AdGuard VPN major update for all platforms and extra 10 GB in March and April
Nothing of this caliber has ever happened in AdGuard! Today we release AdGuard VPN updates for all platforms. 7/7, that makes a bingo!
New AdGuard DNS milestone: the open beta is now available
The open beta of private AdGuard DNS is available now! Take part in beta testing and experience all benefits of our service: see all DNS requests, block only what you need, add your own rules!
Official response from AdGuard to SetApp allegations
AdGuard doesn't send any requests to RU servers and works in compliance with GDPR. However, we are ready to reimburse all affected users.
Privacy Sandbox on Android and how it will affect you
Google has announced a new suite of technologies for Android called Privacy Sandbox. What is it and how will it affect users' privacy? Andrey Meshkov, CTO and co-founder of AdGuard, answers.
AdGuard v7.9 for Windows: DNS bootstrap and improved performance
AdGuard v7.9 for Windows is out, after one beta and two release candidates! It boasts a bootstrap function in DNS settings, an enhanced performance and reworks in the UI. We hope you'll appreciate!
Europe declared war on Google and Facebook, Israel declared war on unrealistic ads: AdGuard's digest
Google Analytics is being banned in the European countries, Siri was caught eavesdropping and promises to stop, and there is a way to prevent your phone being tracked by walpapers. A bunch of good news in our digest.
What Is Wrong With App Stores
Stores were invented to provide security and services to developers and users alike. But the monopoly and untransparent, rapidly changing rules of the main ecosystems halt creativity and innovation.
Celebrate love with all your heart
Loving is caring! Take care of your loved ones and yourself on Valentine's Day by purchasing one of AdGuard's products — ad blocker or VPN — at up to 60% off.
Browser wars, Privacy Day, malicious tracking prevention: AdGuard's digest
If you have missed the international Data Privacy Day on the 28th of January, just celebrate it today on your own: check your security policies and practicies, change some passwords, install some adblocker and VPN.
Ads in Telegram messenger: weird, ugly, inevitable
The messenger announced an ad platform and was understood by users: the company needs money. But those who saw the test campaigns were not happy. What is AdGuard going to do about it?
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