AdGuard for Android features description

Today we start closed beta test of Adguard for Android. In this regard, it’s time to tell you more about our application, what it looks like and what features can you use.
Adguard for Android. Main screen.

So what features are available to users of Adguard for Android.

Ad blocking

Adguard will block ads in all browsers and in most applications. Quality of blocking will be similar to that we have in Adguard for Windows.

![Adguard for Android. Ad Blocker settings.](![Adguard for Android. General settings.](
#### Browsing Security

As it is the case in Windows-version, Adguard for Android will use our anti-phishing database to protect you from phishing and malicious websites. The problem with online threats to mobile devices and tablets is as urgent as to computers.
Adguard for Android. Browsing Security settings.

Filtering and Root

The fact is that there is no common standard of traffic filtering for Android. Some devices allow filtering the one way, and some the other. Adguard for Android will support several filtering options to cover the maximum number of devices.

![Adguard for Android. Advanced settings.](![Adguard for Android. Filtering mode.](
The default method of filtering is to use the local VPN-server. This technology gives us a lot of advantages: + No ROOT access is required for Adguard’s work. + Adguard will filter traffic of any browser. + Filtering speed will not depend on the work of VPN-server, since it is located right in your device.

However, this approach has its limitations:
– Adguard will not work on small part of 4.0.x и 4.4.x devices due to errors in implementation of VPN to firmware of these devices.
– Adguard will not work on some CyanogenMod and AOSP firmware due to the lack of VPN support.

For devices where filtering with a local VPN is impossible, we have provided the opportunity to work in the HTTP proxy mode. It is an old and proven method that is well suited for rooted devices.

Adguard will use several approaches for filtering:

  • If a device is rooted, then Adguard can immediately filter all the traffic.
  • On the unrooted devices with Android 4.1.1 and preceding, Adguard can filter all WI-FI traffic.
  • On the unrooted devices with Android 4.2.1 and later, Adguard can filter all WI-FI traffic, but only after a manual proxy configuration.

Premium and free mode

Adguard for Android can be used absolutely free. However, some functions will be available only after purchasing the Premium license.

Filtering of all applications

By default, Adguard will filter traffic only in your browsers. Filtering of applications will be available only to Premium users.

Protection from phishing and malware websites

This feature will also be available only to Premium users.

Activation of Premium license

We provide two options for activation.
First, you can purchase a subscription via Google Play. This subscription will be available for all devices activated with your Google account.
Second, you can use a regular Adguard license key for activation. There is only one limitation – the license type shall be “Premium”.

![Adguard for Android. Main screen.](![Adguard for Android. Get premium.](

When will Adguard for Android be available?

Beta testing has just begun, and very much depends on its results. We hope that the beta test will be completed in September. After that, we will be able to finally release Adguard for Android.
Adguard Team

August 11, 2014
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August 7, 2014
AdGuard for Android closed beta test
Today we have very important news for you. Finally the time has come and we are ready to begin beta testing of Adguard for Android. We worked really hard in order to bring the product to this stage. And now we can not move forward without the help of beta testers.
August 14, 2014
New updates for AdGuard extensions
We have updated our free Adguard extension for all browsers to version Let's see what's new.
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