AdGuard Browser extension v2.8 release

We are slowly getting back into the usual release rythm, and the honor of being the first AdGuard release of the year 2018 goes to Browser extension! The last bugfixes have been implemented and the new version has been uploaded to the stores.

Note: Safari store is traditionally on the slow side in terms of reviewing and approving extension updates, so it will take some time for the new version to get there. Other browsers' users can already download the fresh version.

The indisputable highlight of this release is the integration with our web reporting tool — details below. Among other noteworthy stuff: ad blocking has been enhanced by adding support for several modifiers; Firefox version received several browser-specific fixes and improvements. Full changelog turned out to be of reasonable length, so I'm posting it here as is:


[Added] Integration with #894

A new convenient way to report any issues with websites, be it missed ads, false positives, unblocked social widgets etc. Just head to the problematic website, bring up the context menu and select "Submit a complaint" option. You will be transferred to and a wizard will take you through the required steps to report the issue — and most of the fields will be even filled out automatically. Try it!

  • [Added] $badfilter modifier support #866
  • [Fixed] shows anti adblock notice #860
  • [Fixed] Errors in the browser console #865
  • [Fixed] Blog link in the footer #908
  • [Fixed] Double scroll bar in filtering log #907
  • [Improved] AdGuard now filters "New tab" windows #881
  • [Improved] Styles protection has been enhanced #829
  • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.9 #906


  • [Added] $replace and $$ rules partial support #864
  • [Fixed] Huge amount of writes by storage.js.temp #892
  • [Fixed] Search option misbehaves on #872
  • [Fixed] Recaptcha is hidden by AdGuard on #880
  • [Fixed] Content filtering rules aren't visible in the filtering log #910
  • [Fixed] #924
  • [Fixed] "Thank you" page switches don't change the extension settings #929
  • [Fixed] AdGuard for Firefox hides iframe with text area on #922


  • [Fixed] Browsing security fails in Chrome incognito mode #905


  • [Added] $important modifier support #877

Did you find the new reporting tool integration system convenient? Were you be able to update the extension seamlessly? Let us know in the comments.

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