How does AdGuard Browsing Security work

Every day tens of thousands of people fall victims to virus attacks or fraud on the Internet. To protect Adguard users from such threats, we have added special filters to the program that protect you from malicious and phishing websites.

Our Browsing Security module has already collected an impressive database of such websites. Interesting fact: out of the 15 million processed sites, about 1.5 million, turned out to be dangerous. This is an impressive figure, and without antiviruses and programs like our Adguard, an internet user is in most cases “destined” to become a victim of fraud and makes his or her own computer vulnerable to malware, spyware and viruses. The World Wide Web is really full of all sorts of threats.

Many users were wondering how our Browsing Security module actually works. “Detects and blocks Internet threats.” It is clear in words, but what is the real principle of its work?

We wrote an article, where we described in detail the process of checking the websites and even depicted it schematically. We also told about Adguard filters, Browsing Security Community and much more. The article is available on our website at this link.

mr. AdGuard
August 13, 2015
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mr. AdGuard
August 7, 2015
El Capitan: a breakthrough or a blow to ad blockers?

Apple is working on its soon-to-be-released new versions of operating systems – Mac OS X El Capitan and IOS 9. This release will significantly change the approach to the browser extensions for Safari. Now the browser introduces the feature of ad blocking with the help of innovative Safari’s own tool, which allows to filter content with the set of certain rules. At the same time the old ways to block ads would not be available – the only possible will be filtering by the new Apple’s method. Apple itself won’t be engaged in making of extensions with such a mechanism, there are independent developers who will.

AdGuard for Android 2.0

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