AdGuard for Android: new release! Version 2.1.359

We are happy to announce the release of new Adguard for Android version. You will see that we have made significant changes both to visual and functional components since the last version. Let us describe in more details what new features you can expect from this version.

Ad blocking changes

In older versions our users have already had an ability to subscribe to any filter by URL, but we decided to add some of the most popular filter subscriptions by default: #210

Adguard new filters

List of added filter subscriptions:

  • ABPindo
  • EasyList China
  • EasyList Czech and Slovak
  • EasyList Hebrew
  • EasyList Italy
  • Liste AR
  • Liste FR
  • ABP Japanese Filters
  • Adblock polskie reguły

Other changes:
#64, #63, #100, #207, #214, #212, #181

UI changes

  • New “Notification Icon” setting: “Notification without icon”: #222

So now we have 4 options:

  1. Default icon. Icon and notification are always visible.
  2. Colored icon (only in Android 4.X). Icon and notification are always visible.
  3. Notification without icon. Icon is not visible. Permanent notification is visible, but it has low priority, so it is semi-transparent and placed below all other notifications.
    4 None. No icon, no notification.
  • “Protection paused” is now a permanent notification: #231
    This change should help with #223. When Adguard pauses protection, sometimes Android may kill its process and then not bring it back.

Other changes:
Some ‘cosmetic’ fixes and such #219, #240, #235

VPN changes

  • DNS filtering fix

We have received complaints about ‘Filter DNS requests’ feature not working with mobile connection.
This feature was improved, now it is much more reliable and works for both Wi-Fi and Mobile connection. This feature may drastically improve the battery usage, so we recommend trying it.

  • Check IP address availability before redirecting request to the proxy #217,
  • Handle “Interrupted system call” properly#180

Other changes

Languages and translation changes: #158, #157

Compatibility issues fixes: #227, #138, #187, #170, #206, #199, #198, #195, #169

Minor fixes: #253, #216, #230, #169, #248, #161,#236 #183, #238, #164, #244, #255, #233, #175, #237

January 15, 2016
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