Adguard translations are now public

We here in Adguard have always relied on volunteering users in translating our products to other languages, and we hope so far it proved rather effective. Now we make yet another step in this direction by making all translations public.

How does it work?

Let me start from the beginning. We use OneSkyApp service to manage Adguard translations. Previously, to become a translator for Adguard you had to receive an invitation, and only then you would have been able to actually make any changes. What will be happening now is anyone with an account on will be able to make his or her input - be it creating new translations or voting for the existing ones. When a translation reaches certain amount of votes, it will be automatically approved and then added in the next beta or release version.

I want to be a translator!

That's great! But where exactly do you start? These are simple steps that you have to take:

  1. Go to and register an account.
  2. Go to Adguard section.
  3. Select any project you'd like to translate, and then choose your language.
  4. Vote for existing translations or, if you think your variant is better (or there is no translation yet), add your own!

What else?

We will appreciate any help, even if you only translate a couple of phrases or just vote for the best translations. The most productive and relentless translators, however, we feel obliged to distinguish and encourage by offering a free Premium license. If you think you qualify, or just have any questions regarding the whole thing, feel free to reach me on Adguard forum.

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Vasily Bagirov

Vasily is working in AdGuard since 2014 and started as a helpdesk engineer. Old habits are still alive and kick in sometimes, so he is always ready to chat with users!

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