Spooktacular Halloween Promo

To celebrate Halloween, we’d like to offer you a 40% discount on all AdGuard Ad Blocker license keys and a 60% discount on the AdGuard VPN Yearly subscription.

Don’t look at them

If you don’t believe in vampires and other imaginary creatures, you should be aware of modern cyber monsters — and protect yourself from them. Don’t give intrusive ads any chance to cloud your mind! Purchase a new AdGuard AdBlocker license (Personal or Family, Yearly or Lifetime) or renew and upgrade an existing one in your AdGuard account — now with 40% off.

🎃 Get AdGuard Ad Blocker with 40% Off

Don’t let them watch you

They stalk you. They know every step you take. They know where you live. Who are they? Cyber monsters that collect information about you and use it for their slimy purposes. But don’t be afraid, just become invisible with AdGuard VPN! Purchase a new subscription or renew an existing one for another year, both at 60% off.

👻 Get AdGuard VPN with 60% Off

I want to play a game…

Not like that one in Saw — it's a much safer one... or is it? We suggest you play our minigame and create your own monster. Will you dare to face your fear?


Happy Halloween to you all! Enjoy AdGuard treats of this year!

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AdGuard v2.6 for Mac: DNS filtering, Native Apple Silicon and Monterey support
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Zoom announces advertising program for free Basic users, and it's a slippery road that can easily lead to data gathering and inevitable leaks.
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