adblock Plus is the most popular browser extension against ads. Blocks video ads on YouTube, banners and advertisements on Facebook and other websites. Also protects personal data of user.
How to remove the ads with AdBlock 2. AdBlock
Type: adblock extension
Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Apple safari, Opera.
Initial release: 2009
Developer: BetaFish Incorporated
Extension against ads №1 for Google Chrome and Safari, as the AdBlock developers claim, referring to an impressive number of installations. Removes all advertising from the browser and gives you opportunity to enable the rotation of contextual advertising (as in Adblock Plus).
Ad Muncher block pop ups 3. Ad Muncher (abandoned)
Type: adblock utility, adblock extension
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
Initial release: 1999
Developer: Murray Hurps, Jeffrey Cole
Ad Muncher is one of the first ad blocking program and the oldest that still “got it”. This program blocks popups and removes motion ads, banners and other advertising in the most popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Flock, Netscape, Maxthon and Avant Browser. The program is very popular, but has a serious drawback - it is not compatible with the formats of advertising filters of Adblock and Adblock Plus.
 AdwCleaner software for ad blocking 4. AdwCleaner (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Initial release: 2012
Developer: Xplode
Free program against ads from French developers. Specialize on the protection of your computer against adware (programs that fill your computer with unwanted advertising).
NoScript helps you to block the ads 5. No Script
Type: adblock extension
Supported browsers: Firefox, Seamonkey and other Mozilla-based browsers.
Initial release: 2005
Developer: Giorgio Maone
Free extension that blocks pop-ups, Java- and Flash-banners and JavaScript elements.
Popup Blocker how to delete the ads 6. PopupBlocker (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer (version 5.0 and higher)
Developer: SynergeticSoft
Blocker of pop-ups. Thanks to configuration possibilities, you can choose which pop-ups you want to remove and which not.
 AdFender block the online ads 7. AdFender
Type: adblock program
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Developer: AdFender
Program blocks popups and all types of banner advertising. Works on background, accelerates load of pages and protects user’s personal data.
 NoAds - how to remove the ads 8. NoAds (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and America Online.
Initial release: 2006
Developer: South Bay Software
Another program against ads that blocks popups. With the help of settings, you can choose which pop-up ads you would like to see and which not.
Ad Annihilator ad blocking software 9. Ad Annihilator (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer
Initial release: 2007
Developer: Ad Annihilator Software
Ad Blocker for removing ads and pop-ups. You just need to click on banner that you want to delete. Ad Annihilator will remember your blocking criteria and will remove this type of ads in the future.
how to remove the ads Anti-AD Guard Pro 10. Anti-AD Guard Pro (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Initial release: 2007
Developer: Business Solutions
Program that blocks banners and ads. It also checks your e-mails for spam.
Adblock Anvi AD Blocker 11. Anvi AD Blocker (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Developer: Anvisoft
Adblock program that carries the ad filtering on the web pages and does not allow going to undesirable and malicious websites.
Block video ads Block YouTube Ads 12. Block YouTube Ads (abandoned)
Type: adblock extension
Developer: PC-Gizmos
Magically, as it is said on the official website, this extension removes Youtube ads. Developers also offer you to block advertising on Facebook with the help of another pc-gizmos product: Block Facebook Ads.
Block the online ads in browser AdvertBan 13. AdvertBan (abandoned)
Type: adblock extension
Supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox
Developer: AdBan
Ad blocker for Mozilla Firefox removes all the pop-ups and advertisements from browser, including those on Facebook, Gmail and Youtube. Also protects your computer from spyware and counters.
How to remove the ads Pop-Up No-No! 14. Pop-Up No-No! (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
Initial release: 2005
Developer: Elex Technologies
Very simple adblocker that is responsible for pop ups blocking. Apart from that, removes Flash, Java and other motion ads.
Antibanner PopupVanish 15. PopupVanish (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer
Developer: Kalavath Infotech
Program against popups for Internet Explorer. Blocks all types of popups and does not interfere in the browser’s work.
Remove the ads in browser Ad Smasher 16. Ad Smasher (abandoned)
Type: adblock program
Initial release: 2005
Unlike many other adblockers, does not forbid transitions to other pages, but blocks proficiently all pop-up ads.
Remove the ad banners Flashblock 17. Flashblock (abandoned)
Type: adblock extension
Supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Seamonkey and Netscape
Initial release: 2009
Developer: Lex1
Browser adblock extension blocks all the Flash-advertising (motion) that you can view by just clicking the “download” on it.
Privacy protect with Ghostery 18. Ghostery
Type: adblock extension
Supported browsers: Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, iOS and Android via Firefox.
Developer: Evidon, Inc
Ghostery is a personal data protection tool. This extension includes filters against counters and analytical systems and blocking of social network widgets.
Adblock AdsGone 19. AdsGone
Type: adblock program
Initial release: 2002
Developer: A1Tech
This adblock program removes popups, banners and motion graphics ads. It is able to detect and warn you about the spyware.
ad blocking extension ScriptSafe 20. ScriptSafe
Website: Link to the extension in Chrome Store
Type: adblock extension
Developer: andryou
ScriptSafe protects the user from ads and different counters that are tracking your activity in the Internet. Using the blacklist, you can block those websites that you don’t want to see. Developer of this extension does not have an official website that is why we give you the link to Chrome Store, where it is available for download.

Beyond the list of popular ad blockers – Adguard

You will ask: what is so different about our Adguard and how is it better than other ad blocking programs? First of all, Adguard is a whole range of software. And that means you have the opportunity to choose between extensions or a separate program.
As you have probably noticed, extensions and programs, which we described, have certain restrictions on work in browsers. Some are only available for Chrome, some for Firefox. Adguard advantage consists in the broadest coverage of filtered applications. You can use multiple browsers at once - and Adguard will do its job well in each of them equally. Furthermore, Adguard is able to remove advertising from Skype, uTorrent and other programs on your PC.
The second advantage of Adguard: ad blocking occurs even before the loading of a page in a browser. This approach guarantees the highest quality filtering and traffic economy.
You can collect a whole mosaic of the adblockers mentioned above to achieve complete removal of all kinds of advertising – extension to block pop-up windows, the program to remove banners, a program that removes video ads on YouTube... Or you can just download and install Adguard - and it will do all this work by itself, quickly and efficiently.
Adguard has an arsenal of tools to provide you with a comfortable work in the Internet. AdBlocker module blocks ads, Antiphishing protects you from malware and phishing sites, Antitracking is responsible for the safety of your personal data, and Parental Control protects children from obscene materials.
So, let us total all the pluses. Why Adguard?
Works in all browsers
Block ads at the stage of page loading
Removes absolutely all types of internet ads
Has additional features: Antiphishing, Antitracking, and Parental Control
Bonus Fact that we have not mentioned: Adguard consumes less resources in comparison with the most popular Adblock and Adblock Plus extensions. This means that it doesn’t slow the internet that much and leaves more resources for the load you need.
Download free ultimate program for internet filtering and you will see how enjoyable and comfortable will be your web surfing.
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Best ad blocker I've tried This works so good for me I used to use totaladblock but it wouldn't stop all adds and least ad guard will get back to you if you have a problem

DedMachine This app works really well. It does a great job blocking ads on several different types of websites, sites that other adblockers struggle to block properly. I'm impressed with this software so far and I look forward to seeing what else it has to off1

Joahna V The best adblocker, bar none.

Sheedoskie It performs very, blocking malicious and annoying pop up ads that really saved me so many hours just to go into a website, also has helped me had smoother gameplay in certain apps that has literally hundreds of ads that it's basically just an ad app1

Jits I believe AdGuard needs to support other web browsers on both iOS and Android rather than just native browsers.

CarolT I love it. So many fewer ads to have to sit through. Now if only you could get into Facebook.
Thank you!

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