AdGuard for Windows 6.1 R2

You might have decided that we were done for the year, especially if you'd read the '2016 recap' article - but we have one more present left, this time for our Windows users - a new Adguard for Windows version.

It should be considered as a revision of the Adguard for Windows 6.1 release. This is why you will not spot many major changes - mostly bugfixes, small changes, improvements etc. More drastic changes will come eventually with 6.2 version.

In case you've been already using this version for a while and wonder, why the article is only posted now - let me explain. It was indeed available for manual update earlier, but automatic update only starts today.

Ad Blocking

[Added] $important modifier #1312

This new addition is an important one (no pun intended), but mostly relevant for creators of custom filter rules. With it's help you can give certain rules higher priority.

  • [Changed] Several apps and browsers added to the list of apps filtered by default #1230, #1236, #1274, #1280, #1344, #1347
  • [Fixed] Inconsistent $replace result #1358
  • [Fixed] Adguard now filters pages with Content-Type:application/xhtml #571
  • [Fixed] HTTPS exceptions do not cover subdomains #1317
  • [Fixed] $replace rule can now be applied along with the other rules #640
  • [Improved] Filters update check period is now customizable #941
  • [Improved] Adguard now can partially block encrypted ads without decrypting SSL protocol (if HTTPs filtering is disabled) #1233


  • [Changed] Switched to the DigiCert certificate #1268
  • [Changed] WoSign and StartCom certificates became unstrusted #1359
  • [Changed] Proxy mode will use IPv4 address when it is available from now on #1323
  • [Fixed] CSP is now handled in meta tags #797
  • [Fixed] Issue with invalid HTML #1222
  • [Fixed] "iframe" elements are not removed from the page code #1245
  • [Fixed] Adguard.Tools.exe heavy CPU load issue #1229
  • [Fixed] Opera dev ad blocker compatibility issue with Adguard Assistant #1173
  • [Fixed] Opera built-in VPN compatibility issue #1116
  • [Fixed] Certificate validity check order #1277
  • [Fixed] SSL exceptions aren't deleted on network API reinit #1304
  • [Fixed] Adguard code is injected into a non-HTML document #1316
  • [Fixed] WFP driver impacting DPC latency #1156
  • [Fixed] $empty modifier behaviour #1360
  • [Fixed] Stealth mode ignores $stealth exception #1362
  • [Fixed] Inability to apply inline style #1331
  • [Fixed] An empty 'style' tag is added even if there's no element hiding #1336
  • [Fixed] $replace modifier breaks content charset #1378
  • [Fixed] Adsbypasser and some other userscripts do not work properly #1363
  • [Fixed] "Enable safe search" function in Parental Control breaks Google #1383
  • [Fixed] Adguard doesn't filter HTTPs when Fiddler is switched on and in "decode https" mode #1372
  • [Fixed] Adding a URL to temporary HTTPs exceptions is suppressed now when connection is closed from the server side #1341
  • [Fixed] 'access-control-allow-origin' header console error #1381
  • [Improved] HTTPS is now used for safebrowsing service requests #1386
  • [Improved] Encrypted connection is used now with #1369
  • [Improved] Adguard styles are now protected from removing #1272
  • [Improved] Content type detection #1264
  • [Improved] Content injection algorithm was reworked #1099, #1305


[Changed] WOT extension is now disabled by default #1364

Recently, an article was posted in one of the popular technology blogs, claiming that Web of Trust is selling its users' browser history to third-parties. WoT extension is preinstalled in Adguard for Windows, and although it was developed by us and is not sending any of your data to WoT, we can not leave this without a reponse. For this reason we make WoT extension disabled by default in Adguard for Windows. You can read our official stance regarding these news in our blog.

  • [Changed] You can now completely remove WoT extension #1364
  • [Changed] Unnecessary text in 'Import rules' dialog window is removed #1349
  • [Fixed] Filter's name isn't copied with the rest of request details #1318
  • [Fixed] Button size issue on the last step of Adguard wizard #1352
  • [Fixed] Adguard crashes if you try to close UI while editing a filter rule #1258
  • [Fixed] $replace rule is shown as applied to images #1392


  • [Fixed] Deleted records from HTTPs exclusions are not restored on app update anymore #904

...and many other minor fixes and changes. The full list can be found in descriptions to prior beta versions in our repository on GitHub.

Has something to share about new Adguard with us and other users? Then head right to the comment section below and let us know!

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AdGuard 2016 recap

Hi everyone!
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