Much more sites than you think try to fight ad blockers

Experts say, that 30.5% of the top 10,000 sites on the web as measured by Alexa are using some sort of ad-blocker detection, and 38.2% of the top 1,000 do so.

Not all of these sites try to overcome ad blockers and enforce ads to their users. Some of them just want to address the users with some messages — asking to donate, to turn their ad blocker off, and so on. Others conduct researches, trying to find out how common is ad blocking among their audiences. Finally, some marketing strategies imply treating users that block ads as a specific audience group.

The growth of anti-adblocking awareness has a positive side. It makes website owners and marketers think about the impact of ads on user experience and browsing comfort. The Better Ads initiative, for example, is a great step forward in the direction of less annoying and obtrusive ads.

But many publishers do fight ad blocking, and the variety of techniques and approaches is growing rapidly. It is obvious that publishers and advertisers started to treat ad blocking as a serious issue and try to solve it.

We at AdGuard are actively participating in the arms race of ad blocking and anti-ad-blocking. We keep an eagle eye on new anti-adblocking contrivances and update our apps to ensure the protection of their users.

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Ad trackers can steal your email from login forms on sites

CITP, a research center that studies digital technologies, drew public attention to a vulnerability in browsers, that lets third-party scripts harvest email addresses of users without their awareness or consent. The emails are later used for web tracking, including ad tracking.

AdGuard for Mac v1.5.3

Hello everyone!

Last time we promised to make AdGuard for Mac releases more frequent, remember? We stand by our words! Today we present the next version, v1.5.3. As a trade-off, this release is not as feature-heavy as the last one, but there's still some cool stuff to check out.

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