New AdGuard for Windows version 5.10.2021

Right after new Android version let us tell you about the update of our Adguard desktop version.

New Adguard for Windows

**What’s new in 5.10.2021.6301? **

  • Added Spartan browser support
  • Significantly improved filtering speed of some heavy HTML pages
  • Fixed possible app crash (in case of logging error)
  • Fixed a bug with checking existence of AG certificate in Firefox-based browsers. Now if AG does not detect our cert it disables SSL filtering for Firefox
  • Changed AG certificate generation algorithm (you may need to reinstall it to Firefox after update or to simply reboot the computer)
  • Improved SSL filter, fixed FREAK vulnerability
  • Fixed some minor SSL filtering bugs
  • Several sites added to default SSL exclusions
  • Fixed compatibility issue with latest Bitdefender version and Adguard WFP driver
  • Filtering speed has been slightly improved
  • Fixed Lunascape browser support
  • Minor UI fixes

These are the changes. Go upgrade now, and we are waiting for your feedback as usual :)

Adguard Team

mr. AdGuard on AdGuard for Windows Release Notes
April 22, 2015
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