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It is impossible to imagine our life without internet. Thanks to the World Wide Web, everyone has opportunities for education, work, entertainment and search of information. We learn something new, keep in touch with friends and family, can make purchases online. But as often happens - when there are new opportunities that facilitate our lives - there is always something in opposition. And today the Internet is fraught with many dangers.

Types of online threats

One of the main dangers should be considered computer viruses. Despite the fact that viruses have appeared much earlier than the Internet became popular, is it the Internet that has become a major catalyst for their development. The rapid development and commercialization of Web opened new horizons for virus writers, which undoubtedly occurred them to taste. That is what the Internet has given to the viruses and their creators:

  1. Commercialization of the Internet has made it possible to earn on each user whose computer has been the victim of viruses.
  2. Vulnerabilities in popular programs connected with the Internet (such as Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat and others) and a wide spread of the Internet allowed the virus writers to strike, by infecting millions of computers in a short time.
  3. Low computer literacy of mass user has significantly reduced barriers to entry into the cybercriminal market. Substantial part of viruses today are not viruses in the classic sense, but malicious programs that use social engineering techniques to achieve their goals.

To date, the majority of computer viruses spread through the Internet. They get on our computers from the infected web sites and through fraudulent advertising network. Sometimes we are opening the door to viruses, when running dubious programs of unknown origin or agreeing to run "flash player update" and "browser update" (which are not updates at all). Today viruses mainly perform many “additional” tasks, aimed at enriching their developers. In their malicious activity, we can identify a number of key areas:

  1. Theft of credit card data and digital wallets.
  2. Botnet activity, such as sending spam or DDOS attacks on popular websites.
  3. Accounts theft in social networks. Typically, stolen accounts are then used to spam in social networks or for fraud (you may remember when strangers in social networks in a strange way have asked you to put money on their phone).
  4. Substitution of advertising and adding ads on the pages that users visit (adware).
  5. Installing of suspicious homepages without asking.
  6. Extortion (e.g., encryption of files on a disk, blocking the computer or the Internet and demanding the payment for the return to normal operation).


How to determine that there is a virus on your computer?

In many cases it is difficult to determine at a glance that your computer is infected with a virus. It may send spam without you knowing, participate in DDOS attacks or send your private information to attackers.

However, there are several symptoms of infecting your computer with a virus:

  1. Computer is running slow;
  2. It reboots and hangs;
  3. Appears unsolicited advertising, where it was not before;
  4. The internet pages you do not expect to see are opening;
  5. The add-ons that you have not installed appear in browser;
  6. Even when there is no open programs, computer makes noises, giving the impression of active work;
  7. There are insistent repeated offers to pay, buy or send SMS, including on those sites where such proposals are unexpected (e.g.
  8. Instead of the chosen page in the browser, an unknown website is set as a starting page.


Let us understand what it is. Delta Toolbar,, Yahoo! Toolbar, Babylon. Familiar names? If something like that was once installed on your computer or opened in the Internet, you have dealt with Adware. Adware are programs that do not perform any useful function but designed to advertise. These are programs that are "encoded" in the browser or the system and begin to rotate ads on your computer. Though they do not bring real harm to your computer, they make it difficult to work on the Internet, make it less comfortable. Settings of your home page and search engines may be reset and some unwanted websites with a lot of ads can be opened instead.

Protection from malicious sites When the toolbar is out of control.

How to protect yourself?

Indeed, there are many dangers just waiting for you in the Internet. They threaten not only the security of your computer but also the safety of your personal data. And although there are cases where virus infection occurs independently of any user (for example, due to vulnerabilities in browser), the user himself often helps attackers to get to his computer. So, what do you need to do to protect yourself and your computer?

  • Have the latest version of your browser and other programs.
  • Do not run dubious software, especially cracks, activators and other suspicious programs. It would be great if you checked the publisher before starting the program.
  • Download and run a program only from official sites, not software archives.
  • Do not install unchecked browser add-ons.
  • Install antivirus.
  • It is advisable to use the ads blocking program.

Our Adguard is remarkable in the way that it is not only a program to remove ads and pop-ups, but also protection from malicious websites and other threats. This work is performed by the program module Antiphishing. This module will block access to dangerous pages that contain possible threats that we noted (viruses, malicious sites, adware, etc.) and ensure your protection.

Защита от вредоносных сайтов

Many users regard Adguard as a complete alternative to antivirus, many of them use our program as an addition to it. In any case, with Adguard your computer and most importantly your privacy is protected.

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