AdGuard on Humble Bundle

If you have ever considered purchasing an AdGuard license but you wasn’t sure enough about spending money, we´d like to tell you about one opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Have you ever heard about Humble Bundle? Probably yes, at least if you’re interested in video games. If not, we’ll tell you in a minute.

What is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle is known as a service specializing in sales of video games for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux — but with a twist. The project operates under "pay-what-you-want" sale model, which originated from a series of commercial experiments of offering bundles of games sold at a price determined by the purchaser.

The idea was suggested by Jeff Rosen, a developer from Wolfire Games, because he noted that the information about sales like that spreads at the speed of light. The most interesting thing about this model is that the Humble Bundle customers themselves decide what amount to pay. Usually part of that amount goes to some charity, for example, to the American Red Cross, WaterAid etc.

The offer you can't refuse

Another cool thing about it is that nowadays the service does not concentrate only on games. For example, today starts the special Cybersecurity software bundle sale, which contains such products as the world's best ad blocker AdGuard, the largest encrypted email service ProtonMail Plus and the popular no-logging VPN service Private Internet Access and more. There are multiple "levels" of commitment, for example, currently you can pay $15 for the bundle that would cost you $583(!) if purchased individually.

The offer lasts for 13 days, and its specifics may change slightly over time. But the bottom line is that you get some of the best cybersecurity apps for the amount you are comfortable with spending. Don't miss your chance, the clock's ticking!

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Introducing AdGuard CoreLibs

Since the very beginning of AdGuard, every year we were doing more: more updates, more products, more features. And that translated into more people using AdGuard :). However, you may have noticed that in 2018 we were not as active with AdGuard updates as we usually are. We even had to postpone the long-awaited cloud sync feature. There is a good reason for that, and I am going to tell you more about it today.

AdGuard and AdGuard Pro for iOS v2.1.1
The new AdGuard Pro for iOS fixes the bug that terrorized some of our users, and the free version gets an extensive localizations update.
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