Winners of New Year 2018 Promotion

Finally we are ready to announce the results of the New Year giveaway!


Without hesitation let's find out who will get a Huawei tablet as a present from Santa AdGuard. And the winners are:

Congratulations! :) We will soon contact you for delivery details!

We would also like to thank all users for taking part in our giveaway. This is already our New Year tradition (a nice one) which we intend to carry on. Don't be sad if you didn't win, you might be the lucky one next time :)

How did we choose

We used the random list generation service The video presents all the participants of the promotion, and you can see that it is a fair competition. We would like to remind that only real AdGuard users with the purchased and active keys could participate. The rest were removed from the list.

If you can not find yourself among participants, your application didn't compile with the rules of the giveaway. If you believe there was a mistake, contact us at

January 10, 2018
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DNSCrypt has quit, but you needn’t worry (UPDATED)

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