AdGuard for Mac v1.5.8

Every time I write an article about an AdGuard for Mac update, I check how long ago the previous one was released — we used to have a nasty habit of taking our time with new Mac versions. This time, we are actually on schedule, partly because the release is not the biggest one you've seen. Let's get to it!

What's new?

Sorry to disappoint if you were waiting for some stunning new features :( The release is mostly about bugfixes, but if you were unlucky enough to come across one of the fixed issues, I am sure you'll appreciate this update.

[Fixed] Browser connections are blocked in certain circumstances #306

Some users reported that AdGuard blocks their internet connection in browsers. The investigation unraveled that a combination of bad connectivity and specific environment leads to blocked network access. The fix was added to the Beta channel long time ago, and now it's time for release version to do some catching up.

There are other fixes, they are listed on GitHub.

Oh, and good news for all our Japanese users, which we know there are plenty. We added Japanese localization, so welcome to the big guys club! :)

Sorry for this article being on the shorter side, if there's anything else you want to talk about, just drop a comment below. Until the next time!

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