Keeping kids away from bad content on smartphones

Parents face with various problems with the activities of children online. Cyber bullying, unauthorized websites, pornographic materials, pirates – these are great and dangerous threats. All these threats are very dangerous. Thankfully now parents have a number of utilities that stop the spreading of corrupting information.

If your kids use smartphones, you can choose from a number of very useful apps that help to block content and filter chatrooms. These instruments also allow to turn off access to Internet for a number of hours and help with tracking your child’s online activity. Most of these product are even provided by the carriers.

It should be said that many of these apps are not free. Usually developers ask for a small fee, that ranges from $25 to $100. If you want to pick up the right tool for you, you should figure out what functions are most important for you and what functions are not necessary.

If you want to filter out internet content, you can also use some free smartphone tools, like K9 Web Protection Browser. This cool app will stop all the unnessesary content on your browser. Itdoes work pretty well and help with parental control tasks.

There’s also Net Nanny – a little 20 dollar per year tool for Android which filters out pages and help to keep bad content away from your kids. This product got a perfect rating from There are also various filters for iPhone. Most of them cost less than $5.

If you are using PC as your main platform you can consider Adguard. It’s a reliable tool that will keep vicious ads and other content away from your kids.

April 11, 2014
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March 14, 2014
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