AdGuard for Windows update: version 5.10.2004

Today we are releasing another unscheduled, but priority update for Adguard 5.10. This update contains many useful and important changes and fixes. We recommend that all our Adguard for Windows users upgrade to this version.

Adguard for Windows

Changelog in version 5.10.2004

  • Added Vivaldi browser support
  • Added support of userscripts custom menu items (GM_registerMenuCommand function). Press Shift+Alt+M to bring up list of registered menu items (if any). Examples of userscripts with their custom menu items: Youtube Center, AdsBypasser, Anti-Adblock Killer
  • Added TLS v1.2 support
  • Improved userscripts API
  • Fixed work of several userscripts: AdsBypasser, Mouseover Popup Image Viewer, Context Menu Example (Firefox only), File Hosting Download Manager Disabler
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Home Media Server, Geforce Experience, Asus Control Center
  • Fixed incompatibility with ZenMate
  • Fixed a bug with short-living keep-alive connections in proxy mode
  • Fixed dependence on domain availability
  • Fixed Adguard’s network driver vulnerability

Now let us tell you a little about the fixed vulnerability in Adguard driver, as it turned out to be a pretty amusing story. But first we would like to reassure you that there are no examples of this vulnerability and never will be, as this issue is solved now !

A few days ago we received a message that ESET marked our driver as “potentially unsafe”. We calmly sent a report on the false-positive, being absolutely confident that it is their mistake. A day later, when the problem was not solved, we contacted ESET and found out the reason. As it turned out, they did find a vulnerability in our driver, which allows third-party software to take control over our driver.

So, we would like to say a big thanks to the ESET Malware Response team for immediate assistance in the detection and correction of this vulnerability.

We always continue to advance our program to make your web surfing experience the best possible. Meanwhile we keep working on Adguard 6 and Mac version.

Adguard team

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