Official statement on Web of Trust

A long time ago we added a Web of Trust extension (to monitor websites reputation) to Adguard for Windows and Adguard for Mac. Today we found out that Web of Trust is suspected of selling the browsing history of millions of users to third-parties.

We decided to make an official statement regarding this to assure everyone that extension in Adguard has nothing to do with it.

First of all, we need to say that we do have a Web of Trust extension in Adguard, but it's not that original WoT add-on. It was developed by us, using the data on websites reputation by Web of Trust.
And it's important to mention that we bought this data for money, and have never traded privacy of our users.

Today's news are very disappointing for us, the original Web of Trust extension was removed from and next week we will decide what shall we do with our Web of Trust extension in Adguard.

Update: WoT has replied to the accusations. In short, currently they have removed WoT add-ons for all platforms to resolve the matter. They are about to review their privacy policy and the way they will collect user browsing data for website reputation service in future.

Update: WoT extension will be disabled by default in the next versions of AG for Windows and Mac.

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