Safari Release - AdGuard versions

This update comes shortly after the previous one, so not too many changes here: Menu Bar icon was made optional, some quality of life changes were introduced.

[Changed] Menu Bar icon is now optional #84

In the previous update we made the Safari icon optional; it was only logical to make the Menu Bar one optional too. You can even disable them both if you go full minimalistic 🙂 Go to AdGuard preferences if you want to hide it.

  • [Added] "Pause AdGuard"/ "Enable AdGuard" option to extension menu #83
  • [Fixed] "Allow search ads..." option is not greyed out despite being disabled #102
  • [Fixed] Rules pasted from the clipboard are not saved in Filter editor #96
  • [Fixed] User filter is marked as "Saved" when the app is just started #95
  • [Improved] Dropdown style #94
  • [Improved] Localizations have been updated #97
  • [Improved] Scriptlets and snippets are now ignored properly #92
  • [Improved] Filter are now automatically updated after you enable them #89