Safari Release - AdGuard versions

In this version, we fix several crashes and address other stability issues. Also, AdGuard for Safari now supports scriptlets (this is a new tool to enhance ad blocking quality).

[Added] Scriptlets support #151

Scriptlets are a powerful ad blocking instrument. You can say that a scriptlet is an internal script (a mini-program) that we preinstall to AdGuard for Safari, and then execute that script with the help of filtering rules. Putting it simply, scriptlets allow us to modify how the code of the web page behaves. As for the practical use, this helps in many situations, for example, to circumvent anti-ad blockers.

  • [Added] "Verbose logging" option to General settings #174
  • [Changed] The app now opens in background at login #141
  • [Changed] Notifications for background filters updates have been disabled #195
  • [Changed] AdGuard notifications now appear in Safari console only when verbose logging is enabled #148
  • [Fixed] Sometimes whitelisted websites are still filtered #98
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes when you close the settings window with Cmd + w command #182
  • [Fixed] Incorrect custom filter rules count in RU locale #183
  • [Fixed] Layout issue on About screen after a new update is found #184
  • [Fixed] Some crashes of the Mac App Store build #197

It took us a bit more than a month to update AdGuard for Safari from v1.1 to v1.2, and almost half a year to get to v1.3. As you know, if we do something for so long, it's probably going to be worth it. This time is not an exception: on top of multiple smallish but important changes and fixes, we have two big ones. First is the addition of standalone builds, including Beta build. Second is even cooler: AG for Safari now supports advanced ad blocking rules, and this is very unusual for Safari ad blockers (thanks, Apple restrictions). In fact, AdGuard is the only one who does it. Enough talk, update to v1.3 and see for yourself.

[Added] Release and Beta standalone builds for AdGuard for Safari #153

AdGuard for Safari has quickly become a real member of AdGuard product family. And what is a better initiation rite for an app than getting its own beta channel? That's right, you can now get an early access to all AG for Safari updates. How do you do it? You go to GitHub, open the latest beta version there and download the beta archive. Notice that there's another one: a release standalone build (its identical to the App Store one but is distributed via GitHub).

WARNING: Installing either of the standalone builds on top of the App Store version will lose you all current settings, so make sure to save all your custom rules beforehand.

[Added] Advanced blocking rules in Safari #114

As you probably know, Apple is always eager to restrict something when it comes to ad blockers. Safari ad blocking extensions are one of the primary targets, thanks to Apple limitations it is non-trivial for them to support some of the more advanced filtering syntax. In particular, JS and ExtCSS rules. But we managed, and proud to say that AG for Safari will provide an even higher ad blocking quality than before.

Ad blocking

  • [Added] An option to mark custom filters as "Trusted" to get access to advanced ad blocking rules #156
  • [Changed] Safari filter incorporated into Base filter and marked as obsolete #137
  • [Fixed] Adding Custom filter is broken #164
  • [Fixed] Some JS and CSS rules don't work #144
  • [Improved] ExtendedCss has been updated #138


  • [Added] "Сheck for updates" button to the standalone build menu #154
  • [Changed] Clicking on "About" in the tray menu now opens "About" section of UI #155
  • [Changed] Translations have been updated
  • [Fixed] AdGuard for Safari window doesn't open from Applications/Launchpad #118
  • [Fixed] Custom filter rules count is displayed incorrectly #157
  • [Fixed] Filter updates notifications are missing #166
  • [Fixed] Filters update notification mentions only one filter #116
  • [Fixed] The description of Safari extension #181
  • [Fixed] Total rules count is displayed as zero right after the installation #173
  • [Improved] Titles of custom filters can be modified now #143


  • [Fixed] “Launch AdGuard for Safari at Login” option doesn't work #127
  • [Fixed] AdGuard crashes sometimes #170

This update comes shortly after the previous one, so not too many changes here: Menu Bar icon was made optional, some quality of life changes were introduced.

[Changed] Menu Bar icon is now optional #84

In the previous update we made the Safari icon optional; it was only logical to make the Menu Bar one optional too. You can even disable them both if you go full minimalistic 🙂 Go to AdGuard preferences if you want to hide it.

  • [Added] "Pause AdGuard"/ "Enable AdGuard" option to extension menu #83
  • [Fixed] "Allow search ads..." option is not greyed out despite being disabled #102
  • [Fixed] Rules pasted from the clipboard are not saved in Filter editor #96
  • [Fixed] User filter is marked as "Saved" when the app is just started #95
  • [Improved] Dropdown style #94
  • [Improved] Localizations have been updated #97
  • [Improved] Scriptlets and snippets are now ignored properly #92
  • [Improved] Filter are now automatically updated after you enable them #89