AdGuard and AdGuard Pro for iOS updates

It is almost Christmas, but we are far from celebrating! Today we release not one, but two iOS updates - for regular app as well as for Pro version.

Adguard Pro update gives users more options for fine-tuning the filtering and makes it more friendly towards blind users and users with a visual impairment. Besides that, both versions have become much more stable - you will find all the details below.

General changes

[Improved] New filters server is now used instead of AG backend #200

You might not notice this change right away, but it is secretly one of the most important ones. Now HTTPS protocol is used to update filters instead of HTTP, which will result in fixing several problems, especially the background filters update problem.


  • [Fixed] Adguard does not validate filter text #154
  • [Fixed] App crashes if you try to add incompatible rules to User filter #193, #285
  • [Improved] Rules converter updated to the latest version #275

Adguard Pro specific changes

NOTE: for app to update correctly it is strongly recommended to disable DNS filtering before starting the update.

[Added] Option to block domains with user filter rules #161

With new update it is possible to make your own rules for DNS blocking, so you don't have to rely 100% on our filters. If you want any particular domain blocked on DNS level, just add a rule like this to User filter:


and it will be blocked from now on ( in this case). As an alternative way, you can enable DNS log, visit the website in question, then find the respective request in the log and block the domain in request details.

It is important to note that in the next update there will be an option to block ads on the DNS requests level but without actually using Adguard DNS.

[Fixed] DNS filtering can't be turned on using Voice Over screen reader #170

We continue to improve our app in terms of accessibility to blind users and users with a visual impairment. It used to be impossible to enable DNS filtering using Voiceover - now this problem is fixed.

Remind you that Adguard apps are available on iTunes: Adguard and Adguard Pro. And if you want to take a closer look at what's going on in development, head straight to GitHub: there you can see our plans, find out what we are working on right now and even submit your own feature request or report a bug.

And that's it for today! What version do you use? What changes would you like to see in the next update? As usual, let us know by adding a comment.

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