Back to school promotion — sale and giveaway by AdGuard

Let’s celebrate the coming autumn and the 'back to school' time – the season of new beginnings and fresh starts!


Get 30% discount on ALL AdGuard licenses until September 3. A great chance to favorably buy or renew a key of any type!

You can also profitably renew or upgrade any license you already have (make it lifetime or add more devices).



But it's not just about discounts! We wanted to make a surprise for our users, thus we decided to give away "Back to school" sets to 10 random users with active AdGuard keys.

Well, it's not 'labeled' for school specifically, rather just a set which can help you in new beginnings at work or in study :)

  • Convenient bag for documents/laptop/textbooks/notebooks and other books and so on;
  • Stationery;
  • A couple of nice souvenirs from AdGuard.
Terms and how to participate
  1. Any user with a purchased and active (at the promotion end) AdGuard license key can participate.
  2. If you have several keys - you can fill in the form several times, separately for each key to increase your chances of winning :)
  3. Please, don't enter expired keys, keys that you haven't purchased (bonus or beta licenses), keys to other programs or a random set of characters; don't fill in the form several times with the same key – such entries won't be allowed to participate in the giveaway.
  4. The keys that participate in the giveaway are not subject to refund.
    Important: we do not share data with third parties; all the information received through the registration form will be used by AdGuard Software Limited solely for the purpose of conducting the giveaway.

UPD: September 4, 2017


Thank you all for participation! We are finally ready to announce the winners:

  • George Fournaris
  • Huy Nguyen
  • Alex (
  • Daniel Williams
  • Stephen Moses
  • Rafal Milko
  • Allan Dela Rosa
  • Jason Liu
  • Rade Durovic
  • Andries Jongsma

Congratulations! Yay! We will soon contact you :)

And here is the video to show how we chose the winners. Fair competition, random choice:

Thanks again for taking part in our giveaway! We will have more, so stay tuned :)

PS: As usual, we adhered to strict rules, therefore we removed entries that didn't meet our conditions (with expired, not purchased, repetitive and keys for other programs). If you couldn't find your name among participants in the video and if you believe there was a mistake, contact us at

August 29, 2017
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Facebook should pay us a basic income, states John Thornhill from Financial Times. Look at Alaska: for more than 30 years an investment fund financed by oil companies pays all the state’s residents from $878 to $2,072 annually (the sum depends on the success of fund’s investment efforts, not on anything a resident does or achieves).

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