Websites that detect your ad blocker could be breaking EU law

Just yesterday we wrote about the websites which detect ad blockers. And here is a thing – these publishers could be breaking European law.

In the fight against ad blockers, websites show notifications, offering users to disable the ad blocker to be able to visit pages. However recently the letter from European Commission was published, which stated that the publishers’ tool to detect ad blockers requires access to people’s personal data. And to get your data legally, websites need to ask your permission. Meaning that prior to look for an ad blocker on your device, websites need your consent for this.

*The letter was written on behalf of Jean Claude Juncker, the president of European Commission (Photo: Yves Herman, Reuters)*

Of course most publishers that are using ad-blocker detection software do not appear to ask for user consent. Therefore, according to Hanff (Think Privacy CEO, the one who actually sent a request to EU-Commission about anti-adblockers), they are breaking the law.

Hanff says he will now launch legal challenges against websites using anti-ad blockers without asking permission, because he believes that this is an example of privacy violation.

Daria Magdik on Industry News
April 27, 2016
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How the websites that block ad blockers are suffering

We have recently found an interesting article about websites that fight programs and extensions against ads. It is about websites which open windows like “You have an ad blocker, turn it off or go away” (well, something like that). Ad blockers continue gaining popularity, and publishers believe this notification is a reasonable solution. It is expected, that if the website’s content is truly valuable to the user, he/she will add the domain to the whitelist.

Author of the article conducted a research using Alexa’s data (a company engaged in the ratings of sites), and it shows that it’s not that simple. Let’s have a look at some examples.

Adguard for Android v.2.5 official release

Not so long ago we announced a soon-to-come release of new Adguard for Android version, and we keep our promise by pushing out Adguard 2.5 today. Lots of new features and bugfixes are awaiting you, and some of them are HUGE. If you keep track of our blog, or forum, you already know that the killer news of this release is adding the HTTPS filtering. And yes, this means no more ads in YouTube, Facebook or Twitter – you name it.

But there are other reasons to get excited besides it. Read on to find out what are they. By the way, we even decided to hold promotion with discounts to celebrate this important release!

Adguard 2.5

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