Goodbye, Amazon

A few days ago Amazon informed us that AdGuard for Android was suspended on the Amazon AppStore due to their content policy violation. The said policy repeats Google Play store policies practically word to word:

We prohibit apps that interfere with users' devices, our services, or other servers, networks, or third-party apps. For example, apps that interfere with or block another third party app from displaying ads are not permitted.

Amazon follows Google and Apple and basically bans system-wide blockers on their AppStore. AdGuard is not alone; you will not find any other system-wide blocker there.

Just like it is stated in the new Mary Meeker's "Internet Trends" report, "Amazon is becoming more like Google" and this is a logical step for an ad company.

Unfortunately, this step does not bring any good to us, the people. The corporations established their walled gardens so that you watched their ads and shared your data with them. Step by step they're grabbing pieces of your freedom, and this will not end any time soon.

What can you do about this?

Don’t give up! They need to realize that it is your device, your personal data, and it is you who should be in control.

If you were using the Amazon version of AdGuard, it is time to switch to the standalone version.

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Andrey Meshkov

Co-founder and CTO of AdGuard.

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