A free lite version of Adguard for Google Chrome

Hi, guys!

We’ve got tons of messages asking us to make Adguard free. So we’ve decied to create a free lite version of Adguard for Google Chrome and keep as much functionality as possible. And today we are proud to present you the result of our hard work — Adguard extension.

A few words about some of it features:

  1. Blocks advertisements from Web pages and pop-up windows
  2. Protects from visiting phishing or malware websites
  3. Prevents advertising networks and online analytics nodes from tracking your activities online as they tend to do.

How it differs from the full version of Adguard:

  1. Capabilities of extension are limited by browser specifics: - Extension can’t remove the ad code before loading of web page into browser.
  • An additional post-processing step is required for hiding ads. This can reduce the speed of page rendering and cause the noticeable “blinking” of a page.
  • Some ads can’t be blocked due to tech specs of extension.
  1. Limited protection against phishing and malicious pages: - Due to the restrictions imposed on the extension, the page is loaded prior to being checked, therefore, the possibility of phishing and virus attacks is not completely eliminated.
  • Checking is done only for the page you are going to whereas in the full version of Adguard, all links from which something is loaded get checked.
  1. The extension is compatible only with Google Chrome.
  2. We do not provide technical support for the extension but you can find answers to all of your inquiries on our forum.
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Mr. Adguard

Wow... you got us! We really can't remember who wrote this article... So, here I am - Mr. Adguard tidying up after someone else.

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