AdGuard for Windows update. Version 5.10.2051

Dear friends, today we release a new version of Adguard for Windows, where we gathered all latest improvements. The changes mostly affected the security and fixes of vulnerabilities.

New Adguard 5.10.2051

Full list of changes

  • Added Microsoft Edge browser support
  • Improved userscripts API speed
  • Fixed a bug with saving Adguard Assistant settings
  • Userscripts API usage is now restricted by @grant metatag
  • Fixed Adguard Assistant work in Opera 12
  • Fixed certificate automatic import in Opera 12
  • Fixed some issues with CSS/JS injection in the pages with invalid HTML code
  • Fixed issues with SSL interceptor (connections reset for servers working with TLS 1.0 only)
  • Fixed Logjam (Adguard now does not filter connections with weak DH primes)
    Important notice on Logjam. Adguard does not protect you from it, we just ignore such connections. It is browser that decides what to do with it further.
  • Fixed a bug with update cleaning Adguard’s start menu folder
  • Fixed SSL-filtering in old browsers (IE6, IE7)

Upgrade to the latest improved version, and as always we are waiting for your feedback !:)

Have a nice week,
Adguard team

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