Black Friday. 50% off on all. It’s that simple.

Today is the day of the biggest sales during the year. And we are not the ones to be left out of it. That’s why AdGuard is kicking off a special 50% discount (for all products) that will last not just on Friday but for 5 days, so that our dear users can take time to make their choice and get the most out of it and the least ads out of everything else.


We reduced prices by half, and the discount applies to everything, should you decide to:

  1. buy a new license,
  2. extend the existing one (and you don’t need to wait until the key expires, you can extend it now, the previous paid period will be saved),
  3. upgrade the license key (for example, make it Lifetime or increase the number of devices).

This promotion will last until November 27. Want a discount? Just click here.

Black Friday with AdGuard will make your internet ad- and tracker-free on all days of the week.

Be safe online. Truly yours,
AdGuard Team

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Valery Yanovsky

Valery has been immersed in Japanese culture from young age, and knows great deal about the importance of inner peace and harmony. Therefore, he doesn't tolerate intrusive and disturbing web-elements.

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