Windows Release - AdGuard versions

AdGuard for Windows 7.14
Release date: July 26, 2023
In this release, we have improved the efficiency and compatibility of our app by updating the WFP and TDI drivers. We have also redesigned the tray icons to give them a fresh new look. Finally, we have fixed some bugs and updated Corelibs.



The CPU usage is high when using AdGuard VPN in Selective mode with Ad Blocker and system DNS enabled #4750
Incorrect detection of filtered apps when Browser Assistant is used #4680
An incorrect rule is suggested when attempting to unblock Stealth Mode for a request #4675
Unnecessary filter localhost notification when connecting to AdGuard VPN #4687
The context menu theme for Filtering log does not change when switching the app theme #4628
Finished translating Advanced settings to Russian #4704


Updated the uninstaller icon #4599
Improved the settings icon in the Filtering log to appear when filtering criteria are set #4656


Updated CoreLibs to v1.11.118 #4762
AdGuard for Windows 7.13.2
Release date: June 28, 2023
In this release we’ve fixed the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error that occurred on some devices and updated CoreLibs.



The processUdpPacket causes BSoD #4733


Updated CoreLibs to v1.11.114 #4734
AdGuard for Windows 7.13.1
Release date: June 6, 2023
In this release we’ve fixed a few bugs that crept into the last version, including compatibility issues with NordVPN and Cloudflare WARP, and BSOD appearance issue. And of course we didn't leave out the CoreLibs and DnsLibs updates either.



Cloudflare WARP doesn’t work when AdGuard’s DNS Module is enabled #4692
The adgnetworkwfpdrv.sys caused BSOD #4691
Nord VPN interferes with AdGuard if DNS module is enabled #4673
AdGuard blocks access to domains if the Use Encrypted Client Hello setting is enabled and AdGuard VPN Browser Extension is running #1751


Updated CoreLibs to v1.11.111 #4717
Updated DnsLibs to v2.1.44 #4710
AdGuard for Windows 7.13
Release date: May 18, 2023
As spring arrives, AdGuard for Windows unveils its latest release, complete with numerous new features and improvements.

Experimental Encrypted ClientHello support

Notably, the addition of experimental support for Encrypted ClientHello (ECH) is worth mentioning. This new technology fully encrypts HTTPS connections, concealing server names you are connecting to from ISPs and ensuring complete privacy.
So that you can benefit from it, we’ve added the Use Encrypted ClientHello feature to the Advanced settings section and enabled DNS protection by default for all users.
Note that the Use Encrypted ClientHello feature can only work with the low-level Block ECH setting disabled and DNS protection enabled. The thing is that ECH relies on data obtained through DNS, so in order for AdGuard to receive this data and enable ECH globally for users, DNS filtering is necessary.
For Encrypted ClientHello technology to work, it must be supported on both client and server sides. Today, ECH support is implemented in a limited number of applications. Chrome and Firefox, for example, are in the process of adding it. Here we have no choice but to wait. But thanks to AdGuard, ECH support will automatically work in all apps and browsers on your device.
To check whether ECH is working, you can:
Go to and see if it says sni=encrypted.
How to check if ECH is working
Go to and check if it says SSL_ECH_STATUS: success.
How to check if ECH is on
As the Use Encrypted ClientHello feature is experimental, it may also lower your browsing speed a bit. But, we're currently working on solving this issue.

New Advanced settings

We’ve also added 16 more features to the Advanced settings section. A detailed description of each feature can be found in our Knowledge base. Here we’ll only give their names.
All new advanced features can be divided into six groups:
Anti DPI options allow to modify packets at a low level during filtering to prevent tracking via deep packet inspection
Adjust size of fragmentation of initial TLS packet
Add an extra space to the plain HTTP request
Plain HTTP request fragment size
Keepalive settings allow to configure settings to work with keepalive connections
Enable TCP keepalive
TCP keepalive interval
TCP keepalive timeout
Filtering exclusion settings allow to exclude both Wi-Fi networks and particular subnets (specified in the CIDR notation) from DNS filtering
Exclude specified IP ranges from filtering
IP ranges excluded from filtering
Exclude specified Wi-Fi network names (SSID) from DNS filtering
DNS-related options allow to fine-tune DNS settings
Use fallback DNS upstreams
Use HTTP/3 for DNS-over-HTTPS
Query DNS upstreams in parallel
Always respond to failed DNS queries
Certificate security options allow to check certificates of websites and web services
Check websites' certificate transparency
Enable asynchronous OCSP SSL/TLS certificate revocation checks
Enable filtering at system start-up. Now by default, AdGuard for Windows does not filter traffic after OS startup if the option Launch AdGuard at system start-up is disabled. If you want filtering to be performed even if AdGuard is not launched, you should enable this option.
Note that before v7.12 the AdGuard's service started in filtering mode by default (even if the Launch AdGuard at system start-up was disabled). If you were satisfied with the old behavior, enable this option.
What else? Aside from the regular CoreLibs and DnsLibs updates, we’ve updated WFP and TDI drivers and ExtendedCSS. We’ve also allowed to disable the Filter localhost advanced feature. But be aware that disabling this feature will prevent AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard VPN from working simultaneously.



Added an option to disable DNS filtering on selected Wi-Fi networks #4578
Added an option to disable the Filter localhost advanced setting if AdGuard VPN is also enabled #4586
Implemented the newest TLD-to-locale mappings from the AdGuard Browser Extension repo #4620
SafeVisit was added to the list of filtered applications #4618
When the default settings for displaying queries in the Filtering log are changed, the filter icon is highlighted #4406
Allowed the Ctrl + E combination to open the advanced filter editor of the currently selected DNS filter #4330
AdGuard now backs up UI settings 4404
Added an option to operate the dialog boxes using the Enter button #4526


AdGuard hangs after resuming from hibernation #4565
AdGuard does not automatically import CA for Firefox #4595
AdGuard's certificate is not deleted from the system certificate store after removing the app #4610
After the system starts, the message The app can't reach AdGuard servers appears #4590
WCF communication breaks after resuming from hibernation #4551
Imperfections in the installer's dark theme #4584
The filter editor reopens instead of focusing once the filter editor button is clicked more than once #4619
A DNS server or filter cannot be added via the Add to AdGuard button if Parental Control is enabled and a password is set #4272
Not possible to exit the advanced DNS filter editor by clicking the Esc button #4329
Once the DNS Filter Editor is opened, clicking the down arrow selects not the User rules section, but the filter below it. #4333
The up/down arrow keys do not work correctly in the DNS Filter Editor after certain actions #4362
When attempting to create a custom filter with an already used name, a notification Error while processing the custom filter appears #4437
If the filter rule editor is already open, clicking the Edit button in the User rules will bring up a window for editing the previously opened filter #4438
With filtering disabled for an app, the browser assistant continues working as if filtering was not disabled #4379
Incorrect behavior of the Disable protection for 30 seconds feature after enabling or disabling protection #4535
AdGuard doesn't filter the Craving Explorer browser #4544
If you exit AdGuard and open its settings from Assistant while the service is running, AdGuard won't open #4556
DNS filter rules are not applied after network shutdown #4588
NordVPN interferes with the work of AdGuard if AdGuard’s DNS module is enabled #4673
Upon exiting AdGuard, the Assistant indicates that AdGuard is not installed or misconfigured #4663
Incorrect translation in the updater window #4640
Disabling the Enable traffic filtering option does not stop filtering #4657
The path modifier does not work on #1738
The $jsonprune modifier can’t handle jsonp #1717
Filtering does not work on websites with dot at the end #1741
In some cases filtering doesn’t work on Google-related websites (e.g. #4480
AdGuard Browser Assistant doesn't work in Chrome 113 #4693

Important for filter maintainers


The jsonprune, badfilter, removeheader and hls applied rules are displayed in the Filtering log #4536
Added the $permissions modifier #419
Added regexp support for the $domain modifier #1550
Added the $url modifier #1551
Improved compatibility of the $redirect syntax with uBO #1605
Improved functionality of the $jsonprune modifier #1710
The $jsonprune modifier handles jsonp #1717


Cannot add a new user rule via the plus icon or by clicking on an empty line 4519
The original rule is added to the Filtering log when the converted uBO-syntax HTML rule ##^script:has-text() is applied #1709
uBO HTML filtering conversion doesn’t work properly #1708
Impossible to enable/disable protection when $generichide and $generichide,badfilter rules are added #1681
In some cases the $important modifier does not work #1695
$removeparam exceptions do not work #1704
A correct rule is marked as invalid #1625
The element hiding exception doesn't work if the rule contains ~domain #1673



Updated CoreLibs to v1.11.88 #4681


Updated DnsLibs to v2.1.35 #4683
Added to fallback domains #183


Updated ExtendedCSS to v2.0.51
Changed IAffectedElement – make content optional #163


Updated Scriplets to v1.9.1
Added a new m3u-prune scriptlet #277
Added more possible values in the set-attr scriptlet #283
Improved adjust-setTimeout and adjust-setInterval scriptlets #262
Improved json-prune scriptlet #282
Fixed error in prevent-element-src-loading #270
Fixed xml-prune-related errors #289
Fixed compatibility for the noopcss redirect #299
AdGuard for Windows 7.12
Release date: January 30, 2023
Two most important changes in this release: protection is turned on and off faster and DNS protection is now enabled by default. We’ve also fixed some bugs, updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs, and improved the WFP and TDI network drivers.

Protection is turned on and off faster

We’ve significantly reworked everything “under the hood”, thus improving the app performance: protection is now enabled, disabled, and reloaded much faster. Previously, because of the long startup and restart of the protection, the implementation of rules and other protection features could be delayed or could even cause a web resource to “leak” past the protection. Some connections could remain unfiltered. And after all, it was very annoying for the user to watch the long startup of the app. Starting with this version, it won’t happen again.

DNS protection is enabled by default

Now, if you have just installed AdGuard, DNS protection is automatically turned on. By default, the ISP's DNS server is used, and for security, AdGuard DNS filter is enabled: ads, trackers, and requests for malicious domains will be automatically blocked. To increase security, you can always select a DNS server from the list or add a custom one (for example, a private AdGuard DNS server) via Settings → DNS protection. DNS filtering allows AdGuard to catch ads and trackers even before the browser tries to connect to the ad server. So this update has also helped us improve the speed and quality of ad blocking. On top of that, DNS protection makes blocking “hidden” trackers more effective.



DNS protection is enabled by default, the DNS server of the ISP is used #4534


The option to filter traffic at system start-up without launching the app #4454
PIX-LINK router/repeater domains to fallback domains #170
Support for Catsxp Browser #4326
An option to delete installation logs when reinstalling the app #4493
Dark theme for the installer app 3048


AdGuard doesn’t start after rebooting #4502
AdGuard freezes after filter update #4456
If “Blocked” is selected in the filtering log, all requests are shown #4525
The app doesn't update automatically in the background in Windows 7 #4494
Unable to install userscripts that include @ in the link #4397
Metadata updating error for HaGeZi DynDNS Blocklist #4475
The main window opens at system startup despite checkbox is unchecked #4546
Filtering and userscripts do not work with Norton 360 installed #1712
Compatibility issue for the google-ima3 redirect #272
Compatibility issue between prevent-addEventListener and userscripts #271
Issue with isEmptyObject() #268
Error when updating/reinstalling the AdGuard Popup Blocker userscript #4574


CoreLibs to v1.10.189 #4563
DnsLibs to v2.0.75 #4562
Scriptlets to v1.7.20
AdGuard for Windows 7.11.3
Release date: November 21, 2022
A small fraction of users with encrypted DNS encountered a problem — the app wouldn’t start. We detected this problem quickly and are releasing an immediate hotfix. Also, we updated DNS stamps for DNSCrypt, along with CoreLibs and DnsLibs.


[Enhancement] CoreLibs updated to v1.10.139 #4490
[Enhancement] DnsLibs updated to v2.0.58 #4489
[Fixed] Fail starting AdGuard v7.11.2 with the encrypted DNS enabled #4488
AdGuard for Windows 7.11.2
Release date: November 16, 2022
In this patch we've fixed the import of settings as well as minor bugs and updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs.


[Enhancement] Updated CoreLibs to v1.10.135 #4482
[Enhancement] Updated DnsLibs to v2.0.56 #4483
[Fixed] Error when importing settings #4473
[Fixed] Rules with $dnstype aren't possible to add #4477
AdGuard for Windows 7.11.1
Release date: November 3, 2022
In this hotfix, we’ve solved the network filtering related issue, fixed minor bugs and updated CoreLibs.


[Enhancement] CoreLibs updated to v1.10.119 #4465
[Fixed] Network filtering cannot start #4455
[Fixed] Experimental filter is enabled automatically after updating the app #4457
[Fixed] Incorrect metadata processing when importing the filter #4452
AdGuard for Windows 7.11
Release date: October 24, 2022
AdGuard v7.11 for Windows boasts a handful of significant enhancements: AdGuard now can run on ARM-based computers and filter encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS requests. We’ve also added an option to manage (or get to know) AdGuard VPN from within the AdGuard app, updated CoreLibs and DnsLibs, and made the app look and function even better.
[Enhancement] Windows on ARM support #3067
Windows on ARM We’ve added a driver that allows AdGuard to run on ARM-based Windows devices. Now, if you install AdGuard on your computer with a 64-bit ARM processor, we’ll automatically detect this and install the right driver. You can just relax.
[Enhancement] AdGuard VPN management #4204
AdGuard VPN in the AdGuard app
If you already have an AdGuard VPN app installed on your computer, now you’ll be able to open it from your AdGuard app. If you don’t have it yet — here’s a chance to get to know our product closer and download it if you enjoy it. And there’s more yet to come: in future versions, we’re planning to add an option to manage the VPN connection from within the AdGuard app. Stay tuned.
[Enhancement] Filtering of encrypted DNS requests
Now AdGuard can filter encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS requests on top of plain DNS requests. To turn this option on, tick the “Enable filtering of secure DNS requests” checkbox in the Advanced settings.

Important for filter maintainers

[Enhancement] Changed the syntax for removing elements from JSON responses #1447
[Enhancement] Added a new modifier for working with HLS (M3U8) file format #1434
[Enhancement] Added support of the empty $path modifier #1591
[Enhancement] Applied the $removeparam parameter to POST requests #1573
[Enhancement] Implemented DNS-over-HTTPS filtering #1563
[Fixed] $removeparam doesn't work if a request is blocked #1580


[Enhancement] Added a title for custom filters in the filter list #4190
[Enhancement] Increased visibility of typed characters in the “Manage password” window in the dark mode #4178
[Enhancement] Changed the logic of the application behavior at system startup after changing AdGuard launch settings #2489
[Enhancement] Added ability to copy filter list URL #3790
[Fixed] Existing filtering rules can be added repeatedly #4210
[Fixed] Ctrl+Shift+Z is not working in the Filter Editor #3756
[Fixed] Filtering does not work in the background when the application is closed #4344
[Fixed] Incorrect signature in notifications — AdGuard VPN #4323
[Fixed] Settings and filtering log windows open in the background #4230
[Fixed] The gear does not work in AdGuard Assistant #4270
[Fixed] Yandex Browser freezes when viewing a certificate #3256
[Fixed] AdGuard hangs when you try to close it after restarting the computer #4339
[Fixed] Filters are updated when the app is updated #4159
[Fixed] Filtering does not work when AdGuard and Kaspersky Internet Security are running simultaneously #4200
[Fixed] Types of request don't fit the column in the filtering log #4277
[Fixed] A vulnerability in the 32-bit network driver CVE-2022-45770
[Other] Internet does not work after waking up from sleep mode #4293
[Other] Added dark theme in notifications when removing filters and extensions #4273
[Other] Update Brazilian Portuguese #4259

Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.10.106

[Enhancement] Ad blocker agents are discarded from filtering lists #1667
[Fixed] Checking validity of :xpath rules #1606
[Fixed] The rule @@||^$important,document,app=firefox.exe isn’t displayed as an allowlisted one #1546
[Fixed] Rules with :where() pseudo class are rejected #1609
[Fixed] Safebrowsing/OCSP doesn't work with Parallels #1079
[Fixed] The website is broken #1593
[Fixed] The problem with converting uBO scriptlets #1604
[Fixed] AdGuard Browser Assistant does not see a new website certificate #1619
[Fixed] QR-code is not displayed on the Management Page of Xiaomi router #1538
[Fixed] $removeparam causes blocking of preflight request #1632
[Fixed] The website is broken #1630
[Fixed] The website is not loading with enabled HTTPS filtering #1631
[Other] Change the hardcoded address #1608

Upgraded DNSLibs to v2.0.27

[Fixed] Race in DNS64 discovery #1142
[Other] Added the “Block ECH” option to Advanced settings #161
AdGuard for Windows 7.10.2
Release date: August 2, 2022
This is a technical update aimed to increase the app stability and fix minor bugs.
AdGuard for Windows 7.10.1
Release date: June 16, 2022
We are quick to learn from our mistakes. So here's our hotfix release. The manual filter update wasn't working as perfectly as we'd like it to. And we fixed it!
AdGuard for Windows 7.10
Release date: June 8, 2022
Summer is finally here — the time of new experiences, bright moments and new achievements. We’ve decided to burst into summer with a new release of AdGuard v7.10 for Windows — and that means that positive changes are waiting for you already now!One of the most important changes in this version was the addition of the “Protect from DPI” feature.
[Enhancement] Add a DPI-bypass option to AdGuard Stealth Mode #4175
The Deep Packet Inspection is a system of deep analysis and filtering of traffic by packet content, as well as the accumulation of statistical data. Using this technology, ISPs have the ability to control the passing traffic and limit access to content for their clients.
Now AdGuard can modify outgoing packet data so that the client does not fall under the DPI blocking criteria. This means that users can get access to the content they want. However, not all DPI systems can be bypassed yet - we are still working on it.
[Enhancement] WFP and TDI network drivers
We've updated and enhanced our network drivers. This improved the app efficiency and compatibility with other software. Besides, we fixed some bugs in the WFP driver.
[Enhancement] Added dark theme to the updater window #4156
A small but very nice change — we added dark theme to the updater window. Now dark theme fans won't be annoyed by light update windows — a real joy for perfectionists!
In this release we also paid attention to the DNS functionality — we improved the app reaction to changes in the system DNS addresses. Now the risk of incompatibility with other network applications that use their own DNS servers is much lower. As always, we changed, fixed and improved a lot and also updated Corelibs and DNSlibs. All the changes are listed below. ​


[Enhancement] Updated CoreLibs to v.1.9.76 #4274
[Enhancement] Added "Unencrypted" icon for "Regular" DNS servers description in the DNS tab #4121
[Enhancement] Completed the description for WebRTC feature #4104
[Enhancement] The Protect from DPI status is now sent to ReportsWebApp #4248
[Enhancement] Added ability to add DNS filters to the Ad Blocker module and vice versa
[Fixed] Cosmetic rules are on filtering log when the Ad Blocker module is disabled #4185
[Fixed] Crash on custom DNS address in Advanced Settings #4195
[Fixed] DNS filters are not updated when AdGuard is turned off #4118
[Fixed] Filtering rules are not fully downloaded during the update #4165
[Fixed] There is sound notification on Windows 10 while Enable sound notifications is disabled #4127
[Fixed] Custom filters do not work after refreshing a web page #4170
[Fixed] Browser Assistant is sensitive to the www prefix in the HTTPS Exceptions #4240
[Fixed] Filter name is not transmitted when subscribing via #4193
[Fixed] Correct the translation for the updater title #4154
[Fixed] The label "trusted" is not visible if a filter has a long name #4126
[Fixed] Overlapping text headers in the filtering log #4186
[Fixed] The cross button in the password input window of the Parental Control does not work #4266
AdGuard for Windows 7.9.1
Release date: March 4, 2022
Some users could experience problems in AdGuard 7.9 occurring when Traffic filtering is disabled. Also, you might have faced problems with filter updates. So here we are with a hotfix that will solve them. And we also seized the opportunity to update DNSLibs and CoreLibs and make some minor bug fixes. Now the app’s performance will be more stable.


[Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.9.43 #4150
[Enhancement] Update DnsLibs to 1.7.12
[Fixed] Disabling Traffic filtering causes a crash after restarting AdGuard 4142
[Fixed] Error while checking for filter updates #4143
[Fixed] Disabling Show quic doesn't work until filtering log is relaunched #4133
AdGuard for Windows 7.9
Release date: February 21, 2022
Now we know that we can create suspense no worse than Hitchcock: since the last release, we’ve presented three versions of the app (one beta version and two release candidates). But enough is enough! Meet AdGuard 7.9 for Windows, the release we've all been waiting for. Let's list the major innovations and benefits of this version so you can savor them.
Let's start with the fact that we have worked hard on improving the performance of the application as well as its user interface. Now you'll enjoy interacting with AdGuard for Windows even more. We've also improved the advanced DNS settings by adding a bootstrap option. Don't want to use the system DNS resolver as a bootstrap? You don't have to! Now you can specify IP addresses of the DNS servers that are used to determine the address of the encrypted DNS servers.
What else? We fixed tons of bugs of different severity, including the problem with auto-activation of language filters. As a result, AdGuard's stability is improved now. Of course we couldn't avoid updating CoreLibs and DNSLibs. That's all, folks! We hope you’ll enjoy the new version of AdGuard for Windows.


[Enhancement] Added an advanced option to set custom DNS bootstrap address #4080
[Enhancement] Added sorting by request type Connection #3830
[Enhancement] Browser Assistant's filtering log won't open when AdGuard is closed, but continues filtering 3335
[Fixed] Language-specific filters are automatically enabled even if the Ad Blocker module is disabled. #4098
[Fixed] Pseudo-update of userscripts 4050
[Fixed] Link to the Home page in the User rules settings #4068
[Fixed] When adding a new rule via Filtering log, the default rule includes the name of the filter it belongs to #4045
[Fixed] Wrong padding under filter name in the filter editor #3553
[Fixed] A mistake in the text of the license agreement in the Installer #4060
[Fixed] $$ rules are not visible in the filtering log #4113
[Fixed] Blocked requests by Parental control are shown as Stealth mode's ones in Filtering log 4074
[Fixed] The rule counter on the main screen defines comments as active rules #3994
[Fixed] Impossible to scroll DNS exclusions screen #4024
[Fixed] When enabling/disabling protection "on this site" in one browser window, the Assistant's icon does not change its color in another opened browser window.
[Fixed] localization of the All rights reserved string in About tab #4065
[Other] AdGuard uses about 10% CPU on with disabled protection on this website 4003
[Other] Reworked onboarding animation on Privacy protection slide
[Other] The text of the error that occurs when a custom filter is added incorrectly is not translated #4026
[Other] Info about AdGuard is left in registry after deleting #4064

Updated CoreLibs to v1.9.34

[Enhancement] Added an ability to apply cosmetic rules to specific URLs only #124
[Enhancement] Improved detection of content type using Sec-Fetch-Dest header #1382
[Enhancement] Changed default address Hide your IP #1516
[Enhancement] TLS fingerprint should not change when AdGuard is enabled #1503
[Enhancement] Improved the HTTPS filter certificate caching algorithm #1402
[Fixed] Authorization on doesn't work when Self-destruct third-party cookie files function is enabled [#1502]
[Fixed] If rule with $all modifier is applied, wrong rule appears in logs #1535
[Fixed] AdGuard breaks the encoding on #1534
[Fixed] An error net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on #1518
[Fixed] Rules with $third-party modifier do not work at #1523
[Other] AdGuard fails at pinning test on #1526
[Other] Validation errors on RegEx entries #1544

Updated DnsLibs to v1.7.4

[Other] Started using NativeLibsCommon in DnsLibs #128
AdGuard for Windows 7.8
Release date: December 16, 2021
We once again reviewed GitHub repo and realized that we had been working for almost six months on version 7.7. And less than two months on version 7.8. Yes, there were fewer tasks in this version, but we did a good job on improving everything: Browsing Security, network drivers, CoreLibs and DNSLibs, other minor features, and – hopefully – your user experience.

[Enhancement] Browsing Security

Browsing Security is a module that blocks requests to malicious and phishing websites. You might have seen a nice looking banner caringly stating "AdGuard has blocked access to this page": that's what Browsing Security does. Now it's working a way better: requests for information about malicious domains are not sent to a server, but to a periodically updated database stored locally on your computer. This is faster and safer.

[Enhancement] WFP and TDI network drivers

We've also updated and enhanced our network drivers for Windows – WFP and TDI. Both have been helpful, among other things, to improve compatibility with other applications.

Other good stuff

And of course, there is no release without updating CoreLibs, our main filtering engine, and DNSLibs. Meet their new versions: more flexible, more powerful. As always: minor bugs have been fixed. As always: perfection has no limits.
Hope that your holidays will be safer with AdGuard.


[Enhancement] 360 browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #4018
[Fixed] Browser assistant is still available after the license expires #4020
[Fixed] Update info is incorrect after manual update #3997
[Fixed] QUIC requests are blocked and shown as TCP when app is excluded from filtering
[Fixed] Different type of dialog window opens when adding a custom DNS server
[Fixed] Right click on the tray menu icon opens the main window #3908
[Fixed] AdGuard defines the Chromium browser as the Sidekick browser #4008
[Fixed] AdGuard crashes when trying to use an occupied port in proxy mode
[Fixed] Once a custom DNS server is added, in some cases it remains inactive #4042
[Fixed] The filter is not displayed in the filtering log when its rule is applied #3992
[Fixed] Bandizip is not filtered #3334
[Other] Add handling of adguard:add_dns_server URLs

Updated CoreLibs to v1.8.274

[Enhancement] QUIC SNI decoder logic #1554
[Fixed] The rule @@*$network,app=chrome.exe causes AdGuard to crash #4015
[Fixed] Failed to install a custom filter list with #include directive #1553
[Other] Support Safebrowsing V2 in the new version of CoreLibs

Updated DnsLibs to v1.6.71

[Fixed] Crash when parsing an invalid SDNS stamp #127
AdGuard for Windows 7.7.2
Release date: November 10, 2021
We’ve come a long way through bugs thorns to the stars and finally reached the finish line (we hope so!) Many apologies for the last few versions of AdGuard for Windows: they had to be really good, but something went wrong. In one week since the last release, with your help we have found and fixed several disappointing flaws, as well as bugs in the application drivers, which turned out to be the main issue of v7.7.1. And of course we’ve updated CoreLibs — it couldn't happen any other way!


[Fixed] Driver installation failed on v7.7.1 #3986
[Fixed] New tab in Edge is broken when AdGuard is on #1541
[Other] Update CoreLibs to v1.8.240 #3996
AdGuard for Windows 7.7.1
Release date: November 1, 2021
Unfortunately, the larger the update, the more the risk of letting some bugs through. The latest release of AdGuard for Windows exposed several of those so we’re ready with a hotfix. Thanks to all users who sent reports to us — it wouldn’t be possible without your help! As a result, we fixed the bugs that some of you had encountered. For instance, we fixed a network filtering bug that prevented the application from working correctly. We also solved the problem with incorrect work of the tray menu icon. In addition, we slightly redesigned the “Advanced settings” block for easier navigation.


[Enhancement] Advanced settings redesign
[Enhancement] “Disable IP” and “Fallback” text fields become inactive when no input is required
[Fixed] Clicking the desktop icon doesn’t open AdGuard UI #3956
[Fixed] "Launch AdGuard at system start-up" doesn't work correctly #3968
[Fixed] Right click on the tray menu icon opens the main window #3908
[Fixed] Service stops with a "Network filtering is absent" error
[Fixed] Downloads slow down if the server uses HTTP/2 #1533
[Fixed] “Adguard Service” causes ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH on some sites in Chrome #1537
[Other] Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.8.227
[Other] Upgraded DnsLibs to v1.6.58
AdGuard for Windows 7.7
Release date: October 13, 2021
One beta and two RCs — and here comes AdGuard v7.7 for Windows! This time we didn't encounter significant difficulties on our way to the release stage, so the development cycle turned out to be fast. Hope you'll enjoy the way the new version of AdGuard for Windows works, meanwhile we'll keep moving to the top — v8.0.
The main focus of this release was to fix bugs and improve user experience. We performed tough tests and were unable to crash the app! But you can surely fix it, right? 🙂
For starters, we implemented low-level DNS settings, added the Finnish language and updated other translations.
There are not many significant changes in this version but we’ve put our energy into something no less important. We updated CoreLibs and DNSLibs, fixed various issues along the way, and did some magic with the filtering log to make it more user-friendly.
[Enhancement] Added low-level DNS settings
There is a new section named Blocking mode for DNS in low-level settings. Now you can select the response type if you've requested a DNS domain blocked by a DNS filtering rule. There are three response types to choose from.
Besides, settings with fallback servers were modified. In the previous v7.6.1 there was a simple option Enable DNS Fallback. Now users not only can enable it, but also select whether they want to use the system or custom fallback DNS. By the way, you can add several fallback servers at once.
And finally, there are DNS exclusions — domains in this list will be resolved through the system DNS.


[Fixed] Cannot install CA certificate when "Use Unicode UTF-8 (beta)" is enabled in Windows settings #3763
[Fixed] Parental control can be bypassed with AdGuard Browser Assistant #3815
[Fixed] Conflict with Sophos Endpoint Security and Control #3791
[Fixed] Filters don't update if the Default update interval is set #3825
[Fixed] Opening extra window with a Chinese language proposition while selecting Czech language #3877
[Fixed] Filtering completely stops working for some time #3880
[Fixed] The rule must be disabled after adding the comment symbol ! but it still exists #3766
[Fixed] Ctrl-Shift-Z is not working in Filter Editor #3756
[Fixed] DNS requests don't reach client server after update #3757
[Fixed] ExtendedCSS misbehaves on #135
[Enhancement] Finnish translations are missing yet they've been 100% completed for a long time #3898
[Enhancement] Compatibility with the Cent Browser #3342
[Enhancement] Added Sidekick to the list of default browsers #3769
[Enhancement] Make items in the tray menu inactive when we AdGuard's license is not activated #3817
[Enhancement] Change tooltips in filters editor to multiline #3870
[Enhancement] Updated translations
[Other] Unable to activate the app if the old license is outdated #3811
[Other] Browser assistant async #3824
[Other] New tray icons for AdGuard

Updated CoreLibs to v1.8.199

[Fixed] Some :xpath rules do not work #1479
[Fixed] Allow to apply $removeparam rules to all resources #1492
[Fixed] Rule with $important modifier should have higher priority than rule with $all modifier #1440
[Fixed] Browser Assistant can’t view website’s original security certificate #1422
[Fixed] CSS rules with url shouldn't be allowed #1431
[Fixed] is broken #1411
[Fixed] is broken #1420
[Fixed] - HTTPS filtering issue #1406
[Fixed] is broken in Firefox #1361
[Fixed] - page cannot be loaded completely #1424
[Fixed] is broken #1413
[Fixed] CL reports incorrect errors on duplicate rules like /ads_google_ #1517
[Enhancement] Added an option to send Global Privacy Control's Do Not Sell signal to Stealth Mode #1451
[Enhancement] Added $denyallow modifier #1304
[Enhancement] Added $redirect-rule modifier #1303
[Enhancement] Added $removeheader modifier #1427
[Enhancement] Added $specifichide modifier #1166
[Enhancement] Add full regex support for $network rules #1394
[Enhancement] Allow *## cosmetic rules #1437
[Enhancement] Rules with $ in path don't work #161
[Enhancement] Add SNI scanning option for QUIC #1467
[Enhancement] Figure out why some rules haven't been parsed successfully #1472
[Other] Cannot load #1509
[Other] Improve invalid CA cert or key detection #1455

Updated DnsLibs to v1.6.52

[Fixed] SERVFAIL/timeout issue on iOS #108
[Fixed] Increase DNS timeout for DnsProxy.testUpstream #112
[Enhancement] Upgrade to QUIC version 1 #111
[Enhancement] Truncate reply to size expected by client #103
AdGuard for Windows 7.6.1
Release date: April 24, 2021
After the recent v7.6 release a small percentage of users encountered a rather severe issue of not being able to update any filters, or even the app itself. This problem isn't very common but extremely critical to those who ran into it, so it justifies an immediate hotfix.
If you're one of the unlucky ones to have this problem, AdGuard will not update automatically for you. You need to check for updates manually or reinstall the app.
[Fixed] AdGuard cannot connect to the Internet to check filters updates / license status #3758
The explanation for this problem is quite technical. No reason to cite it here, you can find the detailed explanation in this comment by AdGuard's CTO.


[Fixed] No filtering until "Filter localhost" is enabled after updating from v7.5 to v7.6 #3762
[Other] Minor fixes & improvements
AdGuard for Windows 7.6
Release date: April 21, 2021
Usually, it takes us north of 2-3 beta versions to prepare the next AdGuard for Windows release. But not this time: the first (and only) beta for v7.6 carried enough impact on its own. We added custom DNS filters, DNS-over-QUIC support for AdGuard DNS, and, of course, made the app compatible with AdGuard VPN.
[Enhancement] Custom DNS subscriptions support #3641
In v7.5 we introduced DNS protection module. To refresh your memory: it offered the option to select any DNS server instead of the system default as another way to enhance your online privacy. What it didn't offer is any way to customize the DNS filtering. Once you selected the server and the preferred encryption protocol, you were set.
In this release, we give you a range of new options to shape the DNS filtering the way you want. It includes several tools, all of which can be found inside the DNS filters editor section.
DNS user rules — the most basic way to block/allow DNS requests. Works very similarly to the regular User rules. Note that it supports DNS filtering syntax, which is much less complex than the syntax for network filtering.
Importing a DNS filter — click on the 'plus' icon in the bottom left corner, and you'll see a new window pop up. Click on the Import filter button and then either enter a filter URL or browse a suitable local filter. You can find a lot of DNS filters on this website. AdGuard DNS filter is the only one available by default.
Adding a custom DNS filter — accesible by clicking the 'plus' icon and then choosing the Add custom filter option. Choose a name and a description and then treat the new DNS filter like any other: import rules, add or remove them manually one by one, disable and enable the filter at will in one click.
[Enhancement] DNS-over-QUIC support
When you choose AdGuard DNS server in DNS protection, you now have an option to select DNS-over-QUIC as your encryption protocol of choice. It's the newest protocol, with lots of advantages, and AdGuard DNS is the first public DNS provider to offer it.
[Other] Improved compatibility with AdGuard VPN
AdGuard for Windows was already compatible with AdGuard VPN, but in this release we pushed it even further. We fixed several bugs and now the two apps will work more smoothly alongside each other.


[Fixed] DNS encryption stops working #3479
[Fixed] Incorrect hotkey behavior in Filter Editor #3652
[Fixed] IPv6 failure with DNS filtering enabled #3490
[Fixed] Filtering log work incorrectly after importing #3645
[Fixed] The AdGuard Browser Assistant extension is shown as incompatible #3606
[Fixed] HTTPS certificate failure after rebooting the system #3710
[Other] Reboot is now requested if TDI driver is active during its update #3706
[Other] System theme auto switch now happens in real-time #3464
[Other] Filters won't update if update interval is disabled #3755
[Other] Introduced new crash reporter

CoreLibs updated to v1.7.201

[Enhancement] CL now checks that trusted-types CSP does not break the content script #1320
[Enhancement] Added $noop modifier #1387
[Enhancement] Added filter lists downloader module #1279
[Enhancement] Improved the way negation works for $redirect rules #1388
[Enhancement] $removeparam syntax updated, $queryprune added as an alias #1384
[Enhancement] $domain modifier is now used for target domains only in non-domain rules #1354
[Fixed] Filtering log records don't contain the original remote address when an outbound proxy is set up #1330
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter domains when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1343
[Fixed] Exclusions with $elemhide,jsinject,extension disable HTML filtering rules #1337
[Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406
[Fixed] Regexp rule doesn't match URL #1311
[Fixed] Foreign requests get into Filtering log with enabled DNS module #3411
[Fixed] URL contains extra slash while matching against filters and some rules are not applied #1338
[Fixed] Wrong filter is shown in Filtering log #1312
[Fixed] FTP pages are broken #1351
[Fixed] No action is suggested when AdGuard CA's key is damaged #1415
[Fixed] Userscript exclusions do not work as they should #1425
[Fixed] Valid rules do not pass validation checks #1419
[Fixed] min-length is not working in HTML filtering rules #1383
[Other] HTML is not detected on some sites #1308
[Other] certificate is not re-issued when it expires #1348
[Other] ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on some websites #1374
[Other] Rules with $extension modifier unblock blocked requests #1350

DnsLibs updated to v1.4

[Enhancement] Added missing DNSCrypt info in DNS stamps of platform adapters #90
[Enhancement] Optimistic DNS #83
[Enhancement] DoQ/DoH/DoT queries are now retried before resorting to fallback #86
[Other] Encoding errors #79
[Other] Added DoQ support in DNS stamps #84
[Other] Added an option to pass custom filtering rules without file #30
[Other] Added an option to specify IP_BOUND_IF/SO_BINDTODEVICE for outgoing connections #78
AdGuard for Windows 7.5.3
Release date: November 20, 2020
Today we are launching a small but still very important hotfix. Namely, the compatibility with the new Chrome 87 was improved and the CoreLibs was updated.
[Other] ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR on some websites #1374
This week Chrome 87 was released, which has a compatibility problem with AdGuard when using the HTTP/2 filtering protocol - some sites may experience regular hangs and download errors. In this update we have improved HTTP/2 filtering compatibility with Chrome 87, it is recommended to upgrade to the new stable version as soon as possible. :)


Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.150

[Enhancement] Add $ping content type #1258
[Enhancement] Check that trusted-types CSP does not break the content script #1320
[Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter domains when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1343
[Fixed] Exclusion with $elemhide,jsinject,extension disable HTML filtering rules #1337
[Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406
[Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
[Fixed] Regexp rule doesn't match URL #1311
[Fixed] The foreign requests get into filtering log with enabled DNS module #3411
[Fixed] URL contains extra slash while matching against filters and some rules are not applied #1338
[Fixed] Wrong filter is shown in Filtering log #1312
[Fixed] #1340
[Other] Fix errors encoding under Windows #79
[Other] HTML is not detected on some sites #1308
[Other] certificate is not re-issued when it expire #1348
[Enhancement] Improve socket connect with hostname provided (for Proxy mode) #123
[Other] $generichide rule causes that assistant is showing that AdGuard is disabled #7
[Other] Connection error after waking computer from sleep mode #3412
AdGuard for Windows 7.5.2
Release date: October 5, 2020
This is mostly a bugfix patch yet it has some noteworthy changes. For instance, we fixed DNS-related bugs, Stealth Mode, and boosted our CoreLibs filtering engine.


[Fixed] AdGuard ignores some of the Stealth Mode user settings #3516
[Fixed] DNS filtering blocks Internet connection #3526

Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.114

[Enhancement] Added $ping content type #1258
[Enhancement] #@# without any domains specified now disables the rule completely #1296
[Enhacement] Added $redirect-rule modifier #1303
[Enhancement] Trusted-types CSP does not break the content script #1320
[Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return the original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter domains when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1343
[Fixed] Exclusions with $elemhide,jsinject,extension disable HTML filtering rules #1337
[Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406
[Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
[Fixed] Regexp rule doesn't match URL #1311
[Fixed] Path combining helper adds an extra slash #1338
[Fixed] The filter ID of the triggered rule for a blocked request is not defined correctly #1312
[Fixed] Issue with #1340
[Fixed] Encoding errors #79
[Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
[Fixed] OCSP checks aren't passed through the selected DNS #1328
[Fixed] Redundant errors when accessed from non-HTTPS-filtered processes #1056
[Fixed] $badfilter rules are sensitive to domain lists #1331
[Fixed] Speed is capped at 400-500 Mbps #702
[Other] Partial HTML processing issues #1308
AdGuard for Windows 7.5.1
Release date: August 26, 2020
In this hotfix, we enhanced the filtering, fixed minor issues and updated the CoreLibs engine.


[Fixed] Update from 7.4.2 to 7.5 - HTTPS exclusions are doubled in the list #3508
[Fixed] Parental Control exit issue #3511

Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.64

[Enhancement] Add $ping content type #1258
[Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
[Fixed] AGFDVSocket doesn't return original peer address in case of outbound proxy set #1330
AdGuard for Windows 7.5 Release
Release date: August 20, 2020
This release incorporates all the best of two previous beta versions and two release candidates. Double-checking neve hurts, right?
There are four key changes, starring DNS filtering that will protect your DNS traffic from interception by ISPs and fraudsters. Another killer feature is an updated Stealth Mode. We’ve expanded its functionality by adding four new options that prevent Windows from collecting user data. Plus, license activation via social login and pausing protection for 30 sec. A good advanced toolkit for an ad blocker, we’d say.

DNS filtering

This feature has been long present in other AdGuard products. Not only will the DNS module protect your DNS traffic from the ISP’s and fraudsters’ interception, it will also block ads. However, it’s important to stress that the DNS doesn’t replace normal protection, rather it works best when coupled with it.
We have a wide and regularly updated database of domain names, and now you can set it up on AdGuard for Windows.
You can choose the server type (DNS-over-HTTPS/DNS-over-TLS, etc.) that suits your needs best or add your own custom DNS server. Also, here is a link to our Knowledge base, where we have collected the most popular DNS providers and added a quick setup option. One click, and your DNS is ready for use.

Disable Windows 10 Tracking

Windows Tracking has four options: you can disable Windows telemetry, turn off advertising ID, disable Windows Defender automatic samples submission and disable WAP push message routing service.
To illustrate the significance of disabling system telemetry, let’s take Cortana, a virtual assistant developed by Microsoft. Its feature set is enabled by default and periodically sends usage and performance data to Microsoft. This assistant helps, but it also gathers a lot of statistics. If you, as a user, have privacy concerns (which is completely understandable and even expected in this day and age), we’ll help to disable telemetry nice and easy.
As for removing an Advertising ID, if you checkmark this option, you will stop receiving Microsoft ads (in the action center, start menu, etc.).

Authorization and license activation via social networks

This function has already been available in our app for Android. We decided to add it here, too, because it’s truly a convenience feature.
Now, you have one more option of how to activate your license: not only via logging to your AdGuard personal account or manually entering your license key. If the email from your AdGuard personal account and the email you use for authorization in Google or Facebook are the same, you can simply authorize via these social networks. No more trying to remember email/password from your personal account and entering it! One click, and you are logged in and your license key is activated.

Pause protection for 30 seconds

In v7.4 we introduced the new BA – more independent, glorious and autonomous. But despite it’s good in many aspects, some users asked us to return one missing thing from the old Assistant. So we did.
The old Assistant had a menu option ‘Do not filter for 30 seconds’. For instance, this function will help when you need to visit a website that won’t work when an ad blocker is enabled. In this case it makes sense to briefly disable filtering and see its content. That’s what the returned back ‘Do not filter for 30 seconds’ is also used for. But we went further and made it more convenient by adding a new function called ‘Disable protection for 30 seconds’. It will disable filtering on all websites for the same time period. You can find it in the tray menu of the main app.
Four major tasks don’t seem like a big deal. Actually, we performed many more tasks, but some of them have been omitted.


[Enhancement] Allow select several content types for the shown records in the filtering log #3392
[Fixed] Slow UI performance in the main window #3322
[Fixed] Filtering log shows wrong type of applied stealth-mode option #3423
[Fixed] Connecting to a DNSCrypt-protected DNS causes AdGuard to throw a connection error #3455
[Fixed] Assistant issue: AdGuard not installed or installed incorrectly #3469
[Fixed] Recently added filter won't show up in the filter editor #3340
[Fixed] List of built-in DNS servers is doubled on UI #3456
[Fixed] Selecting Simplified Chinese leads to problems with subscriptions #3457
[Other] Exit from "License" tab via clicking "Esc" #3385
[Other] Do not block Exit in context menu when service is failed #3403
[Other] "Not Found" icon carries over to other Settings sections #3413
[Other] Change the priority of languages for the situation without zh-TW translations. #3442
[Other] Wrongly use zh-CN encoding in zh-TW interface everywhere. (v7.5 beta 1) #3443
[Other] UI crashes during localization process for ZH-cn locale #3470

Upgraded CoreLibs to v1.7.54

[Fixed] Unhandled C++ Exception in finishWithResult() #939
[Fixed] Problematic userscripts #1273
[Fixed] Process name detection causes scary warnings in Windows Security #1316
[Fixed] Filtering log doesn't show information about cookies #3406

Upgraded DnsLibs to v1.3.10

Minor changes
AdGuard for Windows 7.4.2
Release date: June 4, 2020
Here we go - the Hotfix 2! A few more UI improvements, now it runs a lot smoother. Also, we paid special attention to the Firefox compatibility problem. Five quick stitches and AdGuard for Windows is patched up as good as new.
[Fixed] Date format view is invalid with some system language settings: #3136
[Fixed] The latest windows nightly version cannot automatically update local rules: #3347
[Fixed] Firefox policies page: #3336
[Fixed] Slow Filter Update which leads to UI hang: #3348
[Fixed] Disabling AdGuard Assistant will remove HTTPS certificate in Firefox when AdGuard is Closed into the background: #3352
AdGuard for Windows 7.4.1
Release date: May 28, 2020
Release rule №1 (or Murphy’s law, if you like): even when everything seems perfect, one or two hotfixes follow the new version.
This is a minor post-release fix. We’ve slightly tweaked UI trial windows, so now ‘I have a license’ option is not hidden anymore in some cases. Also, fixed the issue when a message can't be sent to support. And we also took our chance to polish a few other important things under the hood.
[Fixed] The trial window localization issue #3333
[Fixed] Unable to send a message to support #3337
AdGuard for Windows 7.4
Release date: May 28, 2020
There's a clear headliner for the new AdGuard for Windows update: AdGuard Browser Assistant. It's a browser extension to help manage filtering right from the web page that replaces the old Assistant. We also fixed a bunch of bugs and overall enhanced the app to work faster and better.

Browser Assistant

By developing this new product, we've resolved a couple of pretty important issues that the old Assistant had, without losing in functionality.
[Enhancement] Browser Assistant #2985
Meet our new AdGuard Browser Assistant! From a mere dependant userscript in AdGuard desktop apps it has evolved to become a full-fledged browser extension.
Obviously, new Assistant has the functions of the old one included but it’s far more cool and user-friendly. And it came in extremely handy, helping us solve three major problems at once:
Former AdGuard Assistant was a dependent userscript able to communicate with the app only using a certain protocol. On the contrary, new Assistant is independent: it’s installed in a browser, and you don’t need to wait while the script would be injected into the filtered web page. Putting it simply, it is more autonomous. Technically the new Assistant can be used without the app, although the app is required for the full capacity.
When AdGuard desktop app and our browser extension were used in so-called integration mode, the extension icon took over Assistant's functions. However, they could hamper each other’s work. Some websites would stop being protected by the desktop program and be backed up only by the extension which has less possibilities. With new Assistant being extension itself, there is no need to install our regular browser extension anymore, which means there is no risk of an incompatibility.
Some people didn't like seeing the old Assistant’s presence at webpages, plain an simple. New Assistant's icon resides safely next to the browser's address bar – zero chance to stand in the way of website's content.
[Enhancement] Own settings tab #3118
From now on, you can open this tab and get the Assistant for your default browser in one click. And in case your browser is a rare one, you can always lay on the legacy non-extension version – it works everywhere.
[Enhancement] Onboarding process #3119
During the installation, AdGuard determines your default browser and prompts you with a download link for Assistant. If your browser is not compatible with AdGuard, the legacy version is automatically enabled.


[Fixed] Cannot report a website from Assistant when UI is not running #2138
[Fixed] Advanced Editor clears user rules #2142
[Fixed] AdGuard not responding after resuming from sleep mode on laptop #2861
[Fixed] Wrong date on statistics #3015
[Fixed] Crash on viewing request details in filtering log #3074
[Fixed] Wrong highlight for Stealth Mode exclusions in filtering log #3123
[Fixed] Some processes are active after AdGuard update bug installer #3126
[Fixed] Some windows are not centered #3127
[Fixed] Scroll issue with touchpad in language combobox #3129
[Fixed] Can't add apps from Blitz's subdirectory #3141
[Fixed] License activation dialog design issues #3145
[Fixed] Support button returns 400 Bad Request #3155
[Fixed] No longer able to add filters that do not have a .txt extension #3165
[Fixed] Unnecessary colon is displayed for Yandex-Turbo redirect userscript #3176
[Fixed] Individual userscript incompatibility #3201
[Fixed] Browsing security notifications don’t work #3203
[Fixed] Using extension w/app allows user to bypass Parental Control #3219
[Fixed] Screen is twitching after disabling the extension #3229
[Fixed] Pale buttons' text while starting the AdGuard #3236
[Fixed] Connection errors #3237
[Fixed] After reinstalling the application does not work #3238
[Fixed] "AdGuard Browser Assistant is not installed or configured incorrectly" error #3241
[Fixed] Some requests’ names are cut and not displayed in the filtering log #3249
[Fixed] Browser restart is required after AdGuard update #3250
[Fixed] Disabled userscripts reenable automatically after an update #3258
[Fixed] AdGuard starts in a windows instead of being minimized in the system tray #3276
[Fixed] "AdGuard installed successfully" window pops up after a reboot #3278
[Fixed] UI won't start after an update #3299
[Fixed] Statistic isn't incremented #3311
[Fixed] Native extension api GetOriginalCert returns wildcard cert if it is in cache #3315
[Enhancement] Filtering log is on pause while import #1997
[Enhancement] Update Advanced Uninstall Utility #2940
[Enhancement] Using the current browser for the webpage opening #2099
[Enhancement] AdGuard GUI unnecessarily raising Windows platform timer resolution #2734
[Enhancement] Enabling HTTPS filtering for a portable FF is now easier #2735
[Enhancement] An option to hide blocked QIUC records in the filtering log #2912
[Enhancement] Description about opening AG main window at system start-up has been reformulated #3016
[Enhancement] Description for the "Launch AdGuard at system start-up" option #3082
[Enhancement] Some items have been renamed or added in the tray menu #3103
[Enhancement] Get rid of double negative in "filter EV" section #3133
[Enhancement] Wizard's provided filters to the pre-downloaded defaults #3162
[Enhancement] Handling the well-known errors during installation is made more user-friendly #3163
[Enhancement] "What's new" screen after the major app update #3169
[Enhancement] Send Console and Host logs to the Sentry among with the Service logs #3172
[Enhancement] Add new Edge browser support #3217
[Enhancement] HTTP proxy mode's description is disabled #3227
[Enhancement] Update CoreLibs to 1.5.238 #3246
[Enhancement] Browser Assistant now supports Waterfox and Cliqz browsers #3264

Corelibs updated to v1.5.269

[Fixed] Rules with :style() are converted incorrectly #1149
[Fixed] Cosmetic rules can be used as CSS rules #1293
[Fixed] Basic rules with a wildcard in top-level domains aren't working #1298
AdGuard for Windows 7.3 Release
Release date: December 25, 2019
One of the best things about Christmas is that everyone gives each other presents! So here’s our humble gift to you: AdGuard v7.3 for Windows. We hope you’ll like it, because we put a lot of effort into its development.
This version features improved ad blocking (thanks to added support for scriptlets and new modifiers), some major networking improvements and a new option to activate AdGuard via your personal account.
[Added] Scriptlets support
Scriptlets is a powerful ad blocking instrument. You can say that scriptlet is an internal script (a mini-program) that we install with the app, and then execute that script with the help of filtering rules. Putting it simply, scriptlets allow us to modify how the code of the web page behaves. As for the practical use, this helps to fight adblocker circumvention, for example, and is also useful in some other cases.
[Added] $redirect and $rewrite modifiers support
They are practically the same modifiers, and they allow to substitute resources. If you are not a custom filtering rules aficionado, don't bother with it. Just know that it is yet another instrument in the hands of filter developers that helps to block ads more efficiently.
We should mention that both $redirect and $rewrite modifiers are still kind of working in test mode, but they are fully operational and you should feel free to use them.
[Improved] Proxy mode can now be used alongside automatic traffic filtering #2696, #3055
Previously, you had to choose between using AdGuard to filter all traffic on the current system, or setting it up as an HTTP proxy to funnel traffic of particular apps or devices through AdGuard (but without filtering it).
Now you can have the best of both worlds, and even more: filter application and browser traffic on the current PC and at the same time use AdGuard as a filtering proxy for other devices (yes, now their traffic will be filtered too). To select the configuration you want go to Network settings.
[Added] Activating AdGuard by linking personal Account #2931
Something we’ve tested in other AdGuard products and found positive feedback is an option to activate AdGuard by linking the app with your account. In this case, instead of entering the license key, you put in your Account credentials (login/password). The app automatically looks for a valid license key in your Account and uses it to activate AdGuard.

Ad Blocking

[Added] Enable the HARs writing as an advanced option #2402
[Fixed] False link interception #3117
[Fixed] Disabling HTTPS filtering for an app works incorrectly #3111
[Fixed] Cookies time-to-live resets to zero #3115
[Fixed] Automatic apps filtering gets disabled after an app update #3076
[Fixed] Userscript working in pre version 7 releases not working in post version 7 releases. #2937
[Fixed]Error occurred while reloading protection, doesn't change the filtering status #2965
[Fixed] Cannot find the file specified #2969
[Fixed] Incompatibility between AdGuard and HTTP Debugger #2979
[Fixed] Cannot add executable from %Appdata% to the filtering #3023
[Fixed] Some problems with user filter #3044
[Fixed] Cannot add $network rules to the user filter #3058
[Fixed] Atom package installer doesn't work when protection enabled #2988
[Fixed] Firefox Private Network issue #2981
[Improved] Change the approach to the way how we start cert installer #2973


[Added] Add HTTPS filtering step to the initial wizard #3125
[Added] Import-export advanced settings #2964
[Added] Trial period should be started explicitly #2980
[Changed] Checkbox for new rule is now shown as disabled in Filter editor #2893
[Fixed] Diagonal resizing by dragging the bottom corners is flawed #2943
[Fixed] Extra error entries in the log file #2875
[Fixed] Filter descriptions in Filter editor lack spaces in Traditional Chinese localization #2853
[Fixed] Main window now correctly reflects the time of the last filters update check and not the time of the last actual filters update #2982
[Fixed] Incorrect placement of proxy configuration warning #3065
[Fixed] UI performance drops when you use search on the “Add filter” screen #3090
[Fixed] Main window is shown next to the settings wizard #3100
[Fixed] Poor line break on Browsing Security screen #3101
[Fixed] Repeated clicks on “Debug mode” in tray menu bring up the slow filtering warning #2996
[Fixed]Buttons Collapse, Expand, Close look bad #2722
[Fixed] Userscript is reported as updated if version contains a letter #2819
[Fixed] Drag&Drop issue #2961
[Fixed]Filtering log doesn't show applied rules #2998
[Fixed] Dark theme inner window issue #3033
[Fixed] Wrong request type in the filtering log #3059
[Improved] Microsoft Edge Beta cannot be added to filtered app in AFW #3060
[Improved] Remove old strings from translations #2926
[Improved] Improve the license check window #2939
[Improved] AdGuard Personal CA keeps coming back #1306
[Improved] Re-design About" screen" #2675
[Improved] There is no link to the list of changes in the latest versions #2715
[Improved] The text is not centered on the main screen #2716
[Improved] Use custom adguard: scheme for adding userscripts #2838
[Improved] Hover on maximize button looks bad #2840
[Improved] Strip identifying information from the logs when doing export #3022
[Improved] Centering of icons in Settings #2727


[Changed] Legacy and regular Microsoft Edge executables separated in “Filtered Apps” #3061
[Improved] We should check the internet availability before sending a support request #2925


[Added] New versioning system #2896
[Changed] Flag icons removed from the languages selector #2905
[Changed] “Too many filters” warning now requires more enabled filters to trigger #3056
[Fixed] Reset statistics feature works incorrectly #2923
[Fixed] Settings reset doesn’t set window mode to its default state #2924
[Fixed] Unable to remove Spotify from the list of filtered apps #3091
[Fixed] Several apps with the same name can’t be added to the list of filtered apps #3092
[Fixed] Crash after language change #3108
[Fixed] Filters metadata is not updated for some filters #3036
[Fixed] AdGuard occasionally doesn’t delete old log files #2874
[Fixed] AdGuard.Core.Tools crashes on the app uninstall #3097
[Fixed] File or folder is corrupted #2984
[Improved] AdGuard GUI unnecessarily raising Windows platform timer resolution #2734
[Improved] Transfer GM property when the user changes the userscript's name #2739
[Improved] Improve the Advanced Settings logic #2915
[Improved] Filter installer's crash report names #2971
[Improved] Pass the empty parameter's value in the query string #3038
[Improved] AdGuard now adapts its time&date format according to system settings #2945
AdGuard for Windows 7.2 hotfix
Release date: November 27, 2019
Rarely there's a critical level bug that shows itself over 2 months since the last release, but here we are. We can't really call this update a hotfix, but it's certainly urgent. This patch fixes a bug that in some circumstances could break cosmetic filtering on all webpages.
AdGuard for Windows 7.2.2936
Release date: September 19, 2019
Some users reported critical compatibility issues in AdGuard 7.2, mainly with Emsisoft software. This is a hotfix that will solve these problems, and we also seized the opportunity to update CoreLibs and make some other changes.
You can help us make sure such incidents won't happen again by joining our beta testing program. Millions of AdGuard users will thank you (and you'll even get a beta tester's license key for free)!
[Fixed] WFP driver incompatibility with Emsisoft software #2957
[Fixed] E-mail text field issue in Support window #2951
[Fixed] Issue on the protection startup #2952
[Fixed] Window buttons tooltip localization #2953
[Fixed] Couldn't enable the proxy mode #2974
[Fixed] The port field is always highlighted #2976
[Fixed] Advanced settings translation #2944
[Improved] Additionally inform users about required reboot #2946
[Improved] Added a data limit to the length of sent logs in the installer crash reporter #2968
AdGuard for Windows 7.2.2920
Release date: September 12, 2019
It’s showtime: let’s welcome AdGuard 7.2 for Windows official release.
For several months, we have been working in full swing on everything - design, performance, compatibility issues with other programs, general filtering improvement and much more. And now it’s time to tell you in detail what the new version is capable of. So let’s take a look at all changes in this update.
[Changed] Installer redesign #2574
When the visual style of your app’s installer doesn’t fit the visual style of the app itself, it’s not good. Same as wearing sandals with socks. So we fixed it!
The new installer looks so good, sometimes we uninstall AdGuard just to look at it once more. Hope you like it just as much as we do! And if not, no big deal: you’re not going to come across it too often, hopefully.
[Added] Installer crash reporting tool #2566
One of the most annoying types of crashes, both for users and developers, is when the app crashes during the installation. Our usual crash reporting tool was useless in such cases. What’s the logical solution? Correct, to give the installer its own reporting tool!
As you can see, it looks almost exactly the same. Nothing will be sent without your consent, and you can also add a comment with the description of the problem to help our developers fix the crash faster.
[Added] “Filter localhost" advanced setting #2830
Some apps, for example antiviruses, may use localhost for interactions between their components. In rare cases it could lead to compatibility problems. Now it’s possible to manage filtering of localhost with the help of the new setting.
Be sure that you know what you’re doing before messing with any of the advanced settings!
You can find this setting among advanced settings. By default, it’s disabled. We advise to try to enable it only if you experience very serious issues, e.g. when web pages don’t load or there’s no internet connection.

Ad blocking

[Fixed] Stealth mode settings reset after the app update #2839
[Fixed] HTTPS filtering is disabled by default for the newly added applications #2846
[Improved] Automatic filters detection algorithm #2692
[Improved] Automatic detection of certificate issues in Firefox #2782
[Fixed] AdGuard does not filter Iridium browser #2918
[Fixed] Incompatibility with Epic Browser #2927
[Improved] Update Assistant and Wot to 4.3.18 and 1.1.16 respectively #2942


[Fixed] AdGuard closes connections after a reconfiguration #2841
[Fixed] Connection errors on Windows 10 #2843
[Improved] WFP/TDI drivers have been updated #2889


[Changed] Selector color in dark mode #2749
[Changed] Now separate windows are used for Support and About dialogues #2619
[Changed] Blocked stun/turn requests now have a prefix in the Filtering log #2638
[Changed] Users can now access Settings, About and Support windows even when protection failed to start #2892
[Changed] “Use localhost for injections” setting has been renamed to “Intercept TCP connection requests" #2859
[Fixed] Minor interface issues #2761
[Fixed] Issues with accessibility for visually impaired users #2682
[Fixed] Cropped text on the filters update screen #2698
[Fixed] AdGuard GUI unnecessarily raises Windows platform timer resolution #2734
[Fixed] Some text is not visible in dark theme #2767
[Fixed] Date on the filters update screen goes beyond the frame #2849
[Fixed] Fixed support menu window (UI) #2910
[Improved] Check for email validation before submitting a support request #2911
[Fixed] Uninstallation via uninstall shortcut #2916
[Improved] UI elements should be aligned #2922


[Changed] Atom browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #2688
[Changed] Localizations have been updated
[Fixed] Post-installation notification sequence #2750
[Fixed] Switching between update channels is carried out improperly #2806
[Fixed] The application doesn’t start after the update #2798
[Fixed] AdGuard hangs after the update #2856
[Fixed] Information about old installers is stored in %ProgramData% #2869
[Fixed] Filter update notification does not disappear on Windows 7 #2873
[Fixed] AdGuard does not handle alphanumeric versions properly #2876
[Fixed] Compatibility issues
[Improved] Handling of filter subscription detections #2517
[Improved] Translations update
AdGuard for Windows 7.1.2817
Release date: June 25, 2019
Usually, new stable versions are preceded with a number of betas and take longer than a month to develop. But this one is a bit different, its purpose is mainly to fix some incompatibilities (such as Windscribe VPN), so it makes a lot of sense to release this version as soon as possible. It should also spark interest in Firefox users, as we addressed several certificate-related problems unique to that browser.

Ad blocking

[Fixed] Manual blocker options bug #2677


[Fixed] AG certificate is not removed on the app uninstall or reinstall #2772
[Fixed] Certificate gets installed into the wrong system storage #2756
[Fixed] Compatibility issues with Sophos AV #2710
[Fixed] Cookies are getting removed even though self-destructing cookies options are disabled #2714
[Fixed] Windscribe extension compatibility #2703


[Changed] Domain name is now shown in the filtering log in all cases when it's detected #2691
[Changed] Translations have been updated #2697
[Fixed] AdGuard settings respond slowly when Parental Control is enabled #2687
[Fixed] Release channel label is missing #2695


[Fixed] "Hide User-Agent" flag state is not passed properly to web reporter #2732
[Fixed] AdGuard crashes randomly when you open settings #2685
[Fixed] Userscripts' update channels don't match app's release channel #2694
AdGuard for Windows 7.0.2693.6661
Release date: May 30, 2019
Finally, we're pretty sure we are done with eliminating bugs that were preventing us from sharing with you all the awesome new stuff that awaits you in the new version of AdGuard for Windows. So, welcome: AdGuard 7.0! From the very start you'll notice the difference, as you'll be greeted by renovated UI design. And the more you use the new version, the better you'll find it, hopefully: brand new CoreLibs filtering engine will make ad blocking better and faster. There are more goodies inside, so let's get to the gist.

[Improved] UI and installer redesign #2574

It is somewhat of a tradition by this point to have a UI redesign with each major AdGuard for Windows version upgrade. This time will not be an exception. AdGuard 7.0 for Windows will look very different from the current familiar version. Yes: AG for Windows now has a dark theme too! Love it or hate it, it's there, it's optional and you are free to embrace it or ignore it altogether.
The installation wizard follows the trend and gets a redesign too. It only makes sense, because the installer is the first thing new users see when they start their acquaintance with AdGuard, and it better be good! Hope you'll find it an upgrade too.

[Improved] Corelibs

Everybody knows what CoreLibs is by this point, but we'll remind anyway: it is a filtering engine that drives the whole process of ad blocking in most AdGuard products, AdGuard for Windows included. And with every new version of CL these products become better: the quality of ad blocking increases, they work faster and become more stable. This beta of AdGuard 7.0 for Windows features the most recent of CoreLibs version, which means this is as good as it gets. Well, at least until the next CoreLibs update :) ,In this beta we make an emphasis on UI changes but also fix several crashes. We also took this opportunity to introduce a new userscript — AdGuard Extra.,This is more of a hotfix than a beta. Some Firefox users reported problems with browser freezing. We determined that this behavior was a sequence of hanged connections, which in its turn was caused by a CoreLibs bug. It’s crucial to eliminate all such bugs before we release a stable version (which will be soon), so here we are.

[Added] Automatic crash reports #2298

Sometimes apps crash, and you can do nothing about it. Reasons can be very different, and so are solutions. To be able to investigate every crash individually and find a proper fix to it, we add integration with an automatic crash report system. If AdGuard crashes, upon the next launch you'll be asked if you want to send a crash report.
Nothing will ever be sent without your consent, and if you want to know what exactly is in the report, you can check out our Privacy Policy. We'll appreciate each and every report, as it will help us greatly in making AdGuard for Windows more stable.

[Added] AdGuard Extra extension #2648

In some complicated cases the usual approach with filtering rules just doesn’t work. In particular, in some cases of ad blocker circumvention/ad reinjection. So we came up with an alternative solution — a userscript. For those unfamiliar, userscripts are basically mini programs that modify web pages and augment browsing.
AdGuard Extra does it in a way that makes it harder for websites to employ the circumvention/reinjection techniques. AdGuard for Windows is the second AdGuard product to get this addition, we are thrilled to see it in action and read your feedback on it.

Ad blocking

[Changed] Сustom filters do not support powerful modifiers anymore unless allowed explicitly by user #2392
[Fixed] Custom filters are always displayed like they are up-to-date #2501
[Fixed] Issues with Firefox certificate #2390
[Fixed] Сustom apps with Cyrillic symbols in the path are not filtered #2542
[Improved] The list of URL parameters to strip in the Stealth Mode module has been made customizable #2396


[Fixed] Service connection issues after hibernate/sleep #2438


[Added] [Nightly] Filtering log - open url #2599
[Added] An option to add/remove filters from the General settings screen #2620
[Added] CoreLibs release version to the About section #2420
[Changed] AdGuard Assistant extension name #2643
[Changed] Notification text for the case when protection status is changed via the Assistant #2251
[Changed] UI changes on Trial period & License screens #2657
[Fixed] "BlockTypeRuleDescription" wrongly used as a rule in the filtering log #2663
[Fixed] AdGuard splash screen appears even when /nosplash is specified #2434
[Fixed] Date format for Arabic localization #2477
[Fixed] Filter name is displayed in the Rule column in the filtering log #2634
[Fixed] License activation window glitch #2628
[Fixed] Notification's text is out of its bounds #2662
[Fixed] Rule Editor suggest wrong exclusion for $$ rules #2630
[Fixed] Rules from disabled filter lists are accounted for in the statistics #2497
[Fixed] Scrollbar in the settings is too sensitive #2514
[Fixed] The displayed rules in Filter editor are not refreshed after clicking on the "X" button in the search bar #2451
[Fixed] The search in the "Settings" view doesn't work properly #2417
[Fixed] UI window can only be dragged when the left mouse button is pressed #2621
[Fixed] Update channel resets from "Nightly" to "Release" after settings get reset to defaults #2614
[Improved] Chinese date format is now used for filters' update time in Chinese localization #2496
[Improved] Descriptions for Stealth Mode options have been updated #2491
[Improved] Filtering log now indicates what cookies were modified #2387
[Improved] Filtering log search syntax has been extended #2651


[Added] Chromium-based Microsoft Edge to the filtered applications list #2548
[Changed] Localizations has been updated
[Changed] Logging has been made less verbose where it's not necessary #2425
[Changed] The list of apps filtered by default has been updated
[Changed] Translations have been updated
[Changed] Unicode marker (BOM) has been removed from the userscript content #2601
[Fixed] AdGuard crashes
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't automatically detect system language #2622
[Fixed] AdGuard hangs after exiting the sleep mode #2649
[Fixed] An issue with userscripts updates #2500
[Fixed] Application update resets Assistant settings #2505
[Fixed] Compatibility problems
[Fixed] Empty lines in custom filters are imported as rules #2473
[Fixed] Error deleting backup file #2582
[Fixed] Error while doing the update check #2654
[Fixed] Excluding an app from filtering also excludes all other apps with the same executable name #2453
[Fixed] Greasy Fork userscripts display an error when checking for updates #2447
[Fixed] Installer startup delay #2388
[Fixed] The English language is set by default #2664
[Fixed] User filter rule editing bug #2584
[Improved] Additional userscript parameters are now stored when you export settings #2367
[Improved] AdGuard now checks if the userscript is already installed before downloading it #2406
[Improved] AdGuard-related system settings (e.g. UI window's size etc.) can now be imported along with the app settings #2393
[Improved] CoreLibs has been updated
[Improved] The way to get userscripts' and filter subscriptions' content #2379
AdGuard for Windows 6.4.1814.4903
Release date: October 25, 2018
This version makes a strong accent on the Networking issues. This doesn’t mean everything else was abandoned, on the contrary, there’s been a lot of ad blocking- and UI-related fixes and improvements, just the network-related fixes happened to be the most important ones.
[Fixed] Unrelated TCP connections get reset when starting AdGuard service #2291
AdGuard needs to reset connections when it starts/restarts its service in order to properly filter them. What AdGuard doesn’t have to do is to reset connections that it is not going to filter anyway. So from now on, it won’t do it, as simple as that.
[Fixed] Avast Free prevents AdGuard from suppressing QUIC #2310
The current way of whitelisting apps from filtering for WFP driver has been extended to TDI driver. It allows to avoid compatibility issues with other software, especially with antivirus software.
[Improved] TLS version has been upgraded #2337
Up to this moment we were using a draft of TLS 1.3 technology (#2155), as we always want to be at the cutting edge. Now, as TLS 1.3 standard was officially accepted by IETF, we are happy to say that AdGuard supports the most modern encrypting standards.
[Improved] Popup Blocker has been updated to v2.5 #2295
Popup Blocker is an extension (userscript) that is added to AdGuard by default. As it’s clear from its name, it helps block various popup windows (most of which are all kinds of ads). It’s been around forever, but the new version for the first time features its own UI accessable from “Extensions” settings tab. You can whitelist websites there or disable notifications for certain websites. The blocking capabilities have been improved too, of course.
[Changed] TLS 1.2 is used by default if Avast is detected #2368
As we’ve said earlier, TLS 1.3 is the current standard, but some antiviruses still use v1.2, notably Avast. We would like to completely switch to v1.3 but have to take this into consideration.
[Fixed] Application update resets Assistant settings and restores deleted extensions #2365
There won’t be enough fingers combined on hands of all people in our office to count the number of times users complained about this issue. One of our current priorities is to make the process of updating AdGuard as smooth as possible, and certainly preserving users’ settings is a big step in that direction.

Ad blocking

[Fixed] Duplicate EV certificate messages #2282
[Fixed] Twitch desktop app is not filtered #2289
[Fixed] PopupBlocker is not updated alongside AG update #2354
[Improved] Popup Blocker extension has been updated to v2.5.8 #2351
[Improved] Custom filters URL parsing #2280
[Improved] URL exclusion blocking rules are now created with important modifier by default #2305


[Changed] AdGuard now asks for a reboot after TDI driver update on Windows 7 #2364
[Fixed] Firefox 64-bit handshake issues with some domains #2347
[Fixed] QUIC v44 is not blocked properly #2335
[Improved] AdGuard now checks on installation if the TDI driver is not registered yet #2321


[Changed] Clickable area for “Close” button for AdGuard notification has been increased on Windows 7 #2319
[Changed] Highlighting color for the whitelisted requests in Filtering Log #2358
[Fixed] AdGuard remembers the last displayed settings tab after closing #2317
[Fixed] The Assistant icon appears in full screen mode on YouTube and Twitch #2309
[Fixed] Move the assistant icon back to the right corner #2314
[Fixed] “Hide your referer” checkbox state is not transmitted properly to web reporting tool #2286
[Fixed] Duplicate “Trial is expiring” message #2287
[Fixed] AdGuard fails to start service #2339
[Fixed] Crash on multiple tray clicks right after the installation #2340
[Fixed] “Service failure” tile and “Trial expired” tile appear simultaneously #2342
[Fixed] Crash upon opening the Filtering Log #2346
[Fixed] Update AG icon to high resolution version #2341
[Improved] Suppress the Alt-Svc header #2343


[Fixed] AdGuardSvc process memory leak #2114
[Fixed] Crash while closing from tray #2252
[Fixed] Crash after auto-update on the application startup on Windows 7 #2290
[Fixed] An error while parsing the userscript metadata #2311
[Improved] A privacy-friendly protocol is now used for the parental control web service #2316
[Improved] Localizations have been updated, new languages have been added (Slovenian, Czech, Belarusian) #2361
AdGuard for Windows 6.3.1399.4073
Release date: July 10, 2018
While we are still polishing CoreLibs and are not ready to implement it just yet, we can sweeten the waiting with this new release. New "Nightly" update channel, added TLS1.3 support, improved performance and many more other changes.
[Added] Nightly update channel
The concept of a “Nightly” build is very simple. It literally means “a build that is released at the end of every day”, hence “nightly”. In reality, it may not happen every single day, but rather every 3 or 4 days, but the idea is there. All the latest changes made by developers will be included in the nightly build (yes, including possible bugs — be prepared!). If you feel that beta is not enough for you, and you need to be a step ahead of the rest, this is the choice for you. Just go to AdGuard settings and switch to Nightly update channel.
[Added] TLS1.3 Support (draft 28) #2155
TLS 1.3 is a new version of the cryptographic protocol used to encrypt messages sent via HTTP. It is faster, more secure and overall better than its predecessors. It has not been accepted by IETF as a standard yet, but it is only a matter of time. The process has already started, and we want to be at the forefront, and thus we have already added the TLS 1.3 (draft 28) support. As not everyone supports TLS1.3 yet, there can be problems on some websites potentially, so we added a new advanced setting to switch between TLS versions at will.
[Added] Option to subscribe to a filter by clicking a special link on a webpage #1945
Many filter developers put a special subscription link on their filters' homepage. Now AdGuard is able to detect these links when you click on them and will ask you if you'd like to subscribe to that filter right away. A minor thing, but it will save you just enough of extra clicks to be worthy.
[Added] A notice to inform about closed connections to websites with EV certificate #2015
Some websites have so-called EV (extended validation) certificates — basically, this means that the owner went through a very long and thorough process of validating their identity. In other words, these websites are generally the safest on the web. Filtering these websites is often extensive, as they rarely have ads anyway, but can sometimes lead to conflicts. AdGuard provides an option to disable filtering for such websites, and if it is enabled, a notification will inform you when you visit them for the first time. Clicking on the notification will allow to force filtering on the website anyway.
[Added] Stealth mode options applied to requests added to Filtering log #247
This is something a lot of aspiring filtering rules creators asked for. Knowing which Stealth Mode options affected this or that request is often crucial when working on a new rule. Now you can find it right in the Filtering log when you select a request. For sure, this sounds a little bit nerdy for an average user, but we try to take into account needs of all our users, casual and advanced alike.
[Changed] Default builder has been drastically reworked #1965
Basically, this is the change that caused the build size reduction that was advertised in the introduction. As the app accretes new features over the years and the code mounts up, this becomes more and more relevant. Thanks to this change, now we can add even more!
[Improved] Better support for visually impaired users #2068
AdGuard tries to provide the best online experience for all users alike, and visually impaired users are no exception. Starting with this version, AdGuard menus are much better suited to be read by NVDA Screen Reader and other screen reading programs.
[Improved] Filters update procedure's performance #2211
If you had the misfortune of a habit to update your filters often, you certainly noticed that it took quite a lot of time, as well as installing new filters. We addressed this problem, the situation should change drastically for the better now.

Ad Blocking

[Added] Option to subscribe to a filter by clicking a special link on a webpage #1945
[Fixed] "Block Flash" setting doesn't block Adobe Flash #2058
[Fixed] AdGuard cannot start protection after installing an update #2033
[Fixed] Cannot parse CSP from a meta tag #2207
[Fixed] HTML parser fails on #2221
[Fixed] Incorrect exception rule is created with Assistant #2265
[Fixed] Applications manually added to “filtered apps” get removed after an update #2195
[Improved] ExtendedCss has been updated to version 1.10 #2152


[Added] New approach to switching the update channel for default userscripts #2177
[Changed] Common API response format to use for XHR and WS APIs #2228
[Changed] HTTP headers with an empty value are not ignored from now on #2264
[Changed] Existing connections of filtered apps are closed now on AG startup #1977
[Changed] Problem with Github discontinuing TLS 1.0/1.1 support has been addressed #2098
[Changed] Symantec certificates have been deprecated #1634
[Changed] TDI, WFP drivers and libs have been updated #2089
[Fixed] CSP issue at #2151
[Fixed] Invalid HTTP response header prevents a website from opening #2188
[Fixed] and other online tests show as if AdGuard does not block WebRTC #1995
[Fixed] The issue with FIPS security error on license check #1033
[Improved] Method for detecting untrusted certificates has been improved in accordance with Chrome policy #2171


[Added] A notice to inform the user about closed connections to websites with EV certificate #2015
[Added] A "Beautifier" to the Filtering log and userscripts editor #1671
[Added] Stealth mode options applied to requests added to Filtering log #247
[Added] Swedish localization #2173
[Changed] Filtering log — long rules now collapse while in detailed mode #1845
[Changed] Several localizations updated #2088
[Changed] More details added to "AdGuard service" description #422
[Changed] Old links have been replaced with new ones #2102
[Changed] Parental control password is now hidden while typing #1816
[Changed] The first screen of the installer #2240
[Fixed] "Referer" field is now disabled unless "Hide Referer" is enabled #2025
[Fixed] AdGuard breaks encoding of a custom filter #2232
[Fixed] Can’t export/import configuration in Spanish localization #2018
[Fixed] Filter editor bug when pressing backspace #1439
[Fixed] Filter status change is not applied #2180
[Fixed] GUI hangs when enabling/disabling filter lists #2036
[Fixed] Incorrect "time updated" value is shown after filter remove/install #2220
[Fixed] Incorrect version of custom filter is displayed after an update #2206
[Fixed] Logo issue #2095
[Fixed] Parental control module doesn't save sensitivity level choice #2257
[Fixed] Toast notifications are broken in Windows Insider Preview #2278
[Fixed] Sometimes app crashes after adding an HTTPS exclusion #2024
[Fixed] The disclaimer in "About" window is hidden while updating #2165
[Fixed] The ~ symbol looks like - in Parental control settings #2219
[Fixed] Windows notification center is unavailable after first install #2268
[Improved] Handling of plural forms in localizations #2046


[Changed] Digital signature and description #2045
[Changed] Restrictions on the length of non-script and non-style elements have been removed #2237
[Changed] Suppress browser cache on a GM storage state change #2258
[Fixed] "Traditional Chinese" language file title #2190
[Fixed] block\_third\_party\_auth parameter does not work #2073
[Fixed] App has crashed while being closed from tray #2019
[Fixed] Application update clears userscripts' storage even for the same update channel #2194
[Fixed] Cannot export settings in nightly builds #2204
[Fixed] Crash while closing from the tray #2252
[Fixed] MS Edge is not filtered in the Windows Insider Preview #2270
[Fixed] Tab and arrow keys can be used while in the password protected menu #2012
[Fixed] Userscript's require and resources parameters are not exported along with with its contents #2212
[Fixed] Windows notification center is unavailable #2181
[Fixed] Wrong folder is opened after the export operation is finished #2123
[Fixed] User script name being corrupted while export settings #2275
[Improved] can now be run as a "true" win64 process on 64-bit OS #1809
[Improved] Do not allow auto-switch update channel within the process of the upgrade #2269
[Improved] Traditional Chinese translations for filters have been updated #2245
AdGuard for Windows 6.2.437.2171
Release date: November 22, 2017
Over the last weeks, we've received several reports about bugs that slithered in the latest release. They turned out to be both moderately important and relatively easy to fix, so we decided to release a new update off-schedule.
[Fixed] "Reinstall certificate" feature does not work in Firefox #2013
While not being the most important feature, the automatic certificate reinstall is more relevant for Firefox-based browsers than for any other ones. This fix eliminates the need to do it manually.


[Fixed] Connect to failed: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED #1991
[Fixed] Can't send pictures in desktop Viber app #1990


[Fixed] Fix the translation for the 'Get Premium' tile #1999
[Fixed] Baofeng video software compatibility issue #1993
[Fixed] Several userscripts compatibility issues #1986
AdGuard for Windows 6.2.433.2167
Release date: October 25, 2017
Hello! The changelog this time is truly gigantic. Every time we thought we were going to release the current version, there was always something we felt was essential to fix, add or improve. How did it turn out?
Let's start with UI changes. Both Filtering log and Filter editor have been seriously redesigned. We need to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who has expressed his or her opinion because few changes depend as heavily on users' feedback as these.
[Changed] Filtering log rework #96
We know for certain that quite a few of our users are actively using Filtering log — both for creating new custom rules and generally knowing what's going on. So why not help them a bit? It has undergone a major renovation. New Filtering log overlaps with Filter editor a great bit, for example, you can create new rules and unblock blocked requests right therefrom.
There are more details to see about each request, too. The request details dialog window is very reminiscent of the Developer tools in Chrome browser. All in all, the new Filtering log is much more than a simple list of which requests are blocked and which are not.
[Changed] Filter editor rework #1293
Filter editor has also changed for the best. The addition of an 'Edit mode' allows replacing the data grid with a text area. This lets you copy/paste/delete many rules at once without having to bother with export/import.
Basic hotkeys are now available, which will speed up the process of working with the filter editor. There are many other quality of life changes, especially to the UI, which will draw your attention as soon as you launch the new version.
[Added] Integration with Windows 10 notifications center #1554
Many Windows 10 users find the Notification center to be helpful when it comes to tracking the activity of their apps. We have finally decided to take advantage of it and integrated AdGuard with the center. AdGuard has a surprisingly decent amount of various notifications. Just to name a few: notifications related to the license/trial period, automatic filter activations, new rules in User filter, Safebrowsing triggers, update checks results, etc. If you use Windows 10, you'll be able to find them all in one place now, thus making it much easier to keep up with what's going on with AdGuard.
[Changed] Network settings moved to a separate settings tab #1404
This one is rather straightforward. Previously, all network settings were crowding inside the 'General settings' tab making it harder to scroll up in down, searching for the one setting you need. Adding a separate first-level tab makes it easier to navigate through the app.

Assistant and other extensions

While not being an integral part of AdGuard for Windows, some extensions (or *userscripts*) have grown over time to become strongly associated with it. And we showed them some love!

AdGuard Assistant

A lot has been done in terms of improving AdGuard Assistant, and a lot more is planned for the future, so we decided to allocate it a separate, own GitHub repository:
By the way, you may notice that the 'Report website' button now leads to a whole new page. Basically, what you see is a web reporting tool that allows you to easily send us a report on anything from a missed ad to a false positive. More about this later.
What else is done already? The biggest change is the ability to drag the Assistant icon across the page and place it wherever you see fit. Moreover, AdGuard will memorize the position of the Assistant icon for each website separately, so you can really customize it according to your taste and preferences.
The Assistant interface overall has become smaller but retained full functionality compared to earlier versions. There is even one new feature: a switch for toggling the filtering on the website on and off. Previously, the Assistant wasn't shown on websites with disabled filtering, and you had to go to User filter to enable it back.
Oh, and we could use your help with translating the new Assistant. Did you know that anyone can volunteer as a translator? If you feel confident, head right here and find your native language. Don't forget to read through the translator's memo.

AdGuard PopupBlocker

[Added] AdGuard PopupBlocker extension v2.1 #1883
For quite a while now, AdGuard works as a userscript manager — you can install any script via AdGuard to use it in any browser. PopupBlocker has always been one of the 'native' userscripts that are installed by default, alongside AdGuard Assistant. Its purpose is clear — to block any unwanted pop-ups.
Previous version (v1.0) was functional but very little beyond that. We have completely redesigned the PopupBlocker. It now has advanced pop-up detection, compared to its predecessor and its alternatives, restores the initial click behavior and is invisible to other scripts. All in all, new PopupBlocker is a solid addition to your online protection suite.
By the way, it is available as a standalone script that can be used on its own with any other userscript manager. To find more information about PopupBlocker, visit its GitHub repository.

Reports web app

[Added] Integration with Reports Web App #1964
When it comes to keeping our filter lists updated, we owe our users a big one. Thanks to their timely reports of missed ads, false positives etc., AdGuard filters are always up-to-date. We want to make the process of reporting a website easy for users and informative for filter developers, that’s why we decided to integrate AdGuard for Windows with a special web reporting tool.
When you see any problem like missed ad or annoyance, click on the Assistant icon and choose “Report this website”. You will be taken to a new page and asked to fill in some information about your AdGuard settings and the nature of the problem. Good thing is that AdGuard pre-fills most of the fields automatically, so most of the job is already done for you :)
We hope this change will strengthen the feedback from our users and allow AdGuard filters to stay at the cutting edge of ad blocking technology.

Userscripts handling

[Changed] The way AdGuard handles userscripts #1714
A lot of effort has been put into improving (better to say, rethinking) the way AdGuard works with userscripts. This actually has two different aspects:
First, from now on, the communication between AdGuard and Assistant is based on WebSocket, which results in better performance. This is also perfectly applicable to AdGuard Browser extension, when it is working in the integration mode with AdGuard for Windows.
Second, we have taken a whole complex of measures that allow for any external userscripts that you install via AdGuard to show higher speed and execution stability.

Other important changes

[Added] Settings export/import #1405
A lot of users were asking for this, and finally we deliver. Now you can save your settings configuration into a file and then use it to set up AdGuard on another machine exactly how you prefer. Another implication of this is to quickly switch between different settings profiles without having to feverishly click through a dozen of tabs and checkboxes.
[Improved] A complete "Exit AdGuard" functionality was added #1509
Now users have a choice between closing AdGuard as they usually do, and closing it completely. That means closing the Windows service as well as UI, and when UI is getting started again, the service will start as well (you may be asked for the admin privileges, though).
[Added] An option to create custom filters not backed with a file #1669
In addition to the usual option of adding any list by URL or loading it from a local file, you can now create independent new filters from scratch. It is possible to create several such filters, give each of them their own name and fill with any rules. As a result, you can create a set of specified filters which can be separately enabled, disabled and edited.
Full changelog:

Ad Blocking

[Added] "Block third-party authorization header" Stealth Mode option #698
[Added] "Pure URL" functionality has been added to the Stealth Mode #356
[Added] $app modifier support #1396
[Added] $extension modifier #1542
[Added] An option to hide Java and Flash support #1064
[Changed] $webrtc rules are being ignored now #1776
[Changed] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest got rid of #1503
[Changed] The $important modifier is now applied to rules created by enabling/disabling filtering via Assistant #1924
[Changed] The behavior of the ~third-party modifier #1564
[Changed] The range of $$ rules was increased #1464
[Changed] The script is not getting removed anymore if there is an $empty modifier in a rule #1789
[Changed] X-Requested-With is being used now to detect object-subrequest content type #1435
[Fixed] $replace rules are applied to HTTPS sites even when HTTPS filtering is disabled #1752
[Fixed] AdGuard can not recognize :empty+div selector #1687
[Fixed] Automatic update for disabled filters #1445
[Fixed] Chromium is not filtered by default #1956
[Fixed] Content filtering exception rules behavior #1560
[Fixed] content-length duplicate header issue #1982
[Fixed] Cosmetic filters are not applied to the pages whitelisted by a $document exception anymore #1574
[Fixed] Duplicate filtering rules #1686
[Fixed] Error while parsing filtering rules of a particular type #1558
[Fixed] No filtering with TCP Fast Open enabled in Firefox Nightly #1867
[Fixed] Notification API isn't blocked properly #1706
[Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.8 #1823
[Improved] GM_openInTab to handle data URLs in chrome #1971
[Improved] Multiple filters can be automatically enabled as language-specific at once now #1758
[Improved] The way $network modifier works #1645


[Added] Brotli support #1545
[Changed] HasConflictWithWpf flag values have been updated #1976
[Changed] SHA1 deprecation process is finished #1325
[Changed] WoSign and StartCom Certificates have been completely deprecated #1359
[Changed] XMLHttpRequest in the API is now protected #1434
[Fixed] A page is broken in IE #1591
[Fixed] AdGuard 6.2.390 on Windows 10 stops browsing until user kill the process #1901
[Fixed] AdGuard breaks local HTTPS connections #1896
[Fixed] AdGuard cannot filter Edge HTTPS traffic when TCP Fast Open is turned ON #1093
[Fixed] AdGuard cannot handle huge chunks properly #1772
[Fixed] Disabling HTTPS filtering breaks #1792
[Fixed] DNS is unreachable when using AdGuard #1918
[Fixed] Dropbox CSP messes with AdGuard scripts #1678
[Fixed] HTTPS filtering on does not work sometimes #1902
[Fixed] Impossible to set custom IP in Stealth Mode #1828
[Fixed] Incorrect encoding was being used for the preview purposes #1741
[Fixed] Invalid gzip causes connection to hang #1817
[Fixed] Requests blocked when HTTPS filtering is disabled aren't present in the filtering log #1639
[Fixed] Several userscripts do not work when installed via AdGuard #1562
[Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1702
[Fixed] SHA-1 intermediate issue #1702
[Fixed] Stealth mode settings may break filtering completely #1693
[Fixed] Warnings about synchronous requests #1688
[Fixed] Wrong ciphers order #1884
[Improved] AdGuard doesn't recognize userscript updates when the version string is too long #1541
[Improved] Custom filter updates are being validated now #1765
[Improved] The strong key exchange within secure connections has been enforced #1728
[Improved] WebRTC detection #1831


[Added] "AdGuard service" description #422
[Added] "Start time" and "Time" fields in the log records #1677
[Added] "Storage" and "Reinstall" buttons on “Extensions” screen #1893
[Added] A "Preview" feature for the blocked requests in Filtering Log #1695
[Added] A "Reset to defaults" button to the Extensions settings #1473
[Added] A loader is shown while Filter Editor is being prepared to be opened #1638
[Added] A switch to change the filter list display mode #574
[Added] A tooltip has been added to the "Support" window #1432
[Added] A warning in the "Filtered apps" section when AdGuard is in the proxy mode #942
[Added] An option to disable all AdGuard popup notifications #1630
[Added] An option to disable pop-up text in the Filter editor #1082
[Added] Filtering log export feature #1662
[Added] Filtering log records context menu #1668
[Added] Search function was added to the preview textarea #1694
[Changed] "Applied rules" appearance #1676
[Changed] All elements in Filter Editor UI are now shown as disabled until rules are fully loaded #1638
[Changed] Dutch localization was updated #1663
[Changed] Expiration date in the 'License' section has been made more distinguishable #674
[Changed] Filtering log scrolling behavior #1791
[Changed] Graying out the disabled modules has been uniformed across the app #1827
[Changed] Hebrew localization was updated #1548
[Changed] Interface has been optimized for screen readers #352
[Changed] License key symbols in the 'License' section are hidden now #627
[Changed] More details have been added to the "AdGuard service" description #422
[Changed] Prevent closing the editor after editing a userscript #1632
[Changed] Program logo and "About" screen have been updated #1812
[Changed] Resizing the details pane was made more convenient #1675
[Changed] The EULA has been updated #1824
[Changed] The Filter Editor does not allow switching to other filters now when you're in the edit mode #1656
[Changed] The link to custom rules creation manual is added to the Filter editor #1410
[Changed] The maximum number of records in the Filtering Log was limited #1723
[Changed] UDP/TCP and HTTPS tunnel connections moved to the "Other" section of the filtering log #1670
[Changed] Update channel is now set to "Beta" if you install or update AdGuard to beta version #196
[Changed] Values in the details panel are now selectable #1667
[Fixed] "Connection" type records issues #1674
[Fixed] "Support" contact form is missing #1753
[Fixed] A “new line” symbol is added after copying a rule in Filter editor #1878
[Fixed] An incorrect message is shown upon checking for the updates w/o an Internet connection #1552
[Fixed] Can't use 0 as a value for self-destructing cookies setting #1642
[Fixed] Cancel button is missing #1899
[Fixed] Cannot close "validation error" dialog when editing a userscript #1894
[Fixed] Changing Advanced settings does not lead to network filtering restart #1800
[Fixed] Closing the right pane for a blocked request in Filtering Log does not highlight the entry #1729
[Fixed] Complete exit functionality bugs #1826
[Fixed] Crash after exiting AdGuard via the tray menu #1697
[Fixed] Ctrl + Z does not work in any input field #1960
[Fixed] Default filters could have been deleted in filter editor #1786
[Fixed] Disabling HTTPS filtering leads to duplicate entries in the filtering log #1793
[Fixed] Facebook response preview is broken as preview tool does not support Brotli #1657
[Fixed] Filter editor bug #1969
[Fixed] Filtering log and Filter editor windows have different styles #1920
[Fixed] Filtering log search does not show UDP requests #1658
[Fixed] Filters content is being written to the application log #1703
[Fixed] GUI can't start after changing language #1664
[Fixed] Log export does not work #1900
[Fixed] New filtering log does not display removed elements #1660
[Fixed] Remote address bug in Filtering log #1852
[Fixed] Search does not work in userscript editor #1814
[Fixed] Search tooltip bug #1830
[Fixed] Stealth Mode tooltip bugs #1520
[Fixed] There was a sequence of actions that could lead to the removal of User filter #1787
[Fixed] UI crash when disabling the service with opened Filtering Log #1751
[Fixed] User filter is always empty when "Filter editor" is opened for the first time #1970
[Fixed] User Filters search doesn't work in 'advanced editor' mode #1821
[Fixed] User installed disabled filters are enabled after checking for updates #1692
[Improved] More filter editor tweaks and fixes #1750, #1778
[Improved] Search criteria in the filtering log were extended #1513
[Improved] Speed of searching in Filter Editor and Filtering Log was increased #1725
[Improved] Support for the PT-PT localization has been added #1640


[Added] AdGuard French filter #1596
[Changed] 'Adblock Protector' added to the list of filters available by default #1584
[Changed] Bandizip app has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1680
[Changed] Localizations have been updated
[Changed] Several browsers and apps were added to the list of apps filtered by default #1182, #1563
[Changed] Spotify app has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1904
[Changed] Swing browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1769
[Changed] The list of HTTPS exclusions has been updated
[Changed] Whale browser has been added to the list of apps filtered by default #1770
[Fixed] "Add application" tool in “Filtered Apps” can't detect installed Viber #1559
[Fixed] A generic hiding rule in third-party filter is not being applied #1696
[Fixed] AdGuard crashes when you block a request in the filtering log #1868
[Fixed] Assistant settings are reset with the 3.0 -> 4.0 update #1738
[Fixed] Problematic userscript prevents others from working #1962
[Fixed] Several third-party userscripts compatibility issues
[Fixed] Stealth mode blocks Bitrix24 calls #1685
[Fixed] Typos #1825
[Fixed] Userscript is not injected #1958
[Improved] Data is now being preprocessed before the import/export #1691
[Improved] Log columns were reordered #1779
[Improved] The log file is now being validated before importing #1722
[Improved] Version check algorithm for filters added by URL #1431
AdGuard for Windows 6.1.331.1732
Release date: March 30, 2017
This update might not be the biggest one, in a sense it doesn't feature any revolutionary additions or the immense number of changes. But it's surely a unique one, and it's because it is by far the most influenced by the user feedback. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped us!
It is super important for two big reasons, both concern networking/compatibility: we have *finally* fixed the compatibility issue with KIS/ESET and, also, we've fixed a certificate issue in modern Chrome versions (59+). Details below.
[Fixed] Compatibility with KIS/ESET #1565
AdGuard used to have compatibility issues with such antivirus software like Kaspersky and ESET. Users had to seek for compromises: disabling SSL scanning in antivirus, disabling WFP driver or even HTTPS filtering in AdGuard. The core of the problem was the WFP network driver incompatibility, and we had had plans to develop a new driver for what now seems like an eternity.
We'd already claimed to have this fixed in the previous releases, but things turned out to be more complicated. We've come through countless iterations, test builds, and driver updates, and now we are confident enough to say that this time the problem is fixed for real. No more BSODs and other funny stuff when you run AdGuard alongside with KIS or ESET.
And again, we can't thank enough everyone who was willing to cope with raw test builds and provided invaluable feedback in order to help us make things right. Just look at the task - it is blowing up with comments. We are happy to have such users, you are awesome.
[Fixed] Compatibility with Chrome 59+
With big news which WFP driver compatibility fix is it could be easy to neglect other changes. And that would be so wrong! This fix, in particular, is of utmost importance. It ensures AdGuard will run without problems on modern (v59+) Chrome versions. Otherwise, there would be troubles with AdGuard certificate validation.


[Changed] The search criteria in the filtering log were extended #1513
[Changed] Connections are not allowed if DH1024 is in use #1616
[Changed] The default HTTPS exclusions list has been updated #1618
[Fixed] AdGuard Service keeps downloading data after closing the browser #1599
[Fixed] An error encountered when adding a filter by URL #1583
AdGuard for Windows 6.1.314.1628
Release date: February 20, 2017
UPD: hotfix update 6.1.314 brings a fix for the bug #1569, messing with filtering when HTTPS filtering is disabled.
It was quite a while since the last AdGuard for Windows release. And there are other reasons for that apart from the Christmas/New Year holidays: we'd been extensively testing the new network driver before, finally, we felt ready to include it in the new release version. But what is there for me in this network driver, you might ask? Well, it fixes an old compatibility issue with several antivirus programs. For sure, there are other fixes and changes as well, and you will find the whole list below.
You can also find all relevant information about this release (and discuss it) in our blog.


[Improved] WFP driver was updated to fix compatibility issues with KIS and ESET #1497
Previously, it was not unusual at all that AdGuard would have compatibility issues with some antiviruses, and KIS and ESET being the most common ones. The workarounds existed but were far from ideal - you had had to sacrifice some parts of functionality on either AdGuard or antivirus side. With updated WFP driver these conflicts will be no more, allowing users to run AdGuard alongside with KIS and ESET.
[Improved] The way we respond to HTTP protocol violation #1452
It would take too long to explain technical nuances, but effectively this fixes the problem some users might have come across before: when you try to open a page and it is downloaded as a file instead.
[Fixed] $popup rule bug #1504
[Fixed] QUIC protocol issue when KIS is installed #1482
[Fixed] HideUserSearch option breaks the 'maximize' button graphics #1536
[Fixed] 'Disable Fast Open' setting doesn't work in latest Insider Preview builds #1487
[Fixed] Several issues in Firefox with the default value of 'Hide you user-agent' setting #1493

Ad Blocking

[Added] $network basic rules modifier to solve the issue with loading ads through WebRTC #1297
[Changed] Extra Steam executables removed from the list of filtered apps #1468
[Fixed] Invalid executable for CentBrower #1453
[Fixed] $replace rules aren't applied to .m3u8 files content #1428
[Fixed] Regular expressions with $ aren't processed properly #1475
[Improved] Cosmetic exception rules compilation speed #1533


[Added] A new advanced settings property to change the injection method #1492
[Changed] Version history link in about section #1471
[Changed] Parental Control password protection is made separate for different Windows user accounts #1480


[Changed] HTTPS exceptions list is updated #1532
[Changed] Opera Neon browser added to the list of filtered apps #1495
[Changed] Orbitum browser added to the list of filtered apps #1467
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: December 2, 2016
This version should be considered as a revision of the AdGuard for Windows 6.1 release. This is why you will not spot many 'major' changes - mostly bugfixes, small changes, improvements etc. More drastic changes will come eventually with 6.2 version.

Ad Blocking

[Added] $important modifier #1312
This new addition is an important one (no pun intended), but mostly relevant for creators of custom filter rules. With it's help you can give certain rules higher priority.
[Changed] Several apps and browsers added to the list of apps filtered by default #1230, #1236, #1274, #1280, #1344, #1347
[Fixed] Inconsistent $replace result #1358
[Fixed] AdGuard now filters pages with Content-Type:application/xhtml #571
[Fixed] HTTPS exceptions do not cover subdomains #1317
[Fixed] $replace rule can now be applied along with the other rules #640
[Improved] Filters update check period is now customizable #941
[Improved] AdGuard now can partially block encrypted ads without decrypting SSL protocol (if HTTPs filtering is disabled) #1233


[Changed] Switched to the DigiCert certificate #1268
[Changed] WoSign and StartCom certificates became unstrusted #1359
[Changed] Proxy mode will use IPv4 address when it is available from now on #1323
[Fixed] CSP is now handled in meta tags #797
[Fixed] Issue with invalid HTML #1222
[Fixed] "iframe" elements are not removed from the page code #1245
[Fixed] AdGuard.Tools.exe heavy CPU load issue #1229
[Fixed] Opera dev ad blocker compatibility issue with AdGuard Assistant #1173
[Fixed] Opera built-in VPN compatibility issue #1116
[Fixed] Certificate validity check order #1277
[Fixed] SSL exceptions aren't deleted on network API reinit #1304
[Fixed] AdGuard code is injected into a non-HTML document #1316
[Fixed] WFP driver impacting DPC latency #1156
[Fixed] $empty modifier behaviour #1360
[Fixed] Stealth mode ignores $stealth exception #1362
[Fixed] Inability to apply inline style #1331
[Fixed] An empty 'style' tag is added even if there's no element hiding #1336
[Fixed] $replace modifier breaks content charset #1378
[Fixed] Adsbypasser and some other userscripts do not work properly #1363
[Fixed] "Enable safe search" function in Parental Control breaks Google #1383
[Fixed] AdGuard doesn't filter HTTPs when Fiddler is switched on and in "decode https" mode #1372
[Fixed] Adding a URL to temporary HTTPs exceptions is suppressed now when connection is closed from the server side #1341
[Fixed] 'access-control-allow-origin' header console error #1381
[Improved] HTTPS is now used for safebrowsing service requests #1386
[Improved] Encrypted connection is used now with #1369
[Improved] AdGuard styles are now protected from removing #1272
[Improved] Content type detection #1264
[Improved] Content injection algorithm was reworked #1099, #1305


[Changed] WOT extension is now disabled by default #1364
Recently, an article was posted in one of the popular technology blogs, claiming that Web of Trust is selling its users' browser history to third-parties. WoT extension is preinstalled in AdGuard for Windows, and although it was developed by us and is not sending any of your data to WoT, we can not leave this without a reponse. For this reason we make WoT extension disabled by default in AdGuard for Windows. You can read our official stance regarding these news in our blog.
[Changed] You can now completely remove WoT extension #1364
[Changed] Unnecessary text in 'Import rules' dialog window is removed #1349
[Fixed] Filter's name isn't copied with the rest of request details #1318
[Fixed] Button size issue on the last step of AdGuard wizard #1352
[Fixed] AdGuard crashes if you try to close UI while editing a filter rule #1258
[Fixed] $replace rule is shown as applied to images #1392


[Fixed] Deleted records from HTTPs exclusions are not restored on app update anymore #904
Many other minor fixes and changes. The full list can be found in descriptions to prior beta versions in our repository on GitHub.
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: August 26, 2016
Briefly about new AdGuard for Windows version: Stealth Mode got new useful options, userscripts work better now, ad blocking became more advanced and our network drivers - more stable. All the details are below.

Stealth Mode

[Added] "Self destructing cookies" option in Stealth Mode #678
Previously Stealth Mode module provided only the option to completely block third-party cookies. Now you will not only have an ability to differ first- and third-party cookies, but also the ability to set the exact time which cookies will be kept alive for. Important note: you can still block cookies alltogether, just set the keep-alive time to '0'.
[Added] Added an option to block "Browser location API" #139
[Added] Added an option to block "Browser notifications API" #1121
Normally browsers may detect your location and use this information to prioritize specific search results or make other various suggestions based on it. With browser location API blocked this will be impossible.
Blocking browser notifications API feature works somewhat similar, but rather prevents browser from showing things like news or social media frames that pop-up in the corner of your browser.


[Improved] Content injection algorithm #1099
We completely redesigned content injection algorithm. First and foremost, this should solve issues with scripts that start when the page opens, resolve some of the known conflicts (AdsBypasser, YouTube+), and also optimize usage of scripts and ad blocker styles. Overall, a technical, but very important change.
[Added] Userscripts handling #1172
We adopted a new way of handling user.js (userscript) files. Now AdGuard will automatically detect when user.js file was processed. If it is a valid userscript, AdGuard will open a dialog window, offering user to install it. Of course, this setting will be optional and possible to turn off through settings.


[Added] Hebrew localization, Dutch localization #1076, #1063
We continue to make AdGuard more easily accessible for users all over the world. This time we add two more new localizations and fix some mistakes in already existing ones.


[Improved] Network SDK was updated #1179
In reality, this implies many various fixes that concern our network drivers. It would be hard to list them all here, and most of them are rather technical anyway. For example, the WFP driver - Windows Defender compatibility issue was addressed.

Ad Blocking

[Added] Support for extended selectors #1225
This is a technical term, but what hides behind it? With extended selectors support, we can much more easily create some rules that were very, very hard to create earlier. Notably, this concerns rules required to block such things as 'Sponsored posts' on Facebook.
[Added] Extended CSS support
This is a very important addition in terms of future (and present) possibilities that it opens for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a module for applying CSS styles with extended selection properties. Basically, it means that we will be able to select and, therefore, block some elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. Currently we support following pseudo-classes: -ext-has (:has), -ext-contains (:contains), [-ext-matches-css (:matches-css).


Dozens of minor fixes and improvements.
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: April 18, 2016
A hotfix after last weeks release. Previously there turned out to be several problems, including router page loading problem and other. These bugs are fixed with this version.
[Fixed] Indefinite loading of router page #1042
[Fixed] Rare problem when AdGuard crashes after clicking on tray menu icon #1045
[Fixed] AdGuard will not crash any more if you switch tabs while have active search on 'Settings' screen #1043
[Fixed] AdGuard now detects HTML correctly for all websites if there is an xml declaration at the document start #1011
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: April 14, 2016
Good news, everyone! We haven't seen any new bugs since the latest beta version, and it means nothing else but the new stable release is arriving. During the last couple of months that had passed since the 6.0 release we were able to track quite a lot of bugs and defects, which were crucial to fix. So we concentrated on them for a while. Finally, everything seems to be fixed and we are ready to turn on the autoupdate for all our users who still use Adgguard 5.10. We were looking forward to this moment! Even if you were already using AdGuard 6 and you are not as excited by these news, you should be. This release means we can finally put all our efforts into implementing cool new features you might have or have not seen in our roadmap. In case you missed last beta releases and respective release notes, you can catch up and read about all the fixes and additions below. Most important of them, as usual, are described in detail.
UI changes
[Changed] AdGuard uses native-style tray menu now #1006
[Changed] AdGuard window is now opened with a single click on tray menu #1030
[Fixed] 'About' window content is not flickering anymore #954
[Fixed] Empty strings are now removed when importing user filter #973
[Fixed] Error previously encountered while installing a userstyle #934
[Improved] Proxy name validator now recognizes domain names and not only IP addresses #931
Ad Blocker
[Improved] Added $stealth modifier that disables Stealth Mode for the specified website #339 As we already mentioned in our blog, separate whitelist for Stealth Mode is on our roadmap. It is a much needed feature for anyone who actively uses Stealth Mode. We are not quite there yet, but we made a big step in the right direction by implementing $stealth modifier. It works similar to all other modifiers, just add it to any exception rule and it will disable Stealth Mode for that website specifically, even if the module itself is enabled. For example: @@||^$stealth You can find more information about rules formatting on our website:
[Changed] Facebook windows app added to default filtered apps list #974
[Changed] $replace rules should now have higher priority than other basic rules #1023
[Fixed] AdGuard does not try to filter data: URLs any more #1007
[Fixed] $domain modifier now does work for blocking WebSocket connections #998
[Fixed] AdGuard now doesn't ignore tag href attribute while constructing absolute URL #978
[Fixed] Error previously encountered while parsing a style tag with embedded svg #977
[Fixed] Language-specific filters are now detected properly from users keyboard layouts #401
[Improved] AdGuard now can process websites names in punycode when adding them to HTTPS exclusions #962
Languages and Translations
[Added] Support for complex language codes #808 We have completely reworked applications localization system. This allowed us to significantly increase number of languages we can potentially support (this mostly concerns various dialects, alternative alphabets etc.).
[Added] Croatian language
[Improved] HTML content detection #855 Content type detection was significantly improved. This effectively means that AdGuard will not interfere with those types of traffic which do not require filtering, decreasing the number of potential conflicts.
[Fixed] Web interface of TP-Link router is broken #844 Some of our users encountered problems with accessing TP-Link routers' interface with enabled AdGuard. Upon investigating this issue we discovered a serious issue with WFP driver which resulted in problems with displaying some websites. As a result, we have improved communication with some specific web-servers.
[Added] Support for HTTP method REPORT #1020
[Fixed] AdGuard can now detect HTML if there is an xml declaration at the document start #1011
[Fixed] ESET compatibility issue when Chrome browser would randomly hang #899
[Fixed] Data is now read to end after blocking a POST request #916
[Fixed] Issue with unexpected connection reset with TDI driver #1025
[Fixed] Blank dialog while updating from 5.10 to 6.0 #924
[Fixed] CMD window is no more shown on AdGuard update #935
[Fixed] An issue when update errors were shown as valid updates in tray notification #993
[Fixed] AdGuard now detects Chrome in 'Filtered apps' on Windows 10 insider build #972
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: March 2, 2016
[Fixed] Issues in Windows 10 Insider Preview build caused by SHA-1 certificate used for network drivers.
Let us elaborate a little on this one, since this change stands out as the most important one in this update. Recently we have noticed, with the help of our beta testers, that SHA-1 certificate previously used to sign our network drivers, was in a process of being deprecated. Effectively this means that users of Windows 10 Insider Preview were not able to enable AdGuard protection. We have signed our network drivers with new certificates, and now all users will be able to run AdGuard without any problems.
UI Changes
[Fixed] 'Upgrade license' notification is no more shown for licenses activated with beta key
[Fixed] Bug when some apps wouldn't show among 'filtered apps' until they are started
[Fixed] Latest update check time is not being updated
[Fixed] Pressing Alt-F4 while in AdGuard tray menu will no longer result in closing the main window
Ad Blocker
[Fixed] K-Meleon browser is now correctly detected as installed
[Fixed] Unnecessary language-specific filter activation
[Fixed] WebRTC will no more be blocked for applications which are not in the Filtered Apps list
[Improved] Default HTTPs exclusions list was significantly updated
[Changed] Auto update mechanism
[Fixed] AdGuard beta won't update after clicking on 'Install' button in 'About' section
[Fixed] MSI shows "remove settings" dialog on uninstall.
[Fixed] WFP driver is now uninstalled correctly on Win 10 x64
Languages and translations
[Fixed] "User filter" is not translated to Polish
[Fixed] AG code is no more injected into
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AdGuard for Windows
Release date: February 9, 2016
A new update to the recently released AdGuard 6 is available. It mostly contains fixes to some minor bugs we missed during the beta test. You are able to update to the latest version from your client.
[Fixed] WFP driver now can be used on Windows 7 x86
[Changed] 'Thank you' page removed from AdGuard
[Fixed] Validation of Parental Control whitelist/blacklist domains is now working correctly
[Fixed] Reset settings windows title now has a name separate from its description
[Fixed] "User filter" translations are fixed and completed
[Fixed] Bug encountered when setting TDI driver as default on Windows 7
[Improved] Tools for problem monitoring during installation process
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: February 4, 2016
It is finally time to release AdGuard 6! We have put a lot of time and effort into its development, and you will see this reflected in the release notes. A lot was added, even more was improved compared to AdGuard 5. New version became much more intuitive in use, functional and diverse.
AdGuard user interface was completely redesigned. It will now have modern tile design. Compared to AdGuard 5, it is much better structurized and more visually attractive.
AdGuard was translated into many new languages. That includes UI, AdGuard Assistant and filter descriptions etc.
Window positions are now memorized and restored after program restart.
Tray menu is reworked, improved accessibility of different options through tray.
New versions interface is much more friendly to people with visual impairment. For example, now Windows screen reader sees almost all the elements of the program – tips, tuning, and more.
UI performance and boot speed were significantly optimized, memory consumption was greatly reduced. You can find respective graphs in blog (see the link below).
Now with the first launch of AdGuard a tutorial will be shown, familiarizing user with AdGuard and quickly introducing its capabilities.
Updating to new version from AdGuard 5 is now possible and will not lose any settings.
New possibility to change update channel to 'Beta' and receive all beta updates, including Assistant and other extensions. Useful for those, who wants to always be the first to know about all the new features.
A new module was added - Stealth Mode. Back in previous versions we only had a filter against spyware, counters and trackers to protect your online privacy. Stealth Mode serves to protect your online privacy in various ways, including blocking of third-party cookies, hiding IP address and many, many more.
Improved support for filtered apps. AdGuard now automatically finds software installed on your computer and offers to filter its traffic, this includes modern UI applications. Of course, you still can add any browser (or any app) manually. The mechanism for adding new applications to AdGuard itself is completely redesigned too, and now it is easy for any user to cope with it.
Filter editor and Filtering log were drastically changed. You will find both fresh design and improved functionality. In the Filter editor, you can see the rules created by the AdGuard Assistant, that is, all the rules that you added manually. Filtering Log displays all the requests sent.
You can now use new search feature to search the whole program for any keyword by entering it in the text field in the top right corner. We believe this is one of the most useful innovations. Now you do not have to go through the entire section of the program in search for the information you need.
Now it is possible to subscribe to any filter by URL or by choosing path to a local file, and AdGuard will automatically watch for changes.
Extensions were allocated to a separate module which can be enabled/disabled as a whole.
Userscripts security was significantly improved.
Plentiful additions and improvements to filtering process were made, notably introducing support for new rules modifiers and improving filtering speed.
Many more improvements, all of which are impossible to include in these release notes.
You can read about new version in detail in our blog:
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.2051.6368
Release date: July 3, 2015
Added Microsoft Edge browser support
Improved userscripts API speed
Fixed a bug with saving AdGuard Assistant settings
Userscripts API usage is now restricted by @grant metatag
Fixed AdGuard Assistant work in Opera 12
Fixed certificate automatic import in Opera 12
Fixed some issues with CSS/JS injection in the pages with invalid HTML code
Fixed issues with SSL interceptor (connections reset for servers working with TLS 1.0 only)
Fixed Logjam (AdGuard now does not filter connections with weak DH primes)
Fixed a bug with update cleaning AdGuard's start menu folder
Fixed SSL-filtering in old browsers (IE6, IE7)
Important notice about Logjam. We do not protect you from it, just ignore such connections. Browser decides what to do with it further. So make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.
You can discuss the latest version in our blog: here.
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.2037.6352
Release date: June 10, 2015
Important: AdGuard extensions API is now protected from misuse
Added notification about added and removed user rules
Web of Trust extension is updated - fixed an issue when website could hide reputation warning
Added server SSL certificates revocation check (OCSP)
Fixed compatibility issue with BitDefender and AdGuard's WFP driver
Fixed safe search for Yandex
Minor UI fixes
You can discuss the latest version in our blog: here.
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.2025.6326
Release date: May 24, 2015
SSL private key is no more pinned to your computer hardware. Every clean installation you get fresh private key
We now better handle TLS 1.2 connections
All certs and private keys are now encrypted and stored in a single file
You can discuss the latest version in our blog.
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.2021.6301
Release date: April 20, 2015
Added Spartan browser support
Significantly improved filtering speed of some heavy HTML pages
Fixed possible app crash (in case of logging error)
Fixed a bug with checking existence of AG certificate in Firefox-based browsers. Now if AG does not detect our cert it disables SSL filtering for Firefox
Changed AG certificate generation algorithm (you may need to reinstall it to Firefox after update or to simply reboot the computer)
Improved SSL filter, fixed FREAK vulnerability
Fixed some minor SSL filtering bugs
Several sites added to default SSL exclusions
Fixed compatibility issue with latest Bitdefender version and AdGuard WFP driver
Filtering speed has been slightly improved
Fixed Lunascape browser support
Minor UI fixes
You can discuss the latest version in our blog: here.
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.2010.6262
Release date: March 12, 2015
Parental Control is now available for any license type including Standard and Bonus
Fixed QUIC protocol filtering (that's a critical bug, sometimes we failed to filter Youtube because of it)
Added filter rules validation. Now AdGuard ignores rules with syntax mistakes
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.2004.6244
Release date: March 3, 2015
Added Vivaldi browser support
Added support of userscripts custom menu items (GM_registerMenuCommand function). Press Shift+Alt+M to bring up list of registered menu items (if any). Examples of userscripts with their custom menu items: Youtube Center, AdsBypasser, Anti-Adblock Killer
Added TLS v1.2 support
Improved userscripts API
Fixed work of several userscripts: AdsBypasser, Mouseover Popup Image Viewer, Context Menu Example (Firefox only), File Hosting Download Manager Disabler
Fixed compatibility issue with Home Media Server, Geforce Experience, Asus Control Center
Fixed incompatibility with ZenMate
Fixed a bug with short-living keep-alive connections in proxy mode
Fixed dependence on domain availability
Fixed AdGuard's network driver vulnerability
You can discuss this version in our blog.
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.1190.6188
Release date: January 15, 2015
Fixed a bug with random SSL exclusions
Fixed a bug with some URL filtering rules
Fixed a bug with AdGuard browser extension integration (in case if filtering is temporary disabled by AdGuard Assistant)
Added 2 domains to default SSL exclusions: and
Fixed a bug with SSL filtering in case if website use DES-CBC3-SHA cipher
Minor bugfixes
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.1186.6168
Release date: December 22, 2014
New version of AdGuard network drivers
Added Maxthon Nitro support
Added support for Regexp-rules
Added new API GreaseMonkey functions for better userscripts support
Fixed an issue with a long delay when adding rules by Assistant
Now, even when the Parental Control sensitivity level is disabled, black and white lists continue to work
Fixed program crashes when working with tray
When using TDI driver Teredo is no longer disabled
Fixed bug reports in IE8
Fixed several localization bugs
Parental control now blocks access to unsafe sites even when the sensitivity level is disabled
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.1167.5997
Release date: October 3, 2014
Improved ad filtering
New AdGuard webpages style (pages you see when request is blocked by Browsing Security or Parental Control)
Fixed tray menu position on PC with two displays
Fixed extensions work on websites using custom ports
AdGuard for Windows 5.10.1164.5985
Release date: September 10, 2014
Short list of important changes: greatly reduced memory usage, we introduced convenient addition of new ad filters, integration with WoT is now a separate extension, added support for new browsers, fixed conflicts with popular programs and defects in the processing of requests and more.
Memory usage reduction
We have significantly optimized memory usage in 5.10. Now, even if you use an old computer or a weak netbook, AdGuard will work silently in a background without slowing down your device. We compared memory footprint with the one of the preceding version. And we must say 5.10 showed a result several times lower.
More ad filters
In addition, AdGuard has became an even more comprehensive program. Now users can install any ad filters. What does it mean? In addition to the filters that are already installed in AdGuard by default, you can add third-party ones, such as a list of filters that allow AdGuard to block ads in different segments of the Internet - websites in different languages, in particular. All of this can be done directly in the program, simply by selecting a filter you want and clicking on the "Add selected" button.
Displaying the possible danger
Integration with Web of Trust is now brought out in the separate extension, which can be disabled. Also a warning when visiting a suspicious website has changed. With the help of WoT, our AdGuard is able to notify you instantly about the reputation of websites and show the reasons for which the site is considered to be suspicious. "Categories of suspicion" can be, in particular: scam, potentially illegal, misleading claims or unethical, poor customer experience, privacy risks and others.
Other changes in version 5.10:
Added support for CSS injection rules. It gives us more flexible options for high-quality elements blocking.
Ability to edit the source code of userscripts. Now you can customize any script you like, you can find more about what it is and how to install it here.
Updates are checked only for the enabled userscripts.Thus we update only those scripts that you actually use. Why spend the extra traffic?
Extensions that do not use external resources are returned to the "default." Now you have the opportunity to reset the extensions and return websites to their original state.
Added a configuration of exceptions for secure (HTTPS) sites filtering. Adding https websites to exceptions in order for AdGuard to not filter it, used to be impossible.
Increased time of filter updates up to 12 hours. Yeah, longer but of better quality.
Speeded up the work of extensions (including Youtube Center). Userscripts do not slow down websites now.
Fixed in new version:
Fixed conflicts with Visual Studio, Tor Browser, Keepass.
Fixed slow loading of large js files.
Assistant no longer interferes in work of RequireJs websites.
Updated network drivers, fixed some small remarks.
Fixed a defect with the processing of HTTP DELETE requests.
Fixed work of Twitch Chat Filter userscript.
Fixed a bug when using proxy authorization.
Fixed compatibility error of and Parental Control.
Fixed a defect with disabling AdGuard assistant via the context menu.
Fixed some minor defects of AdGuard assistant.
Speeded up filtering of some pages (fixed problem with
Fixed API for usercripts (thanks to YoutubeCenter developer, Jeppe Rune Mortensen).
Fixed rules with the "~third-party" modifier.
New versions of TDI and WFP drivers. Fixed some compatibility issues.
Minor changes to the texts in the user interface.
AdGuard for Windows 5.9.1081.5529
Release date: March 13, 2014
Version 5.9 brings a large number of changes to AdGuard.

New features

AdGuard Extensions

In version 5.9, there is an opportunity to install extensions (userscripts). They are designed to extend the functionality of websites. How exactly will the functionality be extended depends on the particular userscript. This can be a pop-up blocking, blocking of flash requests, possibility to download music and video from social networks and much more.
You can learn more from this post in our blog.

Improved video ads blocking

In this version, AdGuard learned to recognize most of the video ads on its own without relying on filter databases.

Parental Control

During the existence of the program, we have received many requests from our users about implementing the "Parental Control" in it. Many parents found AdGuard helpful, because when using it the child didn’t see inappropriate advertising.
Finally, in the version 5.9 we are ready to introduce “Parental Control” - a separate module of the program.
You can learn more from this article.

Fixed and improved in this version

Fixed a problem with high load on the CPU and memory consumption when downloading large files
Fixed a problem with the occasional lack of HTTPS-connections filtering in Firefox and Opera
Fixed a problem with high load on the CPU and disk on system startup
Optimized and speeded up the work of AdGuard Assistant
Added support for rocket-script filtering
Fixed AdGuard compatibility issue with Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 for Windows 8.1 x64
AdGuard for Windows 5.8.1008.5204
Release date: November 1, 2013
Adguard 5.8 provides the following new features:
Improved initial setup wizard
Added "useful ads" filter
Tor browser support
What has been improved or fixed in version 5.8:
Protection level setting is removed
Fixed some minor compatibility issues
Improved filtered pages source code readability
AdGuard for Windows 5.7.996.5118
Release date: September 17, 2013
Adguard 5.7 provides the following new features:
A more perfect way for filtration with a new network driver
Adguard now uses a network driver instead of an old filtering module. This helped us greatly with fixing all existing compatibility issues with other software products. In addition, it accelerates filtration and allows Adguard to filter secure connections.
The following compatibility issues have been fixed in Adguard 5.7: Internet Download Manager (video downloading issues) DrWeb (proper filtration was dependent on the installation order) Panda Antivirus (filtration was not possible)
Added support for secure connections filtration (https connections) Now Adguard can filter secured connections if you enable it in the network settings.
Added first run wizard
What has been improved or fixed in version 5.7:
Fixed "Connection error" that occurred if the Adguard windows service started too slow
Fixed Google Chrome filtration issues
Fixed some Adguard Assistant issues
GUI performance and responsiveness to user actions have been improved
Fixed icon for Pale Moon in the browsers settings
AdGuard for Windows 5.6.864.4574
Release date: July 17, 2013
Completely new Adguard Assistant module
Automatic program updates
Adguard is divided into windows-service and GUI-client
Web Of Trust integration – know which websites to trust
Improved browsing security module
New filtration module for Windows 8 Modern UI applications Fixed:
Some websites rendering problems
Slow browsing security module updates
AdGuard for Windows 5.5.500.2934
Release date: November 26, 2012
Attention, Adguard 4 is going out of support.
QT Web browser support
Sleipnir browser support
Extended logging
Filtration is enabled on big range of ports (not only 80)
In proxy mode Adguard automatically set system settings
Problem with no filtration of some ports
Conflict with ESET ssl filtration
Errors with HTTPS websites in Opera browser
Problem with Opera's periodical slowdown
Opera Link problem
Some problems with flash games
Maxthon favourites synchronization problem
Errors that occurred while loading some pages
Some minor fixes
AdGuard for Windows 5.4.425.2526
Release date: August 31, 2012
Completely resolved the filtration speed issues
Simple SSL-traffic filtering
New network filtering algorythm
Extended filter rules
Waterfox browser support
Fixed the problem with the synchronization of bookmarks in Maxthon with an active protection
Fixed displaying issues with some of the web-sites:,, & etc
Small bugfixes and optimizations
AdGuard for Windows 5.3.343.2100
Release date: April 19, 2012
Automatic detection of the suitable filters
Japanese language and filter
German language and filter
Spanish language and filter
Portuguese language and filter
Dutch filter
Problem with very slow first request (just after Adguard has been started)
Increased filtration speed
Minor bug fixes
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: February 22, 2012
A completely reworked user interface with multilingual support
Added an experimental filter based on Collective Intelligence, a system that continuously collects and analyzes submissions from the community of Adguard users around the world
Now supports even more browsers: Palemoon, Nichrome, Yandex.Internet
Added ability to save user settings on uninstall
Added German filter
Added Windows 8 support
Ad Blocker and Browsing Security modules now keep their states between restarts
Users are now able to report false positive alarms in support section
The official site has moved to
Improved the filtration speed
Fixed critical flaws of the previous version
Fixed compatibility problems with third parties software
Fixed behavior of the “Skip” button in the messages about the new versions
Fixed encoding errors on some websites
Fixed positioning problems for the cases when system’s font is increased
Minor bug fixes
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: November 18, 2011
Fixed some bugs
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: October 4, 2011
Fixed some bugs
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: June 19, 2011
Web pages loading speed
Filters updating speed
New features of Adguard assistant:
Can block almost any element selected on the webpage (in all modern browsers)
Fixed some minor bugs
Add new function: "Undo last added rule"
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: May 17, 2011
Fixes for bugs of version 4.2
Handling redirects and cached responses
Storing phishing and malware data, db is much smaller now
Problem with determining web page encoding when HTML is invalid
Problem with parsing some scripts
Minor UI fixes
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: April 27, 2011
Large update. New functional added.
New functional:
Phishing and malware protection. Includes multiple filters:
Adguard phishing and malware filters
Google Safe Browsing phishing and malware filters
64-bit browsers support
Improved traffic filtering
Improved edit subscriptions dialog
Problem with CSS-rules in Internet Explorer 9
Some problems with adguard assistant in Opera and Internet Explorer
Problem with adding empty rule to "My Filter"
Some minor UI fixes
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: March 30, 2011
Multi-user environment support
Checkbox for enabling/disabling My Filter rules
"Ignore this version" button in update dialog
Possibility to send system diagnostics report to our support service Fixed:
Problems with several flash games and applications
Improved support section of the program
Problems with encoding of in Firefox
Minor fixes in html parser
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: February 18, 2011
Filters subscription mechanism
Added "Advanced settings" section
"Reset key" button Fixed:
Speeded up application startup
Some "Adguard assistant" bugs
Some popup blocker bugs
Fixed problem with using local proxy servers
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: January 21, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta support
New filter rule wizard
MyIE browser support
Possibility to reset statistics (from the context menu)
Possibility to reset license key
Optimized "Support" section of Adguard window Fixed:
Minor UI fixes
Minor parser fixes
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: December 28, 2010
Orca browser support Исправлено:
Working through SSL in case of using external proxy server
Some minor fixes
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: December 21, 2010
Export and import of the user filter Fixed:
Problem with Opera with enabled Expect100Continue configuration setting
Uploading of big files
Optimized "Log" section work
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: December 12, 2010
Some minor fixes
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: December 10, 2010
Problems with POST http requests
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: December 9, 2010
"Adguard assistant" allowing user to add complex filter rules
Optimized filtration speed
Added support of five browsers: Flock, SRWare Iron, Lunascape, K-Meleon, GreenBrowser
Optimized HTML filtration rules
New options for exception rules
Added "Connection: keep-alive" http header support
Added bandwith saved counter
Added tooltips for Adguard window elements Fixed:
Problems in Adguard work in case of serveral users
Problems with chats (continious iframe)
Optimized filter rules for blocking social networks widgets and spyware
Problems with NTLM authorization
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: November 21, 2010
Blocking social networks widgets and spyware
New options for filtering HTML content Fixed:
Problem with Windows Media Player browser plugin
Problem with loading images in Internet Explorer
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: November 15, 2010
"Filters" section. Enabling/disabling of the standard filter.
Possibility to create your own filter rules
"Log" section
Optimized filtration speed
Blocking banners of standard sizes
Program files are signed with code certificate Fixed:
Problem with using online radio
Problem with applications on the
Problem with Adguard application in case of sereral Windows users
Problem with opening several sites in Opera browser
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: November 2, 2010
Adguard filtration speed up
Now it can filter javascript files loading to the page Fixed:
Problem with uploading big files
Problem with filtering javascripts using regular expressions
Problem with
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: October 28, 2010
Error with in Mozilla Firefox Added:
Adguard is now automatically activated after purchasing the license key (you just need to restart it)
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: October 26, 2010
problem with Internet Explorer
problem with UAC in Vista/7
problem with working through proxy server
error rendering sitez compressed with x-gzip in Opera Added:
program rendering speed up
feedback form on the "Protection" section of Adguard
AdGuard for Windows
Release date: October 12, 2010
The program is completely redesigned from scratch. New attractive design. Better filters database. Added two new blocking methods:
Element hiding
Filtering HTML content on the fly Computer does not need to be restarted after Adguard installation.
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