AdGuard for Firefox open beta test

Dear users!

Finally we are ready to start the open testing of Adguard for Firefox!

Few words about us and our product

1. What is Adguard for Firefox?

Adguard is an ad blocking extension for Firefox browser.

2. Why Adguard rather than ABP?

Because our extension is better, faster, easier and better-looking. Adguard is an adblocker of new generation. We don’t hold on to the code, written years ago. We listen carefully to our users and react to their wishes and suggestions.

We’ve created our own infrastructure, that includes:

  • Extensions for all popular browsers
  • Applications for Windows and soon for Mac OS, Android, iOS
  • Our own ad filters, which we support relying on feedback from our users

3. The way we make money

We have a simple business model. We make money on sales of our flagship product – Adguard for Windows.

What you get as our user:

  1. We will always be here for you and will continue to develop our products.
  2. You can always contact our technical support. We are glad to assist you anytime.
  3. We do not sell places in our whitelist and rely only on common sense and requests from our users.
How to install a beta version?
  1. Download xpi file via the link:
  2. Drag the downloaded file to Firefox
More on capabilities of this beta-version

We’ve tried to make Firefox extension similar to Chrome version.

We have also tried to improve one serious problem Adblock Plus has – an additional high memory consumption on each open tab. The post describing this issue was recently posted on Mozilla blog:

The problem is that ABP creates additional memory load on each frame that Firefox is loading. In that case even if you disable filtering of this specific website, an additional load will still be here. In our extension we’ve tried to solve this problem. Tests show that when using Adguard, Firefox consumes much less memory as ABP. The difference is that Adguard can decide on whether it should inject additional content into a webpage or not.

Known Issues
  1. Submitting a complaint to a website does not work.
  2. Extension doesn’t work in Firefox for Android so far.

Hope you will like our extension. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

May 21, 2014
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April 18, 2014
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May 23, 2014
AdGuard Road Map
We think it’s about time to structure our development plan for Adguard, and tell our users about it. From time to time, we told you about our plans for the future, but we have never gathered them in one place.
Downloading AdGuard To install AdGuard, click the file indicated by the arrow Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, drag the AdGuard icon to the "Applications" folder. Thank you for choosing AdGuard! Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, click "Install". Thank you for choosing AdGuard!
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