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AdGuard is the fastest and most lightweight ad blocking extension that effectively blocks all types of ads on all web pages! Choose AdGuard for the browser you use and get ad-free, fast and safe browsing.
Recent versions
AdGuard Browser extension
version 2.10.11 from October 2, 2018

Among important changes is a fix to the Assistant "block" button issue and a new "Save filtering log" feature that will come handy for filter developers and in some cases of troubleshooting via support.

  • [Added] An option to save Filtering Log when reloading the page #1074
  • [Fixed] AdGuard 2.10.8 extension for Edge blocks Spotify web player playback #1090
  • [Fixed] Assistant preview doesn't close #1083
  • [Fixed] The Norwegian translation implementation is broken #1085
  • [Fixed] When using Edge dev console, JS error occurs in extended-css.js #1086
  • [Fixed] Сosmetic filters stop working after refresh of a page cached by a ServiceWorker #1087
  • [Fixed] AdGuard "send statistics" crashes google sheets when option turned on #1096
AdGuard Browser extension
version 2.10.8 from August 28, 2018

This update adds several minor-ish (although filter enthusiasts will argue) features to the Filtering Log and improves ad blocking quality. You'll find an array of bug fixes, as usual.

[Added] Element hiding rules highlighting #1053

Applied element hiding rules are now highlighted with yellow color in the Filtering Log. This will greatly help parse log entries. We don't need to prove it to you if you are actively using it :)

[Added] Wildcard character support in rules with domain modifier #571

Again, another treat for filtering rules creators. Previously you had to list domains old-fashioned way:, etc, and now you can simply use example.* syntax.

[Improved] Scripts are injected faster #1029

To efficiently block ads on the page we need a way to reliably inject our scripts before the in-page scripts are executed. A set of measures has been taken to ensure this. While there is still no 100% guarantee, the success chance has increased considerably — along with ad blocking quality.


  • [Added] "Public suffix list" automatic update #1010
  • [Added] Display applied element hiding and CSS rules in Filtering log #830
  • [Added] "Filter" column to the Filtering log #863
  • [Added] Pre-processor directives for filters #917
  • [Fixed] Error in event handler for `webRequest.onBeforeRequest` #1015
  • [Fixed] Unnecessary "Cannot create rule from filter" error entries in the browser console while in integration mode #1016
  • [Fixed] Whitelist is not applied for requests sent from within a service worker #1032
  • [Fixed] Wrong filters sort order #1028
  • [Fixed] Text box is not editable in the "Block element" window #331
  • [Fixed] Incorrect layout for filter name #1050
  • [Fixed] High CPU usage because of searching hidden elements #1067
  • [Fixed] Underscore character is not displayed on Linux #393
  • [Fixed] Some Extended CSS rules are not working because of regex issues in content attribute #1079
  • [Fixed] Rules containing content substring are not working correctly while Filtering log window is open #1080
  • [Improved] Browser extension build process has been optimized #991
  • [Improved] Filters-downloader module has been upgraded to v1.0.5 #1051


  • [Fixed] ext-CSS does not always get applied #1009
  • Firefox

    • [Fixed] Some sites are broken by `$$` rules in Firefox Quantum #1001
    • [Fixed] Element hiding rules don't work in frames by playbuzz #1046
    • [Fixed] JS rules don't work on #1004
    • [Fixed] Ineffective issue #1006
    • [Fixed] `$replace` rule does not get applied #1038
    • [Fixed] FF for Android: If you click on "AdGuard settings" nothing happens #1034


    • [Fixed] WebSocket requests are not visible #1014


    • [Fixed] "Activate the most appropriate filters automatically" doesn't work #997
    AdGuard Browser extension
    version 2.9.2 from April 11, 2018

    Ho Ho Ho! Just kidding, it is not Christmas, but it might have very well been — isn’t every AdGuard Browser Extension release a special day for you? For us, it certainly is 🙂 This time we prepared a couple or two of quite important changes and improvements, to come along with a long list of more routine-ish fixes. Read on to find out the details.

    [Added] Integration with the new Assistant #956

    For a while now we develop AdGuard Assistant more or less independently, to later use it wherever we need — Windows and Mac apps use regular Assistant, Android and iOS apps use mobile version. Browser extension users encounter Assistant when they click "Block ads on this website" button. We will not go into the details here, those who interested can find the exhaustive changelog inside the Assistant repo.

    [Improved] `InsertCSS` to use instead of the content scripts #847

    There was a certain change in Chrome browser recently, that prompted us to respond by reconsidering the way we inject scripts and styles. The good thing is, thanks to this change we now have less bugs, more possibilities and were even able to make the extension more lightweight by reducing the amount of code.

    [Improved] ExtendedCss has been updated to v1.10 #980

    This change is on the technical side, but from the end user perspective it converts into better performance and better quality ad blocking, thanks to more tools being available to the extension now.


    • [Fixed] HTML filtering rule does not work on #948
    • [Fixed] The issues with content filtering rules in Firefox #959


    • [Fixed] Assistant crashes in Safari #974
    • [Fixed] Wrong URL blocking rule behavior on iOS #957
    • [Fixed] Styles are applied twice in the Safari extension #979
    • [Fixed] Safari content blocker converter fails if we pass it an invalid rule #945
    • [Improved] SafariContentBlockerConverter memory usage #955


    • [Fixed] Wrong filter names language #889


    • [Fixed] Some regex rules don't work #978
    • [Fixed] Can't build the extension with Maven 3.5.2 #946
    • [Fixed] Assistant menu doesn't save its position on pages #973
    • [Fixed] Assistant does't block in 'Preview' mode #975
    • [Fixed] Element hiding exclusion can't be applied to iframe #934
    • [Fixed] Filters are not getting updated after the clean install #981
    • [Fixed] Assistant dialog default position is different from where it should be #976
    • [Fixed] AdGuard extension for Yandex Browser prevents downloading of .pdf files on #897
    • [Fixed] Rules proposed by AdGuard for "content-security-policy-check" are incorrect #941
    • [Fixed] Warning Page Appears Twice #995
    • [Fixed] Extension can't detect it when you disable filtering in Adguard for Win via Assistant #989
    • [Improved] Old links have been replaced with new ones #952
    AdGuard Browser extension
    version 2.8.4 from February 2, 2018

    Ad blocking has been enhanced in this version by adding support for several modifiers. We've also integrated the extension with our web reporting tool, details below. As usual, all spotted bugs have been fixed too, this mostly concerns Firefox version.


    [Added] Integration with #894

    A new convenient way to report any issues with websites, be it missed ads, false positives, unblocked social widgets etc. Just head to the problematic website, bring up the context menu and select "Submit a complaint" option. You will be transferred to and a wizard will take you through the required steps to report the issue — and most of the fields will be even filled out automatically. Try it!

    • [Added] $badfilter modifier support #866
    • [Fixed] shows anti adblock notice #860
    • [Fixed] Errors in the browser console #865
    • [Fixed] Blog link in the footer #908
    • [Fixed] Double scroll bar in filtering log #907
    • [Improved] AdGuard now filters "New tab" windows #881
    • [Improved] Styles protection has been enhanced #829
    • [Improved] "ExtendedCss" module has been upgraded to v1.0.9 #906


  • [Fixed] Browsing security fails in Chrome incognito mode #905
  • Safari

  • [Added] $important modifier support #877
  • Firefox

    • [Added] $replace and $$ rules partial support #864
    • [Fixed] Huge amount of writes by storage.js.temp #892
    • [Fixed] Search option misbehaves on #872
    • [Fixed] Recaptcha is hidden by AdGuard on #880
    • [Fixed] Content filtering rules aren't visible in the filtering log #910
    • [Fixed] #924
    • [Fixed] "Thank you" page switches don't change the extension settings #929
    • [Fixed] AdGuard for Firefox hides iframe with text area on #922
    • [Fixed] Beta 2.8.2 Doesn't save whitelist settings after reboot (Beta 2.8.1 works) #933
    AdGuard Browser extension
    version 2.6.5 from August 22, 2017

    A long time has passed since the last release. But we weren't sitting on our hands. We fixed a whole lot of various bugs, so most users will find something positive in this update. This version also contains some sweet additions that will be interesting mostly for rule creators.

    [Improved] $important modifier was added to the rule constructor: #626

    This one is a rather obvious: when you use the manual blocking tool to create a rule, you can now give this rule a higher priority by ticking the checkbox. The `$important` modifier was available before, but you had to manually add it via the user filter.

    [Added] $csp modifier support: #685

    This is strictly for the rule creators, as it requires the basic understanding of the Content Security Policy security layer.

    This modifier completely changes the rule behaviour. If it is applied to a rule, it will not block the matching request. The response headers are going to be modified instead.

    You can find the syntax and examples for `csp` inside the issue.


    We had been waiting for this for a long time, it took a lot of time but now the code is much more simple and convenient to work with.

  • [Improved] Global variables were got rid of: #451
  • [Improved] Tabs API: #374
  • Build process

    The builds themselves are now available directly on GitHub, all the updates will be stored here. The build names are now more clear and understandable.

  • [Changed] The build process for v2.6: #600
  • [Changed] The build process was changed so that all Adguard's code is encapsulated into a reusable API: #454
  • All additions, improvements and issues fixed in this release:


    • [Added] `$empty` modifier: #280
    • [Added] Adguard French filter: #612
    • [Added] “Select all/none” buttons to rules constructor: #703
    • [Changed] '2016' to '2017': #519
    • [Changed] were added to possible filters sources: #544
    • [Changed] Filtering log performance: #403
    • [Fixed] Rule constructor can't create a rule with
    • [onclick] attribute which contains a big script: #469
    • [Fixed] Rule constructor works incorrectly with TD tag: #483
    • [Fixed] Regular expressions with `$` aren't processed properly: #517
    • [Fixed] Error while parsing rules with `$replace` modifier: #559
    • [Fixed] Error while parsing wide filtering rules: #556
    • [Fixed] Basic URL rule, which contains domain name, blocks WS: #528
    • [Fixed] Blocked `blob:` URLs #525
    • [Fixed] Errors while parsing CSS rules: #617
    • [Fixed] Sustainability to the LastPass vulnerability: #625
    • [Fixed] Huge user filter slows down the 'options' page loading: #641
    • [Fixed] Browsing security doesn't work: #580
    • [Fixed] Error parsing pseudo class: #576
    • [Improved] WebRTC circumvention: #588
    • [Improved] Separate loading of the cosmetic filters and JS filters: #512
    • [Changed] German translation was updated: #680
    • [Changed] A link for "Protected by Adguard for Windows" menu item was added to the description page: #672
    • [Fixed] Adguard settings window is not shown in private mode: #658
    • [Fixed] WebRTC circumvention: #588
    • [Fixed] Adguard 2.6.1 Beta does not block WebSocket connection: #652
    • [Fixed] Auto-activation of filters still work in integration mode: #666
    • [Fixed] `$webrtc` does not work on #669
    • [Fixed] Filtering log errors: #687
    • [Fixed] A bug with element hiding rule with domains containing www: #665
    • [Fixed] A rule with a single `$content` modifier now will be ignored. A rule with multiple modifiers which includes `$content` continue to work: #719
    • [Fixed] CSP and WebRTC rules are now processing the proper way: #725
    • [Fixed] - blocked iframe is not collapsed: #733
    • [Fixed] $content modifier works as URL exclusion: #719
    • [Fixed] Difference of blocked ads before AG turn off and after turn on: #748


    There are few notable changes in this release that take place in Firefox version. First of all, FF have finally released the WebExtensions technology which allowed us to completely revamp the extension code. It now greatly resembles the code for Chrome extension, which makes it much easier for further development among other advantages. A lot of other improvements have been done, too.

    • [Improved] FF extension migrated to WebExtensions: #523
    • [Improved] "Require" calls were got rid of: #367
    • [Improved] SDK is not being used anymore: #151
    • [Improved] `-moz-binding` approach was got rid of: #463
    • [Fixed] Errors in FF browser console: #673
    • [Fixed] Cleaning Firefox data breaks Adguard extension: #681
    • [Fixed] Filtering log: new tab stays in the background when opened: #697
    • [Fixed] Scrollbar is missing in the filtering log: #732

    Firefox - other

    • [Fixed] Integration mode: #607
    • [Fixed] Possible error with generichide implementation: #574


    • [Fixed] `chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest` now intercepts WebSocket: #572
    • [Improved] Text in the rules constructor is too dark with built-in dark theme for dev tools: #739
    • [Fixed] Separators in rules constructor are collapsed in some cases: #741


    • [Fixed] Edge Storage size limit issue: #566
    • [Fixed] Russian localization: #538
    • [Fixed] Error on start/adding/removing filter subscription: #627
    • [Fixed] Browsing security - "Proceed anyway" issue: #628
    • [Improved] CSP fix is now applied for newer Edge versions (Insider Preview): #602
    • [Improved] Edge extension now downloads own platform filters: #721
    • [Fixed] Edge `` issue in the Insider Fast ring build: #569
    • [Fixed] Adguard dropdown menu glitch - Edge browser: #675
    • [Fixed] Advanced settings menu does not expand: #708
    • [Fixed] "Block ads on this website" tool misbehaves: #691
    • [Fixed] Google Docs document glitch: #720


    • [Changed] "Activate the most appropriate filters automatically" setting is now disabled by default: #715
    • [Fixed] `$websocket` modifier works incorrectly in Safari: #597
    • [Fixed] Possible websockets blocking issue: #586
    • [Fixed] `$elemhide` exceptions also affect basic rules: #642
    • [Fixed] User filter rules are being imported from .txt together with comments: #584
    • [Fixed] Browsing security error: #583
    • [Fixed] Safari tab / Ergonomics issue: #505
    • [Fixed] "Block ads on this website" tool does not work in Safari 9.1.3: #704
    For the full version history visit this page.
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