AdGuard for Android 1.1.887 new release

So, it’s time to introduce new Adguard for Android version. We’ve focused on optimization of app performance, and tried to make it even more “lightweight”.
New version: Adguard for Android

**What’s new in 1.1.887? **

  • Improved HTTPS filtering, now we can block ads in Skype
  • If the protection is disabled, Adguard service now turns off correctly after processing the network events
  • Improved filtering speed of heavy HTML pages
  • Fixed an issue with Android 4 killing Adguard after swiping task from recent
  • Fixed a bug with service autostart in case of wrong events order (if we receive network event first, then boot event)
  • We now use better way to exclude some apps from VPN on Lollipop
  • Fixed an issue with Adguards performance on Android 4.3 SGS3
  • Optimized memory consumption upon loading heavy files
  • Optimized programs performance
  • Fixed some minor compatibility issues

We continue our work on improving of Adguard, and meanwhile hope you like the new update. The app is available on our official website.

Adguard Team

mr. AdGuard on AdGuard for Android Release Notes
April 22, 2015
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mr. AdGuard
March 30, 2015
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