AdGuard and AdGuard Pro for iOS v2.1.1

I personally really dislike when we release new versions that mostly contain bugfixes and very little other stuff, but sometimes it is necessary. Let's have a quick glance at what the devs have prepared for us this time.

AdGuard Pro changes

Thanks to our users' feedback we discovered a quite nasty bug. It was serious enough that we had to postpone the rest of the stuff we were working on and tried to fix it ASAP.

[Fixed] Full tunnel mode misbehavior #772

This is the main villain of the release. In full tunnel mode, some users experienced network failure after their device switched from WiFi to Mobile data. Only toggling the flight mode on/off or restarting the device helped bring the connection back to life. The bug proved to be trickier than we expected, so we added a new checkbox to "Advanced settings" that serves to enable automatic tunnel restart after network switch.

NOTE: this setting is disabled by default. If you are one of the unlucky users, try enabling it. Bonus points if you let us know if it helps you by replying in comments or sending a message to support!

The rest of the changelog is on the Github.

Changes in the free version

Not much here. Pretty much everything we had planned for the free version is not ready yet, but we still needed to release the new version to keep the consistency between free and Pro builds.

Thankfully, our volunteering translators got our back again. They've been actively translating phrases, and thanks to their effort we were able to update many localizations and even add a new one — Japanese!

Thank you all for using AdGuard, see you soon with an article about the AdGuard for Windows v6.3 update!

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What's the difference between AdGuard and other ad blockers? Do you really need AdGuard if you have uBlock or Adblock Plus? If I had a dollar for every time I got asked this question, we'd probably make our product free. I'd like to tell you the story from the very beginning. It will help you understand not only the difference, but also how and why the key decisions about AdGuard's development were made.

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