Halloween special offer!

Hello! We don’t want to spook you (we totally do), but there are some scarily large discounts on AdGuard licenses going on right now! Make haste to grab one on AdGuard website.

For many Halloween is one of the most beloved times of the year because it creates a unique mood and builds up a very special atmosphere. We can’t, sadly, join you in decorating your house or designing a costume, but we sure can do some trick-or-treating together!

Visit our website at any day till November 3rd, starting today, and you’ll get a sweet 50% discount for the Premium 2+2 licenses (means you can activate 2 PC/Mac + 2 Android devices with it) for one year. We promise, we have enough of those for everyone :)

[**GET A DISCOUNT**](https://adguard.com/license.html#new/HALLOWEEN2017//PREMIUM/365/2)

Happy Halloween to all of you!

Vasily Bagirov on AdGuard News Promo
October 30, 2017
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AdGuard now supports EFF in the fight for civil liberties in the digital world

Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit international group that protects user privacy, security, freedom of speech and other civil rights and opportunities in the digital environment.

AdGuard for Windows v6.2 release

Hello! You’d better get a hold on something because we are about to drop the biggest changelog you have ever seen! It may be overwhelming if you haven’t monitored the beta releases — we reworked Filtering log and Filter editor, gave Assistant a new look, integrated AdGuard with Windows 10 notifications center, majorly improved several extensions... The list goes on and on. Just hop in and see for yourself.