10th Birthday Party! AdGuard: The Game, Presents, and awesome Sale

This post was updated on June 6. We added the list of winners.

On June 1st AdGuard celebrates quite an anniversary! 10 years we have been protecting people from ads and tracking. And we are not going to stop.

Andrey Meshkov, AdGuard's CTO and co-founder:

Over these years everything's changed a lot. From a very small team of 3, working in the apartment of one of the founders, we've grown to the company of 50+ people. Fortunately, we managed to keep our family atmosphere and start-up spirit. And we like to think that our users also feel this friendly aura that surrounds AdGuard.

For the past ten years AdGuard has become a prominent product that is used by millions of people around the world and that has an impact on the industry. It's amazing (and even a little funny) when we think about it now. We definitely didn't see it coming back in 2009.

But it’s always better to look into the future. We believe that content blocking will stay around for a long time, and that its current state is far from ideal. We have a vision of how things should be, and we will work hard to reach that.

And finally. To all of our users: Thank you! Without you these 10 years would have not been possible. We really appreciate your support. And also many thanks to all contributors. AdGuard is still a rather small company, and any contribution is a real deal for us. Thank you!

Once again, thank you for all the love and support from the rest of AdGuard team! Join our birthday party — we prepared nice presents for everyone: a 50% sale! a real AdGuard game! and a giveaway with lots of prizes!

Let's celebrate together!


And the first present is for everyone who wanted an AdGuard key but couldn't get it for some reason. Now is the perfect time, as we are having a huge discount of 50% on EVERYTHING! That's right, on license upgrades and renewals as well. So even if you already have a license key, you can add more devices to it or extend it for another year.



All these years we've been protecting your devices from ads. Now it's your turn!

Become the best AdGuardian! Crush all the ads!
And get a chance to win the coolest prizes.

Yeah, we've made a real GAME


The rules are really simple:

  • The more banners you hack with your axe — the better your score will be.
  • You start every new game with 3 lives. Missed banner loses you a life. The game ends when you lose all 3 lives.
  • Get a high score to win prizes!



  • You'll need to register with an email at the end of the game to save your result and participate in the giveaway.
  • Giveaway will be held for 5 days (starting on June 1, and ending on June 5). We will announce winners in this post on June 6 (Thursday).
  • You can play as many times as you want to improve your best score. Only your best score counts towards the giveaway.
  • Bonus for AdGuard users: +500 points. Just enter the same email address you used at the time of purchase.

Although AdGuard users have a slight advantage as our gratitude for their lasting support, ANYONE can join the game and fight for the prizes.


  • There are two leaderboards — daily and hourly. We reset them every 24h and every hour respectively and then restart the timer. All leaderboards for each hour and each day will be recorded. Top players from each leaderboard will be rewarded later, on June 6.


  • Top 20 players from each daily leaderboard get AdGuard license keys for 1 year.
    3 randomly chosen players from this top win the main prize of the day (new prizes every day!).

Main Prizes pool:

June 1: 1 MacBook Air 2018 256GB and 2 AdGuard keys for 10 devices, 10 years
June 2: 3 Galaxy Tab A10.1 2019 32 GB
June 3: 3 PS 4
June 4: 1 Lenovo ThinkPad 256GB and 2 AdGuard keys for 10 devices, 10 years
June 5: 3 iPads Mini 2019 64 GB


  • Top 5 players from each hourly leaderboard automatically get AdGuard license keys for 3 months.


So, lets recap. There will be 5 winners every hour (3-month keys), 20 winners every day (1-year keys), and 3 super winners every day (randomly chosen from each daily top). Lists with all leaderboards for all 5 days will be recorded and available on a dedicated page.

On June 6 we will hold the anti-cheat check (so don't try to fraud your points!) and announce the winners in the addendum to this post.

We hope you will like this new format of the giveaway, where your chances for the win depend on you. We really tried to make it interesting :)

Remember, the higher your score, the less are the chances that someone kicks you out of the top. And if you have any questions, just leave us a comment. Good luck to you all!

UPD: June 6, 2019 - WINNERS

Dear friends, our giveaway has come to an end.
For the first time ever we've made a real GAME for this purpose (and actually our specialization is ad blockers ;)
Judging by the number of participants - it was interesting and you liked it!

Now let's go straight to announcing the winners.

All top 20 players from each Daily top win an AdGuard key for 1 year.
All top 5 players from each Hourly top receive an AdGuard key for 3 months.

We will send you the well deserved prizes very soon!

Now the best part.

The prizes of the day go to...

June 1
Kostenikov 49521 ----> MacBook Air 2018 256GB
Victor 42227 ----> Special AdGuard key for 10 devices for 10 years
Дарья 44425 ----> Special AdGuard key for 10 devices for 10 years

June 2
Crab 88968 ----> Galaxy Tab A10.1
DrStrange 57724 ----> Galaxy Tab A10.1
True_kek 52374 ----> Galaxy Tab A10.1

June 3
DimkaNiNo 326675 ----> PS 4
amIGood 361708 ----> PS 4
Dreamdev 222451 ----> PS 4

June 4
KrilatiY 523702 ----> Lenovo ThinkPad 256GB
RomanSh 873358 ----> Special AdGuard key for 10 devices for 10 years
avdeev 551657 ----> Special AdGuard key for 10 devices for 10 years

June 5
Nuno 431312 ----> iPad Mini
Dmitriy 228720 ----> iPad Mini
Beast 426212 ----> iPad Mini

Congratulations! We will contact you shortly to clarify details for the delivery of the prizes :)


  1. Our giveaways are always honest and transparent. We always select winners at random. This time, as usual, we recorded the process of selecting the winners of the day:
  1. Unfortunately there were some technical issues. In the first days after the start of the game, it turned out that our fraud auto-detection system did not work exactly as planned. And not only it filtered unfair results, but also did not save some fair big scores, considering them impossible.
    We took into account the appeals of all users who approached us, confirming their unsaved result with screenshots/logs. We have manually added them to the list of participants. And if their score was big enough to get into the top, they got there.
    However, for the inconvenience caused, we would like to give such users AdGuard keys, even if they did not make it to the top 20 of the Daily Top. We will contact you soon as well!

Once again we want to thank all the participants of our giveaway!
Thanks to you, our "anniversary party" was awesome! <3

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