Adguard Official Trailer

Dear friends!

Today we have something special to share with you. It’s an official trailer of our program!

In the new video superhero Adguard saves children, confronts the omnipresent advertising, and protects users from other serious threats, such as tracking, phishing and malicious websites.

In this trailer Adguard demonstrates high-quality ad filtering and shows what specifically differs our program from other adblockers.
Enjoy and rate :)

Mr. Adguard
July 11, 2014
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Mr. Adguard
July 7, 2014
How does Adguard Browsing Security work?

Every day tens of thousands of people fall victims to virus attacks or fraud on the Internet. To protect Adguard users from such threats, we have added special filters to the program that protect you from malicious and phishing websites.

Mr. Adguard
August 6, 2014
5 000 000!

Dear friends, the large Adguard family has already more than 5 million users!