AdGuard 6: release candidate #2

Dear friends, the official release is as soon as it can be. This time we really mean it!

Today we release the second release candidate where we have fixed all the bugs from the first RC. Thank you all for your feedback. You have really helped improving the Adguard 6 ‘prototype’!

So what’s new?

UI changes
[Fixed] Crash when trying to save invalid https exclusion #743
[Fixed] Filter Editor crash #697
[Fixed] Maximized window(log, filter editor) is not resizable anymore #206
[Changed] Monospaced font in the Filter Editor #736
[Changed] New installer icon #751, #677
[Changed] New Adguard tray icon when update is available #692
[Fixed] Parental Control now refreshes users list correctly#178
[Fixed] Spyware and Social filters are not enabled now if user skips “Getting Started” wizard #746
[Fixed] Update check from tray menu no more leads to UI freeze #745
[Improved] User-agent input field [#719]([Improved]%20User-agent input field #719)

Ad Blocker
[Fixed] Adguard breaks Client Certificate Authentication no more #716
[Fixed] Error in handling Wildcard modifier in a multiline text #691
[Fixed] Error while updating “English filter” #683
[Fixed] Error with incorrect displaying of filters last update time #726
[Fixed] Filtering now starts corectly even if GUI is not running #672
[Fixed] Incorrect regex rule now doesn’t lead to high load CPU #660
[Improved] Handling of the custom filters installed from local files #732
[Fixed] $popup rules are now applied to “redirect” responses #742
[Changed] Modified Content Security Policy header filtering approach #120
[Fixed] User filter is now always loaded after all other filters #701
[Added] Some pre-installed Win10 metro apps added to the list of filtered by default #689
[Fixed] While doing HTML content filtering, Adguard doesn’t lose the very last byte any more #744

[Fixed] Filter for useful ads is not automatically enabled after upgrade from 5.10 to 6.0 anymore #667
[Minor] Error while downloading update #669

Languages and translations
[Added] New translations for AG Assistant #760
[Added] Indonesian language #735
[Changed] Update installer and program translations #752

[Added] AOL Shield Browser added to the default filtered apps list #721
[Changed] Browser cache is now suppressed for a short period time after filtering starts #675
[Changed] Increased default buffer size used by Adguard for data transfer #711

If you want to you can already update to the latest version. To do so you need to switch to the updates beta channel. (This only applies to the users who have already installed RC #1). If you still use 5.10, then download new version via this link:

If this version does not reveal any defects, it will be the official release. And meanwhile we are waiting for your comments on RC 2!)

Adguard team

January 27, 2016
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