Annoyances filter

We have decided to create a new separate filter for irritating elements that disturb users or interfere with web surfing. As you may know, we already have a Social media filter that removes numerous social media widgets and different buttons – “Like”, “Share”, “Tweet” etc. (we are sure you have noticed how many of them are on certain websites). Our new filter will go further in making your surfing even more comfortable.

What will it block?

  • Cookie usage notifications.
  • In-page pop-ups like subscription or downloading mobile app offers.
  • Harmless (the ones that do not block the access) messages asking you to disable ad blocking software.
  • Any distracting elements and notifications on the page, offering to set a start page, install a browser or to use a search engine by default etc.
  • Excessive third-party widgets like weather, currency exchange and stock market rates, and also online assistant widgets.

How to install this filter?

The filter is already available in Adguard for Windows, OS X, iOS, and in beta versions of browser extensions. Android version will be available soon (in the next beta). As now let us tell you how to activate the filter where it’s officially available :)

Adguard for Windows: Open Adguard UI, click on “Settings”, scroll to the bottom of “Ad Blocker” tab and click on “Add filter”. Find the filter (you can type its name in the search area), tick the checkbox and press “Add selected”.

Adguard for Mac: Click on Adguard icon in menu bar, click on the gear icon and choose “Preferences”. On “Filters” tab click on a plus icon in the lower left and look for Annoyances filter (or type it in the search area), check it and press “Subscribe”.

Adguard for iOS: Open Adguard app, press “Filters”. Find the filter and open its settings. Touch the switch to add it.

The new filter will make your web surfing more comfortable and swift, websites will now be loaded even quicker. It was inspired by Fanboy Annoyances List but doesn’t duplicate it so you can use them both together.

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