DNS-over-QUIC is now officially a proposed standard
DNS-over-QUIC, a very promising protocol, is now an official standard. It means that it has received enough community review to be implemented around the world. What has changed globally and how it will affect AdGuard products, read in this article.
Bye, Internet Explorer, you won’t be missed: Once omnipresent browser king retires in exile
Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer for most users, a long-awaited step that marks the end of an era. Once the world's most popular browser, Internet Explorer has become the target of ridicule for its rigidity, which manifested itself with regards to ad blocking.
AdGuard v7.10 for Windows: Protect from DPI, dark theme for the updater window, and more
Meet our AdGuard v7.10 for Windows! The new version has a lot to offer — we added 'Protect from DPI' feature, dark theme for the updater window, improved working with Ad Blocker and DNS filters, and more.
Privacy-shy apps, DuckDuckGo's duplicity, Google's woes, Mozilla's tradeoff. AdGuard's digest
Apps share too much of your data, DuckDuckGo reveals a deal with Microsoft, patients fight Google, the EU proposes new anti-privacy law, Twitter launches a game, as Mozilla’s having it both ways with Manifest V3.
Tell me a secret, I won’t keep it: Voice assistants — glitchy friends that might turn on you
Voice assistants are undemanding helpers, always ready to take on the most boring chores. However, they can spy on you and allow others to eavesdrop on your conversations. Weigh the risks when you bring them home.
AdGuard turns 13: Anniversary quiz, wow discounts, and more
Not only is June 1st the first day of summer, it's also AdGuard's birthday. This year we're turning 13, and we're incredibly grateful to the community of users and contributors. To say thank you, we've got a few surprises for you.
Private AdGuard DNS beta 3: new blocklists, open API and more
The third beta version of private AdGuard DNS contains many improvements, fixes and useful updates, like ECS support implementation or AdGuard DNS Knowledge Base addition. Read the article to learn them all!
Not-so-SafeGraph: Location tracker revealed to sell data on abortion clinics' clients
The company behind a tracking tool is revealed to have been collecting and selling data on visitors of clinics at the centre of the abortion rights debate in the US. AdGuard is now blocking the tool.
The best for your friends — and for you: AdGuard VPN referral program
Along with the release of AdGuard VPN Browser extension v1.1.7, our referral program is now available. With it, your friend will start using this useful service and you both get 1 GB of protected traffic for free in addition to the standard 3 GB.
India cracks down on privacy-first VPNs with demand to store logs for 5 years
No-log VPNs may be forced out of India after the country’s cybersecurity agency demanded that they store data for a number of years. The new law is supposed to enhance cyber security.
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