AdGuard for Android

AdGuard is a unique no root ad blocker for Android that removes ads in apps and browsers, protects your privacy, and helps you manage your apps.
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Block throughout the whole system. This includes video ads and ads in your favorite apps, browsers, games, and on any website you can imagine. Dozens of ad filters are available to you and are updated on a regular basis, guaranteeing the best filtering quality.
We value the privacy of your personal data above anything else. With AdGuard, you will be safe from online trackers and analytics systems that lurk on the web trying to steal your sensitive information.
More ads blocked means fewer ads loaded. Fewer ads loaded means more traffic saved. Simple math by AdGuard! Download the apk file, install the app and spend your traffic on things you like instead of wasting it on voracious ads.
It is your device, after all, and you decide what gets filtered and what doesn’t. A wide range of settings — from basic to 'pro' — as well as an Apps Management tool will help you customize the filtering to your liking.
Try AdGuard ad blocker for Android apps for free and feel the difference!
Once you go with our app on your tablet or mobile phone, you'll never want to go back.
您可完全地對於任何應用程式關閉行動網路/Wi-Fi 存取,恰如恢復它一樣輕易地。因此,您控制哪些應用程式可傳送資料。
由於不管什麼樣的理由,不想要特定的應用程式或瀏覽器被過濾?沒問題 — 一次輕觸,然後它被排除在過濾之外。
在 AdGuard 內容阻擋器和 AdGuard for Android 之間的差異是什麼?
The difference is huge. Content blockers in general are not only limited to specific (and few) browsers, but are much less potent in terms of ad fighting tools they have at their disposal. AdGuard for Android, being a standalone app, can block ads in all browsers and even in other apps, and the filtering quality is so much higher.
為什麼 AdGuard for Android 不在 Google Play 商店中?
Google has a very peculiar policy towards ad blockers in Play Store. Basically, it means that any app that can block ads across the device is not allowed there, leaving flimsy content blockers as the only option. AdGuard has been removed from the Play Store as well.
在 AdGuard for Android 的免費版和高級版之間的差異是什麼?
Most likely, you need to enable the HTTPS filtering. A lot of ads are loaded via HTTPS, and AdGuard is capable of blocking them, too. Go to Settings --> HTTPS Filtering and turn it on. The other thing to do is to make sure you use the 'High quality' filtering mode (Settings --> Advanced).
我需要 root 權限嗎?
不,它不是必要的。不像許多其它的廣告封鎖器,AdGuard 可在 VPN 模式下工作,其讓它甚至於非 rooted 裝置上封鎖廣告。
我可將不同的 VPN 應用程式與 AdGuard 一起使用嗎?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to run two VPNs at the same time on Android, but there are some ways to circumvent this limitation. If your device is rooted, or if you only care about blocking ads in WiFi networks, you can switch AdGuard to proxy mode and let any other app to use VPN. Additionally, some VPNs allow the use of upstream proxy (e.g., PIA VPN, Nord VPN) — check if your specific VPN provides this option.
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从3年前就在电脑上用这个不错的软件,没想到手机也有,因为我之前一直用iPhone手机没越狱,现在换成了安卓真的是两种不同体验! iPhone:client; Android: administrator!



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AdGuard for Windows

AdGuard for Windows 不僅是另一個廣告封鎖器,為得到最佳的網路體驗,它是一個結合所有必要的功能之多用途的工具。它封鎖廣告和危險的網站,加速頁面載入且當您的孩子在線上時保護他們。 閱讀更多
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AdGuard for Mac

不像其它的廣告封鎖器,AdGuard 是以記住 macOS 特性而設計的。它不僅提供在 Safari 和其它的瀏覽器中的廣告之防禦,而且保護您免於追蹤、網路釣魚和詐騙。 閱讀更多
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AdGuard for Android

AdGuard for Android 是用於 Android 行動裝置的理想解決方案。與其它的廣告封鎖器相比,AdGuard 不需要 root 權限且它提供廣泛範圍的功能:於應用程式的過濾、應用程式管理和更多。 閱讀更多
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AdGuard for iOS

用於 Safari 瀏覽器之最先進的阻擋器:它封鎖所有的廣告和計數器,加速頁面載入且它保護您個人的資料。超過 50 種過濾器可用,這表示您可根據您的偏好設定調整過濾。 閱讀更多
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