AdGuard for Windows update: version 5.10.2004
Today we are releasing another unscheduled, but priority update for Adguard 5.10. This update contains many useful and important changes and fixes. We recommend that all our Adguard for Windows users upgrade to this version.
AdGuard for Android: version 1.1.835 released
We know you all are eager to see new Adguard 1.2, and believe us, we also can’t wait for that moment. But there is still some work to be done, and meanwhile we would like to present you 1.1.835 update.
mr. AdGuard
January 16, 2015
AdGuard Filter Policy
When discussing Adguard ad filters, there is often one topic that causes disputes – whether shall Adguard block this or that ad. By framing the rules we stick to special criteria. Now it’s time to publish them.
New AdGuard version 5.10.1190
Today we would like to present to you the new Adguard 5.10 update. This is what has changed in this version.
mr. AdGuard
January 12, 2015
AdGuard for Opera reaches 1 million downloads
In January 2014 we have released Adguard for Opera. This extension became second in our product line, and rapidly started to gain popularity among users. A year has passed and our extension has now more than 1 000 000 downloads in Opera Add-ons!
The new version of browser extension AdGuard
We have released significant update of Adguard browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Yandex.Browser.
AdGuard for Mac enters beta test
At the very end of the year, we have prepared a little surprise for users of the Apple products. All year we have been working on a standalone Adguard version for Mac OS X. Finally, we are ready to start its beta test!
New AdGuard version 5.10.1186
Today we would like to introduce the new update of Adguard 5.10. Let's see what changes it brings.
New release: AdGuard for Android version 1.1
As you probably know, our app has been recently removed from Google Play, because we provide the best ad blocking and privacy protection on this platform. We promised that it won’t stop us, and we will continue to develop Adguard for Android. Yeah, we are keeping that promise.
mr. AdGuard
December 19, 2014
AdGuard 2014 - Year of Great Events
We hope that this year you have achieved all your goals, discovered many new and interesting things and Adguard helped to keep healthy your nerves by protecting you against annoying advertising
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