AdGuard for Safari Privacy Notice

May 17, 2024
Keynote: This Privacy Notice lists all the information that we may collect and explains why we do it and how we use this information. We only collect essential information for AdGuard products to function fully and properly. We do not share or sell your personal information. We are strongly committed to protecting user privacy and being as transparent as possible.

What data AdGuard for Safari can collect and when

Here we describe all cases when and what data is sent to our server, so you can be sure that we only collect the minimum necessary for the application to work properly. The information we collect about you depends on how you interact with our application.

Checking for filter updates

To check for filter updates, AdGuard connects to its servers. When it happens, the following information is sent:
  • Browser language
  • App identifier
  • Version of the extension
By default, filter updates are automatically checked every 48 hours. Otherwise, it’s done according to the selected interval, or whenever it’s manually requested by a user. We do not store this data, but we do aggregate it in an anonymous form to count the total number of active users.

Sending a web page complaint

The user can submit a report of a website problem directly from AdGuard for Safari. The app will automatically open the web page and forward some information about its configuration. The user can then alter or delete it. Unless the user agrees to submit this information by manually clicking the “Submit” button, none of this information is stored or sent anywhere. If the user agrees, the report will become public (but anonymous) on GitHub.