New updates for AdGuard extensions

Dear friends, we have news to tell you.

We have updated our free Adguard extension for all browsers to version

What’s new in version

+ Added capability to use known ABP filter subscriptions.

Now you can add any known ad filters subscriptions, as well as filters for protection against malicious websites or scam/spam sites.

This changes will be available immediately after updating the extension.

Links to our extensions:
Adguard for Chrome
Adguard for Firefox
Adguard for Opera
Adguard for Safari

mr. AdGuard
August 14, 2014
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mr. AdGuard
August 11, 2014
AdGuard for Android features description
Today we start closed beta test of Adguard for Android. In this regard, it’s time to tell you more about our application, what it looks like and what features can you use.
New features and higher performance – AdGuard 5.10
Today we are ready to present you Adguard 5.10. In the new version you will find many changes. We have estimated the work of 5.9 and worked hard to improve the program. In addition, we have prepared several innovations, which we are going to describe here more detailed.
AdGuard download has started Click the button indicated by the arrow to start the installation. Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, drag the AdGuard icon to the "Applications" folder. Thank you for choosing AdGuard! Select "Open" and click "OK", then wait for the file to be downloaded. In the opened window, click "Install". Thank you for choosing AdGuard! Install AdGuard for mobile devices as well: