AdGuard VPN for Mac (alpha): straight out of the oven

Starting the year with good news is definitely bearing fruit. Less than three months later we're glad to present you the first open alpha version of AdGuard VPN for Mac.

Disclaimer: as in the case of AdGuard VPN for Windows in January, now we are at the stage of alpha testing. AdGuard VPN for Mac is still raw but if you're interested to take part in testing it – here is the opportunity!

By now, the app doesn't contain additional features, but more importantly, it works and it is compatible with our ad blocker. We know that many Mac users were waiting for AdGuard VPN for this platform to be released, and here it is, piping hot.

Of course, we will refine and further develop it, new features are to appear soon. If you're up to spontaneity and eager to try it out, thus helping us, you're very welcome!

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