The new version of browser extension Adguard

We have released significant update of Adguard browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Yandex.Browser.

Adguard Browser Extension

At first sight the list of changes seems not very large:

  • Improved integration with Adguard for Windows and Mac
  • Accelerated filtering
  • Fixed some minor defects

The most important change is in the first paragraph. Now, if you are using a Windows-version of Adguard, our browser extension can be a very useful addition for you – it will completely replace the browser-based module “Adguard Assistant”.

Website filtering control

With the extension, you can manage filtering of websites, and if necessary disable or enable it.

![Wensite filtered by Adguard for Windows](![Website filtered by Adguard for Windows](
### Element blocking on web pages

Feature Block ad on this website is integrated with Adguard for Windows, and adds new rule to user filter of the program.

Where can I get the latest version of Adguard extension?

Adguard for Google Chrome
Adguard for Firefox
Adguard for Opera

Adguard Team.

Mr. Adguard on AdGuard Browser Extensions
December 26, 2014
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Adguard for Mac enters beta test

At the very end of the year, we have prepared a little surprise for users of the Apple products. All year we have been working on a standalone Adguard version for Mac OS X. Finally, we are ready to start its beta test!

Mr. Adguard
January 12, 2015