Important update of all Adguard versions

Today we have released an important update for all versions of Adguard.

What’s new in Adguard for Windows

+ Important: Adguard extensions API is now protected from misuse

  • Added notification about added and removed user rules
  • Added server SSL certificates revocation check (OCSP)
  • Web of Trust extension is updated – fixed an issue when a website could hide the reputation warning
  • Fixed compatibility issue with BitDefender and Adguard WFP driver
  • Fixed safe search for Yandex
  • Minor UI fixes

What’s new in Adguard for Mac

+ Adguard extensions API is now protected from misuse

  • Added notification about added and removed user rules

We would like to focus on the changes connected with the API protection of Adguard Assistant and other extensions. In previous Adguard versions, API was not protected at all, which was a very serious drawback. For example, an author of a website, knowing how the API works, could sneakily add a rule to your user filter, which would unblock ads on his site.

We apologize for not having thought of the possibility of such problems before. It is a pity that we learn from our own mistakes and not from others, as we should.

In this update, API of Adguard extensions is protected from unauthorized access. Also we now have indication of changes in the user filter by Adguard extensions:
User filter is changed

If you want to completely disable the API of extensions, turn them off in Adguard settings. In this case, instead of Adguard assistant you can always use integration mode of extension.

Important: We strongly recommend that all Adguard users upgrade to the latest version.

And special thanks to Wladimir Palant, author of Adblock Plus. When he found this vulnerability in the API of our extensions, he immediately alerted us about the matter.

Adguard team

Mr. Adguard on AdGuard for Mac AdGuard for Windows
June 11, 2015
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